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Yen Mah 06 Yen Mah 06 Presentation Transcript

  • 27 January 2012
  • Journal Prompt27 January 2012
  • Was Yen Mah correct in saying “God is the sameas the world and the world is the same as God”(pg. 240)? Why or why not?Is there a difference between God and Nature?On page 238 Mah says "The fact that nature isorderly is self evident and ubiquitous." In whatways does nature show itself to be orderly?How have humans attempted to alter thenatural, God given order of the Earth?
  • Silence and Art Does it matter?
  • Does an epic piece of music or art make more of an impact on you if it is famous, or little known?
  • Do you think that art and music has gottenless impactful because the artists have been distracted by other things?
  • According to the book, what is “great art?”Does man have the capability to create it, or is God the only proficient artist?
  • How do the empty spaces (silences) of a piece of art communicate?
  • Why do the things leftunstated, unexpressed, and unsketched add to the artwork and make us feel more spiritual?
  • Beauty?Truth?Goodness?Order?
  •  How does Yen Mah illustrate how nearly every religion, God centered or not, is connected and interwoven with many others to form a single adamant idea: we are not an accident? Is she correct? How does reason figure into her conclusions? How is she correct in that we feel emptiness when searching for money and material things, and that we are searching for something bigger?
  •  What does Yen Mah discover at the end of the book that shesbeen endlessly searching for?Does she really find it?What Truth is everyone really seeking?How does Yen Mah find God through the carving of the rocks? Can truth be recognized or is it a concept we have created? Ifit can be recognized, how?
  • On page 230 in Watching the Tree you’ll findthe quote “Be still, and know that Heaven isclose at hand”. Which verse in the Bible doesthis quote resemble and why is this such animportant concept in one’s walk with Christ?
  • HomeworkWork on yourprojects due nextFriday.Be prepared totalk about thechapter youchose in class onTuesday. Thatway everyonegets a littleinformation onevery chapter. Iwill not collectanythingTuesday.