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Rocky Mountain Power Point 1

  1. 1. Our Sources for Denver, Colorado    ay factsguide.asp  denver
  2. 2. Denver, Colorado  Denver, Colorado’s longitude and latitude is:  39°44’21” N / 104°59’3” W  The climate is like the climate in the United States. High: 88.0°F, Low: 15.2°F. There are hot summers and dry, freezing, beautiful, snowy winters.
  3. 3. Denver, Colorado Physical Features There are a lot of physical features in the Denver. For example, Denver has the Rocky Mountains, Bear Creek Lake, Barr Lake State Park, South Platte River, Standley Lake, and don’t forget there are a lot more.
  4. 4. The Rocky Mountains  The rocky mountain downhill and alpine skiing, snowmobiling, rock climbing,hiking and wilderness camping are just a few of the many crazy, fun opportunities you may do if you visited the Rocky mountains. <--- Rocky Mountains Bear Creek lake  There are many fun activities to do at Bear Creek Lake as well. You can bike go boating, camping, fishing, hiking…Ect.
  5. 5. Denver Colorado Physical Features  Thereare many more beautiful landmarks in Denver:  Barr Lake State Park  South Platte River  Standley Lake
  6. 6. Our sources for Rome, Italy    trome/ss/082609FastFactsItaly.htm  y/Italy/Italy.htm  s
  7. 7. Rome, Italy  The climate of Rome is 90°F at its high and 55°F at its low. The climate is not very cold during the winter. The longitude and latitude is: 41°54’0”N, 12°30’0’’E.
  8. 8. Rome Physical Features  There are many new and historical landmarks in Rome. Like: Hills, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, and The Apennines. Then there is The Po.
  9. 9. The Apennines  The Apennines forms an arc running down Italy. The Apennine Range is also called the Apennines or the Italian Appennino. The Po  The Po is the largest river running from west to east across in Rome, Italy. From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea The Po is 405 mi and 1,650 ft at its widest. The Po is fertile farm land.
  10. 10. Rome, Italy physical features  Her are some more physical features:  Hills  Tyrrhenian Sea  Ionian Sea
  11. 11. Leaning Tower of Pisa  Rome is known for The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is a very famous landmark of Rome, Italy. It is an amazing sight to see a tower tilting.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 4.4 meters out of line from the 7th story. The Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts because it was built on unstable soil. The tower started to sink after the 3rd story was being built.  ( destinations/leaning-tower-of-pisa.html)
  12. 12. Our sources for Buenos Aries, Argentina  _and_longitude_of_cities,_A-H  _river
  13. 13. Buenos Aires, Argentina  Buenos Aires, Argentina’s longitude and latitude is 34°40’S, 58°30’W. Buenos Aires at its lowest temperature is 22°F 109.9°F at its highest temperature.The average temperature in Buenos Aires is 63.7°F.
  14. 14. Physical Features  There are many of physical features in Buenos Aires like: the La Plata River, Reconquista River, Salado River, Laguna de Buenos Aires, General Carrera, and many many more.
  15. 15. General Carrera  The General Carrera is know as Buenos Aires, General Carrera, Lago Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Lago General Carrera in Chile. The Rio De la Plata  The Rio de la Plata is Spanish for : “River of Silver.” But in English you say the River Plate. The River Plate Is the widest river in the world.
  16. 16. Buenos Aires, Argentina physical features  There are millions more of physical features:  Reconquista River  Laguna de Buenos Aires  Salado River
  17. 17. Our Sources for Beijing, China  3.gif   _Mountains
  18. 18. Beijing, China  The climate for Beijing, China is 42°C at its highest and the lowest recorded was -27°C. The longitude and latitude for Beijing, China: 39°54’50”N, 116°23’30”E.
  19. 19. Beijing, China physical features  There are lots of beautiful rivers, lakes, valleys, oceans, mountains, and many more called physical features in China. Some physical features are: Qiantang River, Kunming Lake, Xishan, Yanshan Mountain Ranges, Hebei Province, and a lot more.
  20. 20. The Yanshan Mountain Ranges  The Yanshan Mountain Ranges are made of mostly limestone, granite, and basalt. Hebei Province Hebei Province started “North of the Yellow River.” The western part of Hebei rises into the Taihang Mountains. Hebei borders Bohai Sea on the east.
  21. 21. Beijing, China physical features  There are many more physical features:  Qiantang River  Kunming Lake  Xishan
  22. 22. Our Sources for Sydney, Australia  f.htm  ch ,_ New_South_Wales
  23. 23. Sydney, Australia  The climate for Sydney, Australia is 71°F as its high, and 36°F at its low. The longitude and latitude for Sydney is: 151°E, and 74°W.
  24. 24. Sydney, Australia physical features  Dry Land: Outback  Rivers: Hawkesbury River, Georges River  Mountains: Blue Mountains,  Beaches: Palm Beach
  25. 25. The Blue Mountains  The Blue Mountains where chosen for it outstanding natural values. Like its amazing plant and animal communities. Palm Beach Palm Beach is one of Sydney’s largest beaches. Palm beach runs along the Pacific Ocean shore. Palm Beach is also called “Palmy.”
  26. 26. Sydney, Australia Physical Features  Inthe slide before we gave you two examples of physical features, here are some more.  Outback  Hawkesbury River  Georges River
  27. 27. Sydney Australia  SydneyAustralia is know for The Sydney Opera House.
  28. 28. Our sources for Nairobi, Kenya   ack.php?pagename=Latitude_and_longitude _of_cities,_I- P&params=1_17_S_36_49_E_ 
  29. 29. Nairobi, Kenya  The climate in Nairobi, Kenya is 79°F at its high and 11°F at its low. From the average high temperature you can see that it doesn’t get very hot there. 1°17’0”S, 36°49’0”E
  30. 30. Nairobi, Kenya physical features “Wow, there are a lot of lot of physical features for Nairobi, Kenya.” said one of the students from Mr.Farber’s class. “Yes there are many physical features for lots of states, some physical features for Nairobi, Kenya are: Lake Victoria, Lake Naivasha, Mount Kenya, Rift Valley, Nairobi River, and lots more.
  31. 31. Lake Victoria  Lake Victoria is the worlds 3rd largest lake. When using volume it is the worlds 7th largest lake.   Nairobi River  It is the main river of Nairobi River Basin, which is a group of a few streams flowing eastward.
  32. 32. Nairobi, Kenya physical features “So like I said there are a lot of physical features, I gave 2 examples before now here are some more:  Lake Naivasha  Mount Kenya  Rift Valley
  33. 33.  And that includes our PowerPoint.  This PowerPoint was created by: Brian C Emily C Carly B