Sales Seminar Slovenia


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this is a seminar given for top businessmen in Lulijana 2009

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Sales Seminar Slovenia

  1. 1. • People sell to people-logical or emotional sales? • Understanding customer’s behavior models. • Understandings inter communication models and how they affect sales. • We will teach you how to turn lemon to lemonade, understand that a complaint is leverage for improvement. Pre sale-Sale- after sale techniques- not as a robotic system ONE DAY - "TOOL KIT" PRACTICAL SALES TECHNIQUES Suggested please find a draft program content: the sales techniques, process & tools. A one day practical seminar of "concrete tools" for the distributors of the Microsoft brand: Back ground- can sales be taught? · First Impressions · Selling Yourself · Identify the needs · Plan your sale · The 6-step sales process · Tailoring your approach · Benefit selling · Making your ideas clear · Handling customer's complaints · Making the "add on" sale · The Principles of Closing that Increase Results · Negotiation Techniques · Secrets of Overcoming Objections · How to Take the "Fight" out of the Sales Process
  2. 2. • "Customer experience" as a technique to retain long term devoted customers. •