Customer Service Procredit Bank Albania Day One Final Version [מצב תאימות]


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Customer Service Procredit Bank Albania Day One Final Version [מצב תאימות]

  1. 1. WORKSHOP ON CUSTOMER SERVICE Trainer: Prof. Nathan Ronen, MBA “GENESIS” - ACMS GENESIS - ACMS 1 Nathan Ronen
  2. 2. Introduction • Let us introduce our selves to each other. • Each one must say : 1. Nick name, full name , position in the bank . 2. Some thing personal you want others to know about you. 3. Something nice that happened to you this week. • Write something in accordance to instructions that you will receive Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www com.cmsalbania.www 2
  4. 4. TARGETS OF THE TRAINING Learn to identify and analyze customer needs and problems. Recognize the most common reasons for customer complaints. Discover techniques to cultivate and maintain special customer relationships. Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 4
  5. 5. TARGETS ( CONT ) Improve your communication style and use two-way communication skills to level with DIFFERENT SORTS OF PEOPLE to accept feedback from them, and to discuss problems. Identify specific problems in your customer service program and apply treatment. Turn lemon to lemonade….Use of the complaint as a tool for improvement . Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 5
  6. 6. A Challenge Please write one Sentence: Definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE. use the following items to write your sentence
  7. 7. Questions On Being A Customer Why do you need customer service? Was the service provided over the phone or in person? How did the customer service representative respond to your request, inquiry or problem? If you felt the service was excellent, describe what made it so good. If you felt the service was exceptionally poor, describe what made it that way.
  8. 8. 10 MINUTES ®© all rights reserved By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- 8
  9. 9. Defining a Service • “Any activity or benefit that is essentially intangible and Any does not result in the ownership of anything .its production may or may not be tied to a physical product” product (Phillip Kotler northwestern univ, CHICAGO, USA ) • Service clients are paying for expertise, experience, advice, skills, knowledge and the benefits they bring. • The benefits may last but the service itself is of limited duration. ®© all rights reserved 9 By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972-
  10. 10. Marketing mix- the mix- new 7x Ps’ • For services it is more appropriate to refer to the 7PS’ , rather than the normal 4 Ps’ • In addition to the Product / Service), Price, Place and promotion we have to add three other factors: 5. Process People 6.People 7.Physical evidence all rights reserved ®© By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- 10
  11. 11. THE 3P OF SERVICE • PEOPLE • PROCESS • PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 11
  12. 12. People ( I “buy” the salesperson before I buy the service ) • The delivery of service is reliant on people to people ( P2P ) people sell and promote services .this is the key part of the marketing mix. • Good customer relation are particularly important. • The key qualities required are:are: • Capability, * effectiveness, * customer interaction • Efficiency ,* reliability, * assurance *transparency • Availability , *responsiveness, *empathy all rights reserved ®© By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- 12
  13. 13. Physical Evidence (“packaging”) • This is the tangible element of SERVICE • The surrounding are an important part of the service • Look of premises, ambience, decor • Equipment • Literature explaining the service • The looks of the service givers ( uniform, name badge, etc). • Bank statement, train ticket, pen at desks. privacy corner. all rights reserved ®© By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- 13
  14. 14. Process • This refers to the way the service is provided, from first to last point of contact but more important how is service experienced by our customer: • Waiting time- speed and time of delivery ( “24 hours mortgage” ). • Process of making payment/decision making • Order processing • Database management- information flow • Queuing system • Service delivery • service Customer all rights reserved ®© • booking By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- 14
  15. 15. Two prospective on the mix C4 P4 CUSTOMER MARKETING MANAGER PRODUCT offered .want CUSTOMER NEEDS & WANTS to sell as much as CUSTOMERS VALUE possible for biggest profit Cost to the customer PRICE charged by seller convenience to the PLACE - distribution customer all rights reserved ®© Communication- Communication- relations 15 By SynTask 972-8-9436075 972- Promotion
  16. 16. The chain of service • Your service as good as the first or last impression the customer has from the whole combination; • PEOPLE, PROCESS , PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. • The strength of the chain is measured by its weakest point Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 16
  17. 17. The Customer • Is the most important person we will work with and for . • Is not an interruption of our work, but rather, is the reason for it, • Is an individual with a name and feelings, • Is the reason we all have jobs, • Is not always right, but is still …. Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 17
  18. 18. CS as the DNA of the business • Customer service is the sum total of what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction. Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 18
  19. 19. American example of CS “Our mission is to Provide Superior Sources of Financial Solutions” • Core Values: • Trust • Integrity • Courtesy • Commitment copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 19
  20. 20. They call it the GUEST SERVICE G =greet U= understand E=Empathize S= solve T= thank copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask copyright- 20
  21. 21. Greet • Greet the customer as he enters • Demonstrate respect • Always use a friendly smile • Introduce yourself and call the client by name • Keep eye contact with your customer • Shake hands • Always suggest your help in solving a problem • Suggest a chair or water. copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 21
  22. 22. Understand • Listen with attention to his needs and wants. • Ask clarifying open questions. • Reflect what you have understood, repeat the exact words of the customer. • Keep a friendly and practical tone. • Keep loyal to your peers and place of work. • Be discreet . copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 22
  23. 23. Empathize • Put yourself in the customer shoes. • If the customer is complaining do not argues. empathize with how he feels. • Express true interest in solving the issue. • Don’t get involved by provocations , keep calm. • If you can not solve the problem call your superior. copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 23
  24. 24. Solve • You are the representative of the bank, take responsibility. • Offer ways to solve the problem. • Suggest compensation if the customer is right . • Take the customer to a quiet pleasant corner/ place so you can speak in a business and friendly manner. copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 24
  25. 25. Thank • Offer your visiting card so he has a point of contact in future relations. • Thank the customer for doing his business with us. • Invite him to fell free to call or come whenever he needs. copyright- copyright- Nathan Ronen -Syntask 25
  26. 26. Do You Know why customers Leave? 1% die. 3% move away. 5% develop other relationships. 9% leave for competitive reasons. 14% are dissatisfied with product or service. 68% 68% leave because of rude or discourteous service service.
  27. 27. RADIO WIFM - cs station : “What’s In it For Me?” W Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 27
  28. 28. But what is in it for us personally? Why Should We (as Individuals) Care About Giving Good Service? Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 28
  29. 29. It makes our lives richer! Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 29
  30. 30. Our Own Gain ? It Reduces stress! Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 30
  31. 31. The importance of CS ( 1) All customers are worth money to a firm Satisfied customers : Return, again and again Tell their friends Help to enhance the firm’s reputation Can provide useful feedback Help the firm to keep/increase its market share Increase sales revenue and profits Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 31
  32. 32. The importance of CS(2 CS(2) • Dissatisfied customers also tell their friends and therefore can ruin a firm’s reputation. • destroy the potential of any expensive marketing campaign. Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 32
  33. 33. The importance of CS(3) CS(3 • It is 5 TIMES cheaper for a company to spend money retaining existing customers and develop customer’s loyalty than it is to advertise in order to attract new customers ! Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 33
  34. 34. The Law of Reciprocity The Law of Reciprocity means: to give and take mutually; to return in kind or even in another kind or degree. "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine." Applies in EVERY culture on the face of the earth. Simply explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back. Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 34
  35. 35. Law of Reciprocity • Practicing every day those core values we learned at home as children • Courtesy Great • Kindness Customer • Respect Service • Honesty Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 35
  36. 36. Law of Reciprocity Psychologically it puts us in the driver’s seat… We are in control of creating the positive energy to turn a bad situation into a good one Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 36
  37. 37. "There is a spiritual aspect to our lives - when we give we receive – when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!” Ben Cohen , Ben & Jerry's Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 37
  38. 38. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS SERVICE? ( “Saturday night live” 2007) 2007) NBC ) Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 38
  39. 39. AND THIS SERVICE ? ‫סגור מצגת ופתח סרט‬ SN Brussels.mpeg ‫שרותי תעופה אישיי‬ Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 39
  40. 40. 15 minutes Coffee break Nathan RONEN Genesis Consultants com.cmsalbania.www 40
  41. 41. PART 2: Intercommunication skills GENESIS - ACMS 41 Nathan Ronen
  42. 42. We must except the differences as a fact • We are not here to educate our customers or teach them manners. • We can not be judgmental . • We , as the representatives of the bank have a noble task, it is in our power to give service to people who need it. • When putting on the ‘HAT’ of the bank worker , we must detach ourselves from us ! GENESIS - ACMS 42 Nathan Ronen
  43. 43. SERVICE IS ABOUT PEOPLE Culture assets Social needs Personal needs & wants Psychological structure Customer ( gender, age, FLC) 43
  44. 44. One photo two faces GENESIS - ACMS 44 Nathan Ronen
  45. 45. Different point of view GENESIS - ACMS 45 Nathan Ronen
  46. 46. The 10: 90 model 10: (Stephen Covey – the seven habits of most effective people) 1.EVENT 4. REACTION 2.PARADIGM 3. EMOTION GENESIS - ACMS 46 Nathan Ronen
  47. 47. Me and You GENESIS - ACMS 47 Nathan Ronen
  48. 48. The “ME” mix( Gardner model) MY EMOTIONS: EMOTIONS: MY CORE Relations, need to VALUES please, to be Integrity, red lines, perfect, fear of moral, believes, rejection ,to be spiritual me loved, self esteem, fear & anxiety MY RATIONAL MY PHYSICS My looks,body Targets, image, my health, , vision, me and me, me and ambitions. IQ you, GENESIS - ACMS 48 Nathan Ronen
  49. 49. Sender Encoding Message Decoding Receiver Media “WHY IS CUSTOMER ME “BUY HE THIS” PUSHING WHO ” WHO AM Noise AM I I Emotions Feedback Response Elements in the Communication Process GENESIS - ACMS 49 Nathan Ronen
  50. 50. Cultural differences GENESIS - ACMS 50 Nathan Ronen
  51. 51. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE ? • After you have studied the inter communication system, you must realize that people ( customers as well as salesmen ) are hiding their real needs and wants as well as feelings. • We want people to like us, we do not like to hurt their feelings, but internally we develop a liking or rejection to a customer in accordance to the 3 dimensions of the intercommunication model. • We shall now see a short movie: ” the parking lot" : lot" GENESIS - ACMS 51 Nathan Ronen
  52. 52. Parking grounds CONRAD” “CONRAD” shopping center TIRANA • Imagine the following situation: • My name is Armida, I am 38, work as a Armida, pediatrician specialist in Hospital , I drive a Mercedes “Super jeep” 2oo8, I live in a very nice house at Tirana ere district. • My name is Viola, I am 36, divorced unemployed, I worked as a cashier in a shop . I drive a Fiat uno 1995, and I live in Bregu I Lumit district of Tirana. GENESIS - ACMS 52 Nathan Ronen
  53. 53. GENESIS - ACMS 53 Nathan Ronen
  54. 54. 60 minutes Lunch break GENESIS - ACMS 54 Nathan Ronen
  55. 55. Part 3: Clients behavioral models GENESIS - ACMS 55 Nathan Ronen
  56. 56. The 4TM- the Human puzzle GENESIS - ACMS 56 Nathan Ronen
  57. 57. We are all different types with variant wants and needs 1. E type 2. P type 3. I type 4. A type • Please pay attention: this is only a schematic division, people vary , most of us are mix of types. GENESIS - ACMS 57 Nathan Ronen
  58. 58. Human Puzzle FTM People- People- Emotions motivation Introvert extrovert Rational- Rational- Results motivation GENESIS - ACMS 58 Nathan Ronen
  59. 59. ENTREPRENEUR TYPE Dominant type, very friendly, when he enters the room you feel it, likes to be in center of things. Full of ideas, very creative, likes to listen to himself, weak listener, needs constant compliments and attention. GENESIS - ACMS 59 Nathan Ronen
  60. 60. Emotions E TYPE internal external Results GENESIS - ACMS 60 Nathan Ronen
  61. 61. Productive type Formal , dominant, likes to rule and in need of control. The “ BOSS” type, the “Butcher” type, does not enjoy small talk, no patience for feelings and excuses, likes results, waste of time drives him crazy, bottom line person. GENESIS - ACMS 61 Nathan Ronen
  62. 62. Emotions E TYPE internal external P type Results GENESIS - ACMS 62 Nathan Ronen
  63. 63. ANALIZER administrative type • Not a dominant type, likes to gather information, prefers data to people, takes life very seriously, likes to ask lots of questions, very suspicious and hesitant, difficult for him to make decisions, conservative, When asked to describe a projects, brings lot of statistics, research results , details , details... GENESIS - ACMS 63 Nathan Ronen
  64. 64. Emotions E TYPE internal external P type A TYPE Results GENESIS - ACMS 64 Nathan Ronen
  65. 65. Integrative Type Not dominant, shy and delicate, good listener, hates chaos and disharmony, in order for everybody to be in peace will give up his own wants, togetherness is very important, discrete - everybody comes to tell him their secrets, needs assurances. GENESIS - ACMS 65 Nathan Ronen
  66. 66. Emotions I type E TYPE internal external P type A TYPE Results GENESIS - ACMS 66 Nathan Ronen
  67. 67. E Type - what motivates him? What motivates him? Creative and innovative works, competition, being in the center of attention , compliments, to lead, short tem targets, credit to his ideas What is difficult for him ? Routine, monotonous work, lots of technical details, no attention or credit to his work, long term tasks GENESIS - ACMS 67 Nathan Ronen
  68. 68. P Type - what motives him? What motives him? efficiency , reason and rational ,concrete targets, challenges and competition, results and control What is difficult for him? Too many details, non relevant information, inefficiency, waste of time, emotions. GENESIS - ACMS 68 Nathan Ronen
  69. 69. A type- what motives him? What motives him? Details, statistics, results of research, routine , very suspicious , schedule, clear and specific tasks, procedures and rules , order. What is difficult for him? Vague situations, change, innovation GENESIS - ACMS 69 Nathan Ronen
  70. 70. I type What motives him? Helping and serving people, harmony, togetherness, emotions, awareness to details in style, recognition What is difficult for him/ her ? Disharmony, gossip, noisy and loud people. GENESIS - ACMS 70 Nathan Ronen
  71. 71. How to make use of this Model? • E type- listen to him , laugh from his jokes, compliment him on his type- sense of humor, let him feel that all god ideas are deriving from him, focus him gently. • P type- “let us get to the point the benefits of this product are….. , I type- see that you are in a hurry, bottom line of the matter is….” . listen and let him feel he is in control. control. • A type –” last research proved that……….. We have here statistics about it……would you like to read about this product at home? I am here for you should you have more questions. do not push him. him. • I type- please help me on this, let us do it together, let us flow with it type- and think about this in the best ways for both of us. Easy and gently . • GENESIS - ACMS 71 Nathan Ronen
  72. 72. no customer is one type! We are all a mix of types with a dominant characteristic what happens if you an E type and enters a customer of P type? GENESIS - ACMS 72 Nathan Ronen
  74. 74. T.A. – TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS MODEL 3 EGO STATES: PARENT 1. Myself as a parent 2. Myself as an adult ADULT 3. Myself as a child CHILD GENESIS - ACMS 74 Nathan Ronen
  75. 75. • Dominant figure, Parent modeling, powerful, puts limits and boundaries, discipline • criticizing, building, supporting, modeling • Loving, tutoring, mentoring, educating, coaching. GENESIS - ACMS 75 Nathan Ronen
  76. 76. • Rational figure, focused, ADULT here and now, facts and figures, assertive. • Usually a balanced personality. GENESIS - ACMS 76 Nathan Ronen
  77. 77. •Emotional figure , feels CHILD that he constantly has to defend himself against authority, revolting child or conforming child, manipulative, spoiled. Loves toys or gadgets, easy to please but easily insulted. •Passive aggressive GENESIS - ACMS Nathan Ronen 77
  78. 78. Good transaction Salesman Buyer Parent Parent what does it do? How Much for adult it ? Adult It will save you time and child the cost is only 5000 lek. Child GENESIS - ACMS 78 Nathan Ronen
  79. 79. Good transaction Salesman Buyer Parent Parent adult Adult child Child GENESIS - ACMS 79 Nathan Ronen
  80. 80. Bad transaction Salesman Buyer Parent Parent adult Adult child Child GENESIS - ACMS 80 Nathan Ronen
  81. 81. Salesman Buyer Covert deal parent parent Two last like this in stock Adult Adult 1 2 Child 3 Child GENESIS - ACMS 81 Nathan Ronen
  82. 82. Unbalanced deal Salesman buyer parent parent 2. this car is too expensive for adult me adult child child GENESIS - ACMS 82 Nathan Ronen
  83. 83. Bad transaction Salesman Buyer Parent Parent adult Adult child Child GENESIS - ACMS 83 Nathan Ronen
  84. 84. Part 4 : SERVICE AS THE DNA OF THE BUSINESS . GENESIS - ACMS 84 Nathan Ronen
  85. 85. “What are your pickles?” • We are going to see a short movie ( 27 minutes) about Service. • There are 4 points in the film : 1. Service- make serving others your top priority 2. Attitude- you are in show business , play the part! 3. Consistency- set high standards of service and stick to them 4. Team work – look for ways to make each other look good. GENESIS - ACMS 85 Nathan Ronen
  86. 86. • Please form small groups. • Each group must find your “special pickles” for your customers ( internal customers as well ) in the 4 points that are mentioned in the movie. • Home work: • Please bring for tomorrow 2-3 scenes you had with difficult customers that we can train each other. Nathan Ronen-Genesis Consulting - Ronen- 86 ACMS
  87. 87. See you tomorrow Nathan Ronen-Genesis Consulting - Ronen- 87 ACMS