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URLs and Domains (SMX East 2008)
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URLs and Domains (SMX East 2008)


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Top 6 common issues Microsoft Live Seach sees in URLs and Domains of websites.

Top 6 common issues Microsoft Live Seach sees in URLs and Domains of websites.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • attempting to use the and the site either freezes upon initial visit, or freezes when you click the button to login...this is using IE too....BIG Suprise!!! so typical....
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  • Transcript

    • 1. URLs and Domains Nathan Buggia, Live Search Webmaster Center Oct 7 th , 2008
    • 2. What’s a URL (and where search engines get stuck)
      Protocol Hostname Path Query Fragment Subdomain TLD (ccTLD)
    • 3. HTTP Status Codes
      • 200 – Everything’s okay (make sure you don’t return this code on a “Page not Found”!)
      • 404 – File not found
      • 301 – File has been moved
      • 302 – File is temporarily somewhere else
    • 4. Robots Exclusion Protocol – Common Mistakes
      • does not apply to
    • 5. Robots Exclusion Protocol
    • 6. Parameter Tracking
      • Trap the request
      • Create a cookie with from=PROMO_1
      • Set Cache-Control:no-cache content header
      • Do a 301 redirect to
    • 7. Duplicate Content
      • When there is more than one URL for the same content
      Create a few simple rules that will remove duplicate URLs by 301 redirecting all variations to the shortest, most authoritative URL. Often called “Domain Canonicalization”
    • 8. Duplicate Content – Gateway Pages
      • When a log-in page, or region select page is placed on each URL unless you already have a cookie
      Because search engines don’t support cookies, they may see every URL on your site having the same content
    • 9. Sitemaps
    • 10. Great Tools From Search Engines
      • Live Search ( )
        • Crawl Issues (404s, Too many parameters, REP, Bad ContentType)
        • Rank Info (PageRank, DomainRank)
        • Backlinks/Outbound links
      • Google ( )
        • Crawl Issues (404s, REP, Timeout, Unreachable)
        • Comprehensive Link Explorer (outbound, inbound links)
        • Set WWW vs. Non-WWW
      • Yahoo ( )
        • Feedback on URL Parameters
        • Backlinks/ Outbound links
    • 11. Issues Encountered by URL
    • 12.