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Open session on customer service 3 july 2012


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Prof Nathan Ronen
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Open session on customer service 3 july 2012

  2. 2. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen2Service is the FACEFACEof our companyF= flexibleA= attentiveC= courteousE = efficient
  3. 3. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen3Customer serviceor Customer Experience?
  4. 4. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen4• The new view of marketing• The importance of customer service• What is in it for me Personally?• Customers, who are they ?• What and where is CS made?• How to “deliver”• SummeryOn the Agenda Today :
  5. 5. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen5WHO ARE WE?WHO ARE WE?• Who am I ? - facilitator, mentor or trainer ?• What is our plan for the day ?• What is the system of our training?• People who are shy never learn , pleasedo not hesitate to ask questions, to makeremarks, and to doubt the theories.• Your working experience is invaluable,please share it with others.
  6. 6. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen6IntroductIon toIntroductIon tocustomer servIcecustomer servIce In aIn amost competItIvemost competItIveWorldWorld
  7. 7. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen7The New View ofMarketing• The marketing emphasis today is onkeeping existing customers as well asgetting new ones• Four principles guide marketing:– retention: keeping them coming back– referrals: encourage them to recommend us– relationships: build an emotional connection– recovery: solve problems as they arise
  8. 8. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen8Today’s Environment• In today’s business environment, customers aredemanding more than ever—expecting to getwhat they want when they want it, and oftencustomizing it to suit their needs. If they do notget what they seek from one company, they caneasily obtain it from another.• Organizations are realizing that achievingcustomer satisfaction is essential to maintaining acompetitive advantage, but winning customerloyalty and commitment is challenging.
  9. 9. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen9Expectations of customers• Good value products (for price paid)• Rapid response to enquiries• Clear and honest information• Information about suitable products• Help with general issues or individual needs• Care and attention during the sale• Good after-sales service
  10. 10. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen10Customer-RelationshipThinking• The customer-relationship view ofmarketing requires some new thinking:• It is very much a long-term strategy• Requires that management take thecustomer’s view• The value proposition must be definedvery broadly• Different measures of success are needed
  11. 11. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen11The Modern MarketingConcept• All planning and operations are designed to create long-term customer satisfaction: “everyone in the firm isinvolved in marketing”• All of the marketing activities of the organization shouldbe consistently designed and delivered, and should becoordinated across departments• All of the organization’s planning and operations arecustomer-oriented, meeting customer needs andachieving profitability• All activities are focused on the long-term and designedto create an emotional connection with customers
  13. 13. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen13Structure of a serviceoriented BUSINESSCUSTOMERSFRONT lineemployeesTeamleadersMIDLLEMIDLLEMANAGEMENTMANAGEMENTTOPMANAGEMENTInternal orInternal orexternal customerexternal customer??How does thatHow does thateffect myeffect mythinkingthinkingOf my jobOf my job??
  14. 14. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen14Marketing Thinking Drives the ValueProposition
  15. 15. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen15The importance of CSThe importance of CS• All customers are worth money to a firm• Satisfied customers : Return, again and again Tell their friends Help to enhance the firm’s reputation Can provide useful feedback Help the firm to keep/increase its market share Increase sales revenue and profits
  16. 16. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen16The importance of CSThe importance of CSDon’t forget :dissatisfied customers also tell their friendsand therefore can ruin a firm’s reputationand destroy the potential of any expensivemarketing campaign.
  17. 17. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen17The importance of CSThe importance of CS• It is 5 times cheaper for a company tospend money retaining existing customersand developing customer loyalty than it isto advertise to attract new customers
  18. 18. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen18What does it mean inWhat does it mean inservice?service?• For the last 20 years the western world is talking aboutFor the last 20 years the western world is talking about serviceservice as theas theadded value that will make the difference in service orientedadded value that will make the difference in service orientedbusinesses.businesses.• Recent survey show that although technically they do everything right,Recent survey show that although technically they do everything right,the satisfaction of clients is diminishing in the last years.the satisfaction of clients is diminishing in the last years.• It seems that management is stressing more on the” right way “ ofIt seems that management is stressing more on the” right way “ ofdoing things (“ red tape”) rather than giving workers the opportunity todoing things (“ red tape”) rather than giving workers the opportunity toexertexert Emotional Added ValueEmotional Added Value..•
  19. 19. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen194 Golden Rules for aservice company )Prof. Frances 1919, Harvard business school 2008)• The techniques that are thought in businessschools now a days, are actually obsolete.• They were formed when most of the businesseswere of industrial nature, whilst more than twothirds of the economy now are serviceserviceoriented businesses.• It is not enough to “talk service”“talk service” or use themantra “the customer is always right.”
  20. 20. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen20Golden rule no 1. :Unique ServiceUnique Service• As a product must be unique to be branded, the creatorof service must engage in customer experiencecustomer experience.• Each service company must find its USP while focusing:either cheap prices or excellent service, it not necessarilygoes togather.• WALMARTWALMART decided that it will appeal to customers whoare looking for good value for money and vast array ofproducts & bargains, so there are hardly any salespersonnel on the shops floor.• COMMERCE BANKCOMMERCE BANK has decided to focus on customerservice for those who need service later in the eveningor on weekends, it is not giving better rates.
  21. 21. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen21Golden rule no 2 :charge for your service ina nice manner• Businesses must find ways to charge for the extraservice in order to be profitable.• STARBUCKS coffee shops, are charging a different ratefor take away or sit in service, as the customers tend tosit for hours in the shop with his laptop after purchasinghis cappuccino.• If they would have put a meter to time customers, thatwould create strong objection.• Another way to save money on service and still be nice,is letting customers to do it themselvesletting customers to do it themselves, and they willgladly use it if it gives them a benefit: check in stationsfrom home or airport with the possibility to set your sitand choose your meals in advance.
  22. 22. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen22Golden rule no 3:new management model• I strongly recommend that each executive of aservice oriented company will volunteer to workonce a month in the front office as a CS worker.• This will ensure, that ‘red tape’ or bureaucraticprocedures will be ironed out, and more supportand decision making power will be given to frontdesk workers, who encounter every day verbalviolence from customers.
  23. 23. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen23Golden rule no 4:Make the work proceduressimple and friendly• Your customers are not professional, planyour procedures as simple as possible.• this applies to an ATM station or aCHECK IN point, no one likes to feel anidiot , because it seemed simple to yourIT engineer.
  24. 24. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen24EMOTIONALINTELLIGENCE
  25. 25. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen25The “ME” mixThe “ME” mix( Gardner model)( Gardner model)MY EMOTIONSMY EMOTIONS::RELATIONS: To please, to be perfect, fear of rejection,RELATIONS: To please, to be perfect, fear of rejection,fear, anxiety and love, needsfear, anxiety and love, needsMY PHYSICMY PHYSICMY HEALTH, ME AND ME, ME AND YOUMY HEALTH, ME AND ME, ME AND YOUMY VALUESMY VALUESINTEGRITY, CORE VALUES, BELIEVES, SPIRITUALINTEGRITY, CORE VALUES, BELIEVES, SPIRITUALMY RATIONALMY RATIONALTargets, vision, ambitionsTargets, vision, ambitions
  26. 26. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen26EIEI= EmotionalIntelligence• The ability to keep a balanced mix of the 4 inner layersof me.• Not to let the “automatic pilot” of emotions dictate theway I run my life.• Not to make accountancy with the pastpast but tounderstand what are my core valuesmy core values and actaccordingly in a pro active way without judgment.• People are like a 100 dollar bill, however old and torn ordirty , it still keeps its value .• "the Optimist and the Pessimist die the same,the Optimist and the Pessimist die the same,but their quality of life is so different”but their quality of life is so different”• "The choice is yours, to live like a king or like a slave”
  27. 27. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen27Relationship as EI inRelationship as EI inserviceservice• Nurture customer relationship , every workermust be market drivenmarket driven ( including thecleaning lady or the guard at the entrance) theytoo represent your business .• Retention = Loyalty marketingRetention = Loyalty marketing - find ways tomake your customer want to stay with you andindifferent to competition offers.• ““anticipate your customer’s needs andanticipate your customer’s needs andsatisfy it” – American Expresssatisfy it” – American Express
  28. 28. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen28Emotional SSelling PPoint• If you check why certain corporate are sosuccessful while others are not, you findthat the ones who are in the “winnerscircle” like VIRGIN AIR or COCA COLAare connected to a whole set of emotionalimages: fun, innovation, integrity .life style,etc.• Instead of the usual USPUSP they havecreated a ESPESP ( emotional selling point)
  29. 29. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen29Customer ExperienceCustomer Experience& Its effecton the structure of servIce orIented busInessesservIce orIented busInesses.
  30. 30. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen30CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE-CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE-VIRGIN AIRWAYSVIRGIN AIRWAYS blue print• Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Air said he wantsto have a company where it is fun to work for and thatif employees will be happy customers will no doubtcustomers will no doubtfeel it.feel it.• His instruction for his Customer Relation Dept are:1. take work seriously- not yourself.2. Think in a humoristic way3. Be first to laugh4. Laugh with your clients not on them5. Laugh at yourself and your defaults6. Think that life is a play
  31. 31. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen31CS personnel & EICS personnel & EI• In a competitive world, everyone can copy your productand manufacture it cheaper, no one can copy thefriendship and good relationship you give to yourcustomer.• we are human beings, we are emotional and there aresome things you can not measure like the worth of asmile.• When we take our wife/husband to a fancy restaurant onher/his birthday, we pay more for the ambiance, status,service, the décor, and for being in love – not the price ofthe food.• Add yourselfyourself to your service, think of your client as aguestsguests coming to your saloon, it will pay back !•
  32. 32. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen32ESPESP for servicepersonnel• The added value you can give youcustomer interlinked in 3 characteristics:1. Emotional Connectivity- the ability not only to saythe “right things “ but to be sensitive to the situation and thespecific needs of the client , especially in crisis or complaint.2. Integrity- the ability to identify with the your values as well asyour work vision whilst bypassing sometimes laws and rules and “red tape” ( do you have the authority to correct mistakes or do youhave to get permission for every step? )3. Creativity- the more there are rules and regulations, theless creative your front desk will be. Use your common sense.
  34. 34. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen34But what is in it for uspersonally?Why Should We (as Individuals)Care AboutGiving Good Service?
  35. 35. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen35It makes our livesricher!
  36. 36. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen36The Law of ReciprocityThe Law of Reciprocity means:to give and take mutually;to return in kind or even in another kind or degree."Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine."Applies in EVERY culture on the face of the earth.Simply explains that when someone gives yousomething you feel an obligation to give back.
  37. 37. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen37Law of Reciprocity• Practicing every day those core values welearned at home as children• Courtesy• Kindness• Respect• HonestyGreatGreatCustomerCustomerServiceService
  38. 38. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen38Law of ReciprocityPsychologically it puts us in the driver’s seat…We are in control of creating thepositive energy to turn a badsituation into a good one
  39. 39. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen39Our Own Gain ?It Reduces stress!
  40. 40. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen40PART 3: Who is ourCustomer ?“A person with whom one has dealings”Everyone is your customer !!Everyone is your customer !!
  41. 41. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen41The Customer• Is the most important person we willwork with• Is not an interruption of our work, butrather, is the reason for it,• Is an individual with a name andfeelings,• Is the reason we all have jobs,• Is not always right, but is still ….
  42. 42. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen42Types of customer– private individuals (consumers)– business customers– a mixture of bothExternal customers(people outside the organisation). These may be:Internal customers(people within the organisation) who need informationfor an external customer.
  43. 43. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen43How do we give aPERFECT service?• PPolite• EEfficient• RRespectful• FFriendly• EEnthusiastic• CCheerful• TTactful
  44. 44. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen44DemandingDemandingCustomersCustomersHow to deal with them?
  45. 45. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen4515 minute coffee break15 minute coffee break
  46. 46. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen46PART 2:PART 2:Intercommunication skillsIntercommunication skills
  47. 47. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen47One photo two facesOne photo two faces
  48. 48. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen48Different point of viewDifferent point of view
  49. 49. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen49(Paradigm=Example)Artist unknown
  50. 50. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen50A group of scientists placed 5A group of scientists placed 5hungry monkeys in a cage andhungry monkeys in a cage andin the middle, a ladder within the middle, a ladder withripe bananas on the top.ripe bananas on the top...
  51. 51. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen51Each time that a monkey wentEach time that a monkey wentup the ladder, the scientistsup the ladder, the scientistssoaked the rest of thesoaked the rest of themonkeys with cold ICE water.monkeys with cold ICE water.
  52. 52. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen52After a while, every time aAfter a while, every time amonkey went up the ladder,monkey went up the ladder,the rest of the group beatthe rest of the group beatup the one on the ladder.up the one on the ladder.
  53. 53. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen53After some time, noAfter some time, nomonkey dared to go upmonkey dared to go upthe ladder regardless ofthe ladder regardless ofthe temptation andthe temptation andhunger.hunger.
  54. 54. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen54Scientists then decided tosubstitute one of themonkeys. The 1stthing thisnew monkey did was ofcourse to go up the ladder.Immediately the othermonkeys beat him up.(although this time NO coldalthough this time NO coldshowershower)
  55. 55. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen55After severalAfter severalbeatings, the newbeatings, the newmember learned not tomember learned not toclimb the ladder evenclimb the ladder eventhough he neverthough he neverunderstood why.understood why.
  56. 56. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen56A 2ndmonkey wassubstituted and the sameoccurred. The 1stmonkeyparticipated on the beatingfor the 2ndmonkey. A 3rdmonkey was changed andthe same was repeated(beating). The 4thwassubstituted and the beatingwas repeated and finallythe 5thmonkey wasreplaced.
  57. 57. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen57What was left was a groupWhat was left was a groupof 5 monkeys that evenof 5 monkeys that eventhoughthough never received a coldnever received a coldshowershower, continued to beat up, continued to beat upany monkey who attemptedany monkey who attemptedto climb the climb the ladder.
  58. 58. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen58If it was possible to ask theIf it was possible to ask themonkeys why they would beatmonkeys why they would beatup all those who attempted toup all those who attempted togo up the ladder…..go up the ladder…..I bet you the answer wouldI bet you the answer wouldbe….be….““I don’t know – that’s howI don’t know – that’s howthings are done around here”things are done around here”Does it sounds familiar?Does it sounds familiar?
  59. 59. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen59Don’t miss theopportunity to share thiswith others as theymight be askingthemselves why wecontinue to do what weare doing if there is adifferent way out there.
  60. 60. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen60"Only two things are infinite:"Only two things are infinite:The universe and humanThe universe and humanstupidity. And I am not sostupidity. And I am not sosure about the former."sure about the former."Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
  61. 61. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen61The 10: 90 modelThe 10: 90 model(Stephen Covey – the seven habits of most effective people)11..EVENTEVENT22..PARADIGMPARADIGM3. EMOTION3. EMOTION44..REACTIONREACTION
  62. 62. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen62Me and YouMe and You
  63. 63. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen63MediaMessageSenderSender EncodingEncodingResponseFeedbackNoiseDecoding ReceiverElements in the Communication ProcessElements in the Communication ProcessMEME““BUYBUYTHISTHIS””CUSTOMERCUSTOMER““WHY IS HEWHY IS HEPUSHINGPUSHING””WHOWHOAMAMIIWHOWHOAMAMIIEmotionsEmotions
  64. 64. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen64Cultural differencesCultural differences
  65. 65. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen65WHAT IS HAPPENINGWHAT IS HAPPENINGHERE ?HERE ?• After you have studied the inter communicationsystem, you must realize that people ( customersas well as salesmen ) are hiding their real needsand wants as well as feelings.• We want people to like us, we do not like to hurttheir feelings, but internally we develop a liking orrejection to a customer in accordance to the 3dimensions of the intercommunication model.• We shall now see a short movie: ” the parking: ” the parkinglotlot""
  66. 66. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen66Parking grounds“CONRAD”CONRAD” shoppingcenter TIRANA• Imagine the following situation:• My name is Armida,Armida, I am 38, work as apediatrician specialist in Hospital , I drive aMercedes “Super jeep” 2oo8, I live in avery nice house at Tirana ereTirana ere district.• My name is Viola,Viola, I am 36, divorcedunemployed, I worked as a cashier in ashop . I drive a Fiat uno 1995, and I live inBregu I LumitBregu I Lumit district of Tirana.
  67. 67. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen67
  68. 68. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen6830 minutes30 minutesLunch breakLunch break
  69. 69. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen69The 4TM- the Humanpuzzle
  70. 70. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen70We are all differentWe are all differenttypes with wants andtypes with wants andneedsneeds1. E type2. P type3. I type4. A type• Please pay attention:Please pay attention:this is only aschematic division,people vary , most ofus are mix of types.
  71. 71. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen71Human PuzzleHuman Puzzle FTMFTMPeoplePeople-EmotionsEmotionsmotivationRationalRational-ResultsmotivationextrovertIntrovert
  72. 72. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen72EENTREPRENEUR TYPENTREPRENEUR TYPEDominant type, veryDominant type, veryfriendly, when hefriendly, when heenters the room youenters the room youfeel it, likes to be infeel it, likes to be incenter of things. Fullcenter of things. Fullof ideas, veryof ideas, verycreative, likes tocreative, likes tolisten to himself,listen to himself,weak listener, needsweak listener, needsconstantconstantcompliments andcompliments andattention.attention.
  73. 73. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen73EmotionsEmotionsResultsexternalinternalE TYPE
  74. 74. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen74Formal , dominant, likesFormal , dominant, likestoto rule and in need ofrule and in need ofcontrol.control.The “ BOSS” type, theThe “ BOSS” type, the“Butcher” type, does“Butcher” type, doesnot enjoy small talk,not enjoy small talk,no patience forno patience forfeelings and excuses,feelings and excuses,likes results, waste oflikes results, waste oftime drives him crazy,time drives him crazy,bottom line person.bottom line person.Productive typeProductive type
  75. 75. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen75EmotionsEmotionsResultsexternalinternalE TYPEPP typetype
  76. 76. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen76ANALIZERANALIZERadministrative typeadministrative type• Not a dominant type, likes togather information, prefersdata to people, takes lifevery seriously, likes to asklots of questions, verysuspicious and hesitant,difficult for him to makedecisions, conservative,When asked to describe aprojects, brings lot ofstatistics, research results ,details , details...
  77. 77. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen77EmotionsEmotionsResultsexternalinternalE TYPEPP typetypeA TYPEA TYPE
  78. 78. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen78IntegrativeIntegrativeTypeTypeNot dominant, shy andNot dominant, shy anddelicate, good listener,delicate, good listener,hates chaos andhates chaos anddisharmony, in order fordisharmony, in order foreverybody to be in peaceeverybody to be in peacewill give up his ownwill give up his ownwants, togetherness iswants, togetherness isvery important, discretevery important, discrete-everybody comes to tell-everybody comes to tellhim their secrets, needshim their secrets, needsassurances.assurances.
  79. 79. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen79EmotionsEmotionsResultsexternalinternalE TYPEPP typetypeA TYPEA TYPEI typeI type
  80. 80. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen80E Type - whatE Type - whatmotivatesmotivates him?him?What motivates him?What motivates him?Creative and innovative works,Creative and innovative works,competition, being in thecompetition, being in thecenter of attention ,center of attention ,compliments, to lead, shortcompliments, to lead, shorttem targets, credit to histem targets, credit to hisideasideasWhat is difficult for him ?What is difficult for him ?Routine, monotonous work,Routine, monotonous work,lots of technical details, nolots of technical details, noattention or credit to hisattention or credit to hiswork, long term taskswork, long term tasks
  81. 81. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen81P Type -P Type -what motives him?what motives him?What motives him?What motives him?efficiency , reason andefficiency , reason andrational ,concrete targets,rational ,concrete targets,challenges andchallenges andcompetition, results andcompetition, results andcontrolcontrolWhat is difficult forWhat is difficult forhim?him?Too many details, nonrelevant information,inefficiency, waste oftime, emotions.
  82. 82. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen82A type-what motives him?what motives him?What motives him?What motives him?Details, statistics, results ofDetails, statistics, results ofresearch, routine , veryresearch, routine , verysuspicious , schedule,suspicious , schedule,clear and specific tasks,clear and specific tasks,procedures and rules ,procedures and rules ,order.order.What is difficult forWhat is difficult forhim?him?Vague situations,change, innovation
  83. 83. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen83I typeI typeWhat motives him?What motives him?Helping and servingHelping and servingpeople, harmony,people, harmony,togetherness,togetherness,emotions, awareness toemotions, awareness todetails in style,details in style,recognitionrecognitionWhat is difficult forWhat is difficult forhim/ her ?him/ her ?Disharmony, gossip,Disharmony, gossip,noisy and loud people.noisy and loud people.
  84. 84. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen84How to make use of thisHow to make use of thisModel?Model?• E type-E type- listen to him , laugh from his jokes, compliment him onlisten to him , laugh from his jokes, compliment him onhis sense of humor, let him feel that all god ideas are derivinghis sense of humor, let him feel that all god ideas are derivingfrom him,from him, focus him gently.focus him gently.• P type- “P type- “let us get to the point the benefits of this productlet us get to the point the benefits of this productare….. , I see that you are in a hurry, bottom line of the matterare….. , I see that you are in a hurry, bottom line of the matteris….” .is….” . listen and let him feel he is in controllisten and let him feel he is in control..• A type –”A type –” last research proved that……….. We have herestatistics about it……would you like to read about this productat home? I am here for you should you have more not push himdo not push him..• I type-I type- please help me on this, let us do it togather, let us flowwith it and think about this in the best ways for both of us. Easyand gently .
  85. 85. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen85no customer is one type!no customer is one type!We are all a mix of types with aWe are all a mix of types with adominant characteristicdominant characteristicwhat happens if you anwhat happens if you an EE type and enterstype and entersa customer ofa customer of PP type?type?
  86. 86. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen86PSYCHOLOGY OFPSYCHOLOGY OFCUSTOMERS:CUSTOMERS: Eric Berne• T.A. – TrAnsAcTionAlT.A. – TrAnsAcTionAlAnAlysisAnAlysis
  87. 87. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen87T.A. – TrAnsAcTionAlT.A. – TrAnsAcTionAlAnAlysis ModelAnAlysis Model3 EGO STATES:3 EGO STATES:1. Myself as a parent2. Myself as an adult3. Myself as a childPARENTADULTCHILD
  88. 88. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen88ParentParent• Dominant figure,modeling, powerful,puts limits andboundaries, discipline• criticizing, building,supporting, modeling• Loving, tutoring,mentoring,educating, coaching.
  89. 89. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen89ADULTADULT• Rational figure,focused, here andnow, facts and figures,assertive.• Usually a balancedpersonality.
  90. 90. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen90•Emotional figure , feelsthat he constantly has todefend himself againstauthority, revolting child orconforming child,manipulative, spoiled.Loves toys or gadgets,easy to please but easilyinsulted.•Passive aggressiveCHILDCHILD
  91. 91. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen91ParentParentAdultChildadultchildwhat does it dowhat does it do??How Much for itHow Much for it??It will save youIt will save youtime and the costtime and the costis only 5000 lekis only 5000 lek..BuyerSalesmanParentParentGood transactionGood transaction
  92. 92. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen92ParentParentAdultChildadultchildI kept the last onekept the last oneespecially for youespecially for youBuyerSalesmanParentParentGood transactionGood transactionWow! Its wonderful of you, youWow! Its wonderful of you, youspoil mespoil me……
  93. 93. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen93ParentParentAdultChildadultchildI kept the last onekept the last oneespecially for youespecially for youBuyerSalesmanParentParentBad transactionBad transactionDon’t bullshit meI amnot alittleDon’t bullshit meI amnot alittlegirlgirl……
  94. 94. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen94parentAdultChildCovert dealCovert dealBuyerSalesmanTwo last like this in stockTwo last like this in stockIts on sale now and it finishes todayIts on sale now and it finishes todayOk I will take thembothChildAdultparent123
  95. 95. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen95parentadultchildUnbalanced dealUnbalanced dealbuyerSalesman2.this car is toothis car is tooexpensive for meexpensive for meFor youI shall give youaspecial discountchildadultparent11.
  96. 96. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen96ParentParentAdultChildadultchildI kept the last onekept the last oneespecially for youespecially for youBuyerSalesmanParentParentBad transactionBad transactionDon’t bullshit meI amnot alittleDon’t bullshit meI amnot alittlegirlgirl……
  97. 97. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen97What are your pickles?
  98. 98. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen98Customer service features• Products/ServiceProducts/Service – quality, safety,packaging, clear information• StaffStaff – attitude, dress, communication skills• PremisesPremises – cleanliness, access, facilities• DeliveryDelivery – reliability, speed, availability• After-sales careAfter-sales care – complaints, returns,repairs, guarantees• Other featuresOther features – payment methods, advicelines, staff training etc
  99. 99. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen99Customer satisfactionIt is measured byIt is measured by:• Analysing sales performance• Recording the number of complaints/returns• Making comparisons with competitorsThis occurs when customer expectations andneeds are met over and over again.
  100. 100. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen100Investigating customerserviceAlways remember:Always remember:• Key features vary, depending upon the type oforganisation and its customers• No business can please everyone all the time –though they should try!
  101. 101. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen101Customer feedbackWhy is it so important ?It helps to inform the companyfor the future so it canimprove products/services
  102. 102. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen102Feedback obtained by:• On the spot questions by staff• Observation of customers• Questionnaires• Customer panels/focus groups• The website (eg pop-up questionnaires)• E-mails and email questionnaires• Complaints
  103. 103. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen103CS,how do we do it ?
  104. 104. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen104Effective CustomerService• Courtesy• Prompt Attention• Reliability• Personal Attention• Knowledgeable Staff• Empathy• Go the “extra mile”
  105. 105. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen105What Skills are Needed?• Friendliness• Helpfulness• Effective use of body language• Good product knowledge• Listening skills• Courtesy• Effective complaint handling skills
  106. 106. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen106Most important :CommunicationCommunication
  107. 107. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen107Communication
  108. 108. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen108LAST AND MOSTIMPORTANTTipsTips
  109. 109. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen109A Few Tips:• Practice what you preach– I have to be the role model• You get a lot further with sugar thanvinegar– In other words – the more challenging thecustomer the sweeter you become – “kill’emwith kindness”• External and internal service are equallyimportant
  110. 110. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen110A Few Tips:• Common sense goes a long way– Sometimes rules are made to be broken• Regardless of one’s role in anorganization – it is everyone’sresponsibility to serve the customer• What you say about your employer inpublic will have a lasting effect – bothpositive and negative
  111. 111. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen111A Few Tips:• Exceed the customers expectations –these days it doesn’t take much!• If someone gives you great service – letthem know it – often times we only reportthe bad stuff!
  112. 112. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen112A Few Tips:• Listening skills are #1!Give your full attention –• Stephen Covey says, “Seek first tounderstand, then to be understood.”• Listen with the intent to understand rather thanwith the intent to respond.
  113. 113. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen113A Few Tips:• Exercise Empathy not Sympathy– Empathy means you understand the point of view –not necessarily that you agree with it.• Listen with your eyes, and your ears– Sometimes it is not WHAT is said but HOW it is said• Rephrase content – Reflect Emotion– “In other words what I hear you saying is…and what itseems you are feeling is….is that about right?
  114. 114. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen114One last note…I would like to leave you with this to thinkabout to take back to your workplace…
  115. 115. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen115SummaryCustomer service:Customer service:• Comprises all the appropriate services tohelp, advise and assist customers• Is important for business success• Has key features which vary, depending uponthe business• Aims to keep customers satisfied – and loyal• Needs trained, well-informed staff
  116. 116. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen116SummeryFrom My Personal PerspectiveCustomer ServiceIs not…..just another initiativeIt is…a way of life and a personal philosophy!
  117. 117. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen117SummeryRemember “The Golden Rule”Do to others as youwould have them do to you!
  118. 118. natek7474@gmail.GENESIS - ACMSNathan Ronen118Thank You