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  • The idea of Baderman Island Resort was conceived in 1988 when the City of Kelsey made plans to redirect the Kelsey River. This redirection would place the majority of the Baderman land on an island. After help from the Kelsey Area Convention and Visitor Bureau, construction began on the convention center, golf course, and trolley system.In 1995 negotiations are complete for tax breaks, and ferry service as well as the donation of 20 acres to the City of Kelsey. In 2001 the redirection of the river was complete making Baderman Homestead an island and in 2004, the resort opened to the public for the first time. Boardman Management Group is in charge of many of the operations at Baderman Island ResortBoardman Management Group is founded on the following:“Founded in 1994, Boardman Management Group is dedicated to managing leisure and convention focused resorts that provide a unique and quality experience to guests and visitors. The Board of Directors and operational leaders in the organization, empowers its staff to offer unsurpassed quality of customer service, through individual acts of random kindness and specialty services.”Human Resources are handled directly by Boardman Management Group and following is its mission and role in the operation of Baderman Island Resort:“MISSION:Boardman Management Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEOC). The philosophy of Boardman Management Group Human Resources (BMG-HR) is to recognize individual attributes and values that each employee brings to the job with respect and acknowledgement. These principles allow the company to successfully reach its goals of providing excellent customer services and ultimately corporate profitability.Role of Human Resources in the Organization: The Director of Human Resources for Boardman Management Group reports directly to the CEO. The department handles payroll, benefits and provides an employee liaison for employees to ask questions and request clarification on policies and procedures. The role of the Director is to act as part of the executive team in order to align organizational policies with the human resources policies and functions.”(University of Phoenix, 2005).
  • The purpose of this presentation is to train human resource professionals on the way Baderman Island Resorts human resource department plans, recruits, interviews, selects, and hires employees for all phases of the resort operation. Baderman Island Resort. There are a large number of employees hired to work at the resort. These employees include maintenance people, housekeeping, restaurant employees, golf professionals, etc. Each person was carefully selected to fill the position they were hired to do. It is the goal of Baderman Island Resort to help employees uncover and develop untapped skills and abilities. The human resource department is charged with that duty and that is part of what this training is about. How can we assist in attaining the overall goals of the organization?
  • Human Resource Planning is one of the most important element in a successful HRM program, because it is a process by which an organization ensures that it has the right number and kinds of people, at the right place, at the right time, capable of effectively and efficiently completing those task that will help the organization achieve its overall strategic objectives. (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007). The purpose for new employee orientation is to introduce the organizations activities and the area in which the employee will work. Several topics of the organization is covered such as, the organizations objectives, history, philosophy, procedures, and rules; communicate relevant HRM policies such as work hours, pay procedures, overtime requirements, and company benefits; review the specific duties and responsibilities of the new members job; provide a tour of the organization's physical facilities; and introduce the employee to his or her manager and co-workers (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007).
  • Here at Baderman Island the HR department plays a major role in the recruitment of the talent for our company. We have several successful programs that we have in place, but we can not rely on only one, it takes all of the programs working simultaneously to achievement our daily vacancy rate of below 1.0%...because any opening for any length of time hinders the overall performance of that particular department and the company…so having a continuously strong sense of urgency to fill the opening with the best candidate is our teams daily recruitment goal. How we do this is first through our online job site partners such as Careerbuilder.com, Monster, Craigslist etc. It is important that we maintain these sites daily for up-to-date information, and follow through. This helps us to maintain our great reputation in the industry, and with our customers…who often times turn out to be our applicant candidate. The second strategy we utilize, is our media advertisement partners such as newspapers, related industry magazines, television, and radio…we still find a need for utilizing these avenues, though they are a little less productive for us, we do find them to be successful for our industry…and again very important to maintain the partnerships, and reputation, so follow up, and follow through not only with the candidates but also our coordinators within these industries. Lastly and most importantly is our very successful Employee Referral Incentive Program…some of our best external searches have come from our best employees, they refer their friends to our company because they love working here, love the benefits we offer, and enjoy working here…so the candidate comes to us knowing what they are stepping into, and we are being sent a candidate that some of our best people our putting their reputations on…so it is a Win Win for all…and the employee is given a bonus at the end of the season if the person stays with us through the three month probation time…so we then have two very happy employees.
  • There will be a minimum of two people who will perform the initial interview. Each member will be provided with a checklist. The checklist will be useful to assist with the elimination process of hiring. The checklist will be prioritized to assist with narrowing down the candidates that were not eliminated during the initial interview (Alphonse, 1999). The questions that will be asked during the interview will be to the point and relevant to the job function. They will measure how well the interviewee will handle workplace issues and professional proficiency. We then want to sell Baderman Island. Most candidates have read the information online so we want to give them a little more information that is not offered online. We want them to walk away feeling intrigued by our challenges and encouraged by our past achievements. In order to accomplish this after the initial interview we will provide them information about the island while flipping through a catalogue that our Human Resource Management (HRM) Team has place together, and then have employees tour them around the island. We want them to get a feel of the environment to see if this is what they really want. We want them to know about the different recreations, transportations, conventions, accommodations, and dining that we have available to our customers.Once the tour is over, and all interviews have been conducted. All HRM staff will get together in a conference room and start the process of elimination. The candidates that have been selected will be invited back for a second interview with the supervisor over the department the candidate applied for.
  • The selecting process is the phase where the applicants for the opening position are reviewed based on the documentation received. Documents such as resume, cover letter, references, and employment application. Reviewing the documents will allow the Human Resources Department to focus on the strong factors from each applicant. The applications are received from internal and external applicants, and individuals are encouraged to apply for more than one opening position. All of the applicant documents have to be received in order to be considered for reviewing of the opening position. Once the documents are received they are taken and reviewed by the hiring authority. Then the interviewing process begins once the applicants are selected they are interviewed by the panel on an individual basis.
  • The organization is an at will company that has a basic hiring process for applicants interested in employment opportunities. With a beginning career brings stability to the roadways with the excelling continuous training offered and provided by the Human Resources Department. The hiring process allows applicant to come abroad and join the team with being provided with great benefits and incentives. The hiring process will take place once the candidate has been selected. The hiring process will allow the reviewing official to consider all facts and documents based on the individuals experience, education, and job stability. A background check will be conducted in order to ensure that the applicant is within compliance providing that the report returns back on a positive note. When the individual is selected an offer letter will be mailed to the candidate with the date for new hire orientation.
  • The human resources department at Baderman Island Resort is here to inform and support the employees of the organization. From the first time they walk in the door until retirement. Our desire is to always provide the ultimate in customer service within this department that we expect our employees to give to our clients. We strive to bring the right combination of people together to make Baderman Island Resort a complete success. Thank you for being here today to train as the HR Team. Should you have any questions, please feel free to express them now.
  • Week 5 - hrm training baderman island resort -- team c

    1. 1. (University of Phoenix, 2005)
    2. 2. HR Planning HRHR Hiring Recruiting HR HR Selecting Interviewing
    3. 3. MissionEthicsFoundationsGuiding PrinciplesStrategic DirectionExternal & Internal Forces Trends Change Balance Monitor and Control Corporate Citizenship
    4. 4. Internal External Employee ReferralsSeveral programs arenecessary for successNewspaper, television,radio
    5. 5. Who will interview thecandidates? Group Department head Human Resources What is needed for the interview? Job description Resume Application Test results (if any)
    6. 6. Final interview Job offer Initial CandidateScreening PoolTesting Filtering system Employment Medical Candidates with Physical required KSA’s
    7. 7. OrientationTrainingSocialization Benefits Other paperwork Questions answered
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