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Fashion in ancient civilizations

Fashion in ancient civilizations






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    Fashion in ancient civilizations Fashion in ancient civilizations Presentation Transcript

    • By Yang HanDiv. 1
    • Fashion in ancientGreeceFashion in ancient civilizations part 1 of 4
    •  Clothing was usually home made and had more thanone use, like bedding They did not were all white clothing instead they worebright colour and fancy designs Peplos was a garment worn by women Peplos was made out of heavy wool and the upper partof the peplos could be folded down to the waist to forma apoptygma Chiton was a simple tunic made out of light linenmaking it light than the peplos Chiton was worn by everyone; men and women, oldand young They wore sandals, slippers, soft shoes or boots out side.But in their homes they usually wore no foot wear.Ancient GreececlothingA drawing of apeplos
    • Comparison between menand women clothingMen Wore chiton that went to theknees Woolen cloaks called Chlamysworn by men Chlamys were worn by soldiersbecause it could be wrappedaround the arm and used as alight shield A himation was worn over thechiton or Chlamys during thewinter for both men andwomenWomen Wore chiton that when to theankles Wore peplos and undergarments called strophion A Shaw was sometimes drapedover the tunic.AncientGreececlothing(left)
    •  There is evidence that ancient Greeks had necklaces, earrings, pins,pendants, armbands, thigh bands, bracelets, rings, wreaths,diadems, and other fancy hair ornaments. Bracelets were often worn in matching sets or pares Jewelry usually had pearls, gems or semiprecious gems. Popular earring designs included: angels flying , such as Eros, Nike,and Ganymede carried up by the eagle of Zeus to Mount Olympus. Jewelry was often passed down from generation to generation. Jewelry was sometimes made as an offering to the gods.Jewelry in ancient Greece
    • Fashion in ancient EgyptFashion in ancient civilizations part 2 of 4
    •  Egyptian clothing was made for style andcomfort. Egyptian clothing was made so you couldkeep cool in the dessert sun. Clothing was usually left in its natural colour The wealthy wore animal fibers. people of modest condition sometimes worenothing but everybody wore Shenti. Slaves did not wear anythingClothing in ancient Egypt
    • Comparison between men’sclothing and women’s clothingmen In the old kingdom, men woreshort wrap around skirts calledShendyt During the middle kingdom theskirts were longer. A little after the middlekingdom started, there was alight tunic or blouse withsleeveswomen During the old middle and newkingdoms women wore asimple dress called a Kalasiris The dress were worn with oneor two straps and went down tothe ankles beads or feathers . Women had a choice ofwearing ether shawls, capes, orrobes over the dress Women’s clothing stayedalmost exactly the same overthe millenia
    • Jewelry and children’sclothing Kids wore nothing until theyhit puberty Though they did not wearclothes, they wore jewelrysuch as anklets, bracelets,collars, and hair ornaments At six years old, you wouldbe allowed to wear clothingthat protects you from the sun No matter you social class,jewelry was popular. Both men and women worebrightly coloured earrings,bracelets, rings, necklacesand neck collars. If you could not affordjewelry made from gold andother precious materialsused coloured potterybeads.
    •  Kohl was used to mark the eyes. Kohl was made out of galena. Another reason they used kohl is because itwas believed to keep dust and dirt out ofthe eyes. This is why both men and womenwore it. Crushed malachite was used to make eyeshadow Red, which was applied to lips, came fromthe ore ochre. Henna was painted on nails and hands There was numerous perfumes.CosmeticsPainting of kohlRed ochre
    • Fashion in ancientMesopotamiaFashion in ancient civilizations part 3 of 4
    •  Earliest civilization used animal skins Wool was the most common material Linen was a more expensive fabric Some linen cloths were as finely woven asmodern day clothing Looms for weaving fabric were used as early as3000 B.C.EClothing in ancientMesopotamia
    •  The four main civilization were Sumerian(3000–2000 B.C.E. ), the Babylonians (1894–1595B.C.E. ), the Assyrians (1380–612 B.C.E. ), andthe Persians (550–330 B.C.E. ) Early Sumerian wore only loincloths Later the wrap around skirt was introduced, inwent down to the knees or lower and was heldby a belt. All classes of men wore these Women seamed to only wear Shaws Theses Shaws were often decorated withsimple patterns The rich would have coloured clothingClothing in ancientMesopotamia (Sumerian)
    • Clothing in ancient MesopotamiaBabylonian, Assyrians, PersianBabylonian There was littleevidence on whatBabylonians wore The Babylonian woreclothing similar to theSumerian Clothing became moreelaborateAssyrian Both men and womenwore a Shaw that whenfrom the shoulder tothe ankles and wassecured by a belt Around 1000 B.C.E.,Assyrian men beganwearing belted knee-length tunics with shortsleevesPersianWhen the Persians concernedMesopotamia, people adoptedthe Persian trousers
    • Viking fashionFashion in ancient civilizations part 4 of 4
    •  Vikings made coarse clothes made form wool Women made wool into yarn and coloured in withdyes In the winter they wore animal fur to keep warm Viking shoes were made out of leather or goat skin They wore belts to carry a pure or a knife The type of material and pin indicates the wearerssocial classViking clothing
    •  Men wore pants, long tunics and a cloak held together by a singlebrooch Women wore several layers of ankle length clothing They would be made out of wool and linen It would be held together by two brooches on both shoulders Shoes would be one big peace of leather sewn in the shape of theowners foot The rich could afford thick wool socks to keep their feet worm willthe poor stuffed their shoes with dried grass or moss Children wore cloths similar to their parentsVikings clothing cont.
    •  They made come out of deer antlers They did not wear horned helmets tobattle Men wore more jewelry than women They combed their moustaches and hair The Vikings made their jewelry out ofcopper, bronze, silver or gold They amber necklaces and as well asglass beads that were colouredViking accessories andmore
    • Fashion in modernCanadaUse this section as a comparison. Like the ‘control’ in a scienceexperiment.
    •  People in Canada like to wear shirts when it is cold and T-shirts whenit is hot Canadians usually wear long pants but in the summer they wearshorts Canadians wear underwear and socks When young Canadian boy and girls wear different colours, boyswear blues, blacks, reds etc. girls wear pinks, reds, light blue etc. As they get older, it does not mater that much but men still does notwear pink Women sometimes wear skirts and dresses Canadians buy their clothes form stores The most popular material is cotton. Canadians wear many kinds of hats ranging from baseball caps totoques Canadians have a different type of shoe for almost every occasion ex.Running shoes, training shoes, hiking boots, rain boots etc.Clothing in modernCanada
    •  People in Canada like to wear necklaces, rings, earringsand bracelets Some people have a nose ring or a ring on their tongue Women almost always brings a purse that contains awallet (money) and other important things Most women have long hair but some have short hair Almost all men have short hair. School aged children will have a back pack to hold booksand computersAccessories and more
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