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Chinese dragons






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Chinese dragons Chinese dragons Presentation Transcript

  • Chinese New Year 2012- Year of the DRAGON
  • Chinese New Year • Most important of traditional Chinese holidays • Celebrated for 15 days • Red is an important color…Most decorations are red because this symbolizes prosperity and good luck
  • Importance of Chinese New Year • Celebrations last for 15 days • Lots of cherry blossom decorations (luck) and sunflower decorations (good new year)
  • Chinese New Year Festivities • 12 year Animal cycle • If born in early January, you are still the previous year’s animal
  • Chinese New Year Festivities
  • Chinese New Year Festivities • One of the biggest parade spectacles is the “Dragon Dance” where a large paper dragon puppet “dances” with the help of lots of adult puppeteers.
  • Why Dragons? • Dragons are very symbolic in Chinese culture. They symbolize: – Good luck – Power – Dignity – Wisdom – Imperial authority – kindness Basically, all of the good kinds of things that you would want in a new year!
  • Background • One of the earliest symbols of Chinese religion • Most sacred animal- imperial emblem of Chinese emperors • Symbol of power and good fortune
  • Background • Control over water, rainfall, hurricane & floods • Symbol of power, strength, and good luck. • Kind and gracious • Worshipped & Respected
  • Appearance • Chinese Dragons look very different from Western dragons • Head of a camel, horns of a deer, fiery eyes and a long beard • Ears are sharp like an eagle, neck is serpentine, belly of a frog, scales of a carp
  • • 4 claws (ordinary dragons have 4 toes, and imperial dragons have 5 toes) • 71 scales (81 positive yang, and 36 negative yin) • They can fly, but do not have wings Appearance
  • • Celestial Dragons • Spiritual Dragons • Earth Dragons • Treasure Dragons Types of Dragons
  • • Boat races are an important part of festivities...up to 12 rowers with a carved dragon as the head of the boat • Dancing occurs during festivities with puppets – life- sized, people manipulate the dragon with poles. Choreographed music with drums and music Dragonboat Racing/ Dragon Dancing
  • SF New Year 2012 Dragon Boat Racing
  • Your Assignment… • Create your own Chinese-style Dragon painting • Acrylic on canvas • Use elements of the dragons you have seen • Complementary (opposite) colors