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Optimize wordpress


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This presentation was presented on October 31, 2012 at BarCamp Tampa Bay, FL. It was made to discuss the basics of Optimizing your WordPress Site.

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Optimize wordpress

  1. 1. Optimize YourWordPress Site Better, Faster, Stronger
  2. 2. David ParsonsWork at Web Developer WordPress
  3. 3. OptimizeTo make as perfect, effective, or functional aspossible
  4. 4. My DefinitionBetter - PluginsFaster - SpeedStronger - Security
  5. 5. Why OptimizeStupid GoogleSpeed has been a ranking factor sense 2010 Usability Quality Credibility
  6. 6. Why WordPressThemesPluginsCommunitySave MoneyGreater Accessibility - CMS
  7. 7. Why Not WordPress
  8. 8. Better! PluginsYour Personal Unfair Advantage
  9. 9. PluginsImage CompressionGeneral - Upload images at exact size neededPlugin - WP (being dropped) CW Image Optimizer EWWW Image OptimizerApplications - One for Mac and One for PC and
  10. 10. Plugins Social MediaTweet Old PostsTwitPicWP to TwitterTwitter Feed for WordPressShareThis & TweetMeme Button
  11. 11. Plugins Contact FormsGravity FormsContact Forms 7Fast and Secure Contact Form
  12. 12. PluginsMake Search Not Suck Search by Relevance, Not by Date Enhance The Display of Results
  13. 13. Plugins SEOWordPress SEO by Yoast
  14. 14. My Favorite Plugin JetPackCustom CSSMobile ThemeSubscriptionsComments
  15. 15. Non-Plugins
  16. 16. Final Note on Plugins Resist the Urge for Several Plugins Deactivate and Delete old Plugins/Themes Keep Plugins Updated Go for the Better Supported Plugins
  17. 17. Faster!
  18. 18. Why Faster?Why is 3 or 4 seconds not good enough? Phones People are in a rush Around 5% of the web still uses DialUp “For Every 100ms Increase in load time, sales decreased by 1%” - Amazon 2007
  19. 19.
  20. 20. One More Tool...Google Page Speed Checker
  21. 21. Hope Your Doing This Have separate file for CSS Load Javascript and other bigger things at bottom of page
  22. 22. FasterQuick Fix #1 - CacheBrowser Cache (Saving Files) Expires HeadersServer Cache (One Static File) Plugin - W3 Total Cache
  23. 23. More On Browser Cache # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # Expires headers (for better cache control) # ----------------------------------------------------------------------Up To You!
  24. 24. FasterQuick Fix #2 - Combine Combine Your CSS Files Combine JS Files Tool - CodeKit Why? - Less Server Requests
  25. 25. FasterQuick Fix #3 - Theme Choose the Right Theme Themes with lots of Graphics will take Longer to Load Double Check CSS and JS Keep Number of Requests in Mind
  26. 26. Compare and Contrast
  27. 27. FasterQuick Fix #4 - MaxCDN
  28. 28. FasterQuick Fix #5 - GZIP # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- # Gzip compression # ----------------------------------------------------------------------Or Use a Plugin GZIP Enable GZIP Output Gzippy
  29. 29. Faster Not A Quick Fix! HostingShared HostVirtual Private ServerFully DedicatedColocation ( Specific)
  30. 30. Final Note On Plugins Lets Not Get Crazy!
  31. 31. Stronger!Go Away Spammers!Spammers are constantly injecting scripts Slowing Your Server DownEssential Plugins Akismet/JetPack Spam Free WordPressOther Option - Captcha
  32. 32. Stronger Don’t Use ‘admin’Don’t use ‘admin’ as your username WordPress 3.0+ lets you change it For older versions - Open phpMyAdmin and run this query:
  33. 33. StrongerP: Login LockDownOnly lets users try and log in a certain amountof times
  34. 34. Stronger P: Secure WordPress• Removes error-information on login-page• Adds index.php plugin-directory (virtual)• Removes the wp-version, except in admin-area• Removes Really Simple Discovery• Removes Windows Live Writer• Removes core update information for non-admins• Removes plugin-update information for non-admins• Removes theme-update information for non-admins (only WP 2.8 and higher)• Hides wp-version in backend-dashboard for non-admins• Removes version on URLs from scripts and stylesheets only on frontend• Blocks any bad queries that could be harmful to your WordPress website
  35. 35. StrongerMove wp-config.phpWordPress automatically looks for wp-config.php if it cannot find itThis way, no one except a user with FTP orSSH access to your server will be able to readthe file
  36. 36. StrongerChange Database Tables Prefixes Default table prefix is wp_... If left in tact, everyone knows the name Can edit by going into wp-config.php Plugin - WP Secure Scan
  37. 37. Stronger Change Default Secret KeysIn wp-config.php you have 4 secret keys define(AUTH_KEY, ); define(SECURE_AUTH_KEY, ); define(LOGGED_IN_KEY, ); define(NONCE_KEY, );Makes logging in to your site even harder forthose crazy hackers
  38. 38. StrongerProtect wp-adminPlugin - AskApache Password ProtectBlock people from finding your content thoughserver access ... use .htaccess wp-includes wp-content Plugins & Themes
  39. 39. Stronger PasswordsLettersNumbersSpecial CharactersCaps
  40. 40. Stronger BackupsPlugins WP Database Backup WP Backup to DropBox Backup to Google DrivePremium - VaultPress
  41. 41. Final Note On Security It Depends! .htaccess
  42. 42. Take AwayLess Stuff = Faster WordPress
  43. 43. Thank You! Tell me how I did! Will Post Slides on Twitterdavidparsons.meSlides will be on BarCamp Site