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An Article was featured in Education Times on the Power of Youth

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Featured in Education Times

  1. 1. Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty Anyone . who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old ~ F Kafka EDUCATION TIMES, MONDAY JUNE 20, 2011 06 PRAJODH RAJAN youth, would then become a rich human resource for the nation and contribute meaningfully to the society; the Director Education Services, EuroKids , process of which has already begun. Their analytical thinking allows them to adapt to technological advances, Y outh is power in itself. A few statistical facts from a which in turn facilitates them to explore. recently released report elaborate the incredible Right from pre-school, the use of technology seems to be on potential of the youth in India. Forty seven per cent of an all-time high, the basic being the use of audio-visual aids Indias current one billion plus population is under the age of in all schools. Use of computers, LCD screens and smart 20; teenagers among them number about 160 million. Already , classes as learning aids enable children to not only they wield $2.8 billion worth of discretionary income and experience technology but also acquire knowledge. their families spend an additional $3.7 billion on them every When thinking of the power that the kids of today have, a year. By 2015, Indians under 20 will make up 55% of the number of incidents and experiences come to my mind. They population and there is a need to harness this resource. are confident, yet subtle. An incident that I remember is that Education plays a vital role and I strongly believe that as of a small child named Sonia. She was in her kindergarten educators it is our responsibility to develop them in the most programme when one day she broke a toy in the class. When meaningful manner. The youth in India is potent enough to the teacher realised and questioned her, Sonia promptly catapult India to a superpower status. stood up and said, "Teacher, I broke it. I am sorry This." The youth of today is strong. With age, exposure, right incident is too simple to narrate but too significant to stimulation and education, the youths personality can overlook. I was proud to know that the effort we put in to TEACHER TALK MANJU NICHANI impart the right education to children and build them up as evolve. As parents and educators, we must ensure that Principal, KC College students are provided with the correct stimulating honest and fearless citizens is successful. Kudos to the power environment so that all-round development is possible. The of youth! choose from an array of options, unlike earlier when choices were limited to arts, commerce and science. Unlike the BMM courses available today earlier , there was nothing like a specialisation in mass media. Options like these help them make practical career decisions at NEERU AGARWAL Having said all this, one cannot ignore the duties and a very young age. Initially it was all , responsibilities of the young generation. They should Vice Principal, St Anne’s High School (Fort) about written exams but today these , deploy their energies and enthusiasm in a productive courses require students to speak up manner and should contribute to the well being and T wo words, power and youth, are made for each other. and challenge critical thinking. prosperity of the entire community without getting The youth today, dream big and work to realise the Another change in the youth is their carried away by petty considerations. While imitating the same. School, of course, is where the foundations strong organisational skills. A notable western culture is alright, they should not submit are laid and characters built. Its not just the physical example is that of college fests. themselves to it completely. Instead, they should anchor strength, but also the mental faculties and social Students today have taken college fests their thinking and character in the Indian culture, that responsibilities that count. Young minds have a I t will be the youth to new heights. They are now more has a long tradition and has withstood the passage of time. heightened spirit of exploration and adventure. As young of India who will commercialised and aesthetic. A Youth, once gone will never return and so they must scientists, doctors, engineers, school teachers and change the nation. combination of practical learning and make the best of the present opportunities. administrators, they are the builders of a modern, strong They are our biggest fun, it teaches them team work, and vibrant India. strength and hope. marketing, healthy competition and Year after year, the tiny tots are entrusted in the care of Our perception ethics. They also make the best of what their teachers. They blossom, evolve and leave the portals towards them hasnt technology has to offer. of their alma mater empowered. I can say with utmost changed, which In conclusion, I strongly believe that pride that the youth have repaid the trust reposed in them. makes it difficult for New India is being built in our schools It is they, who should be credited for making India THE FUTURE IS BECKONING, BRIGHT us to accept the and colleges. The youth of today has economically strong and respected globally. I have also AND EXCITING BUT, IT IS UP TO THE change in them. put their best foot forward and is ready YOUTH TO GRASP THE OPPORTUNITY experienced a marked change in the youth of yesterday Today students can , to learn, take risks and move on. and today. There was a time when a teachers word was the WITH BOTH HANDS Gospels truth, with total submission, acceptance and obedience. However, today they arent afraid to contradict. They are bold, fearless, extremely confident, progressive and needless to say, very independent. They respect MOKSH JUNEJA authority but prefer a friendly approach. Professor and founder Avignyata Inc, , Social Media Marketing Consultancy satisfaction and self-respect. They have set and thoroughly researched goals. I request parents to be patient, because every child has a skill that needs to be SUMA NARAYAN nurtured and not buried under English professor Mithibai College , expectations. Their perspective to life A has considerably widened, thanks to mong the seven stages of man teach kids who can’t afford to go to talking about a swathe of society mass media and the overall exposure that the Bard of Avon school, who spend time working at that thinks through causes and they receive. They are in search of an discussed at length, youth old-age homes, who train children in consequences, that yearns for opportunity to implement ideas that comes somewhere around the third dance and coach them in sports, all financial and emotional can bring about a paradigm shift in and the fourth. Here, Shakespeare free of charge and without any independence and are not afraid of society. pictures the young man as being desire for publicity. Owing to the standing up and being counted. A Technology has given them the perpetually in love and of a slightly blitzkrieg of information provided case in point is the phenomenal power to communicate at the click of a older version “seeking the bubble by the media and the internet, young success of the ‘Meter Jam’ campaign I believe in the button. They broadcast messages, reputation even in the cannon’s people are aware of what is in Mumbai and the ‘Pink Chaddi’ youth and their share content and stories and even mouth.” Both these describe the happening around them. I have been campaign in Delhi. power at large. host and support causes through youth of today. privileged to meet several Youth also wields a different kind They realise the mediums like BBM, Facebook or a The state board has introduced youngsters and listened to them of power now. They lubricate the importance of simple 140-character tweet. Idols have this delightful concept of the ‘oral’ speak, in admiration bordering machinery that contributes largely education, continuous changed too. Mark Zuckerberg and exam as different from the ‘written’ sometimes on awe, to some of the to the power of the clichéd and over- learning and multiple Steve Jobs are ruling the global scene, exam, which was, till two years ago, things they reveal. These young used words, ‘India shining,’ skill sets. Youth, these while a small town lad turned captain the sole deciding factor of a people are all working and studying supposed to describe the ‘India- days, study and work of the Indian cricket team, Mahendra student’s grade in languages. The at the same time. phenomenon’. Heads of institutions, at the same time and Singh Dhoni, is a popular local hero. reason why I call it ‘delightful’ is Despite what is said about them, academic and otherwise are getting sometimes, take a Despite living in nuclear families, that it is for the first time, in the teenagers and young people are younger. Hopefully, politicians will break because they they make efforts to stay connected to whole year, that I see kids who are neither world-weary nor totally follow suit. Most of the Indian want to acquire a even their distant families through supposed to be my students. cynical and blasé. Most of them are tourists you meet on trips abroad are whole new skill set. Facebook. Change has been the Secondly, what they say in response strong, clear-headed and know young people, compared to the Money is important buzzword for a while now and it is the to certain questions are a revelation exactly what they want in life. We droves of tourists from other to them, but more youth, who has the power to bring in themselves. are not talking about “wading thru’ countries. Like Bruce Almighty, they important is about this change. Believe in them. I have come to know students, who slaughter to the throne” here. We are “have the power.” / / // Th SUMAN EDUCATION SOCIErY’S / /L.N GROUP OF INSTITUTES for a degree in desi gn? news yo u can use How to enter Fore ign Univer sity university or college, a design / / •Mumbai .Pune For admission to any international should showcase the students I / IN SCHOOL. OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CLNSIT) / portfolio is necessal)t The portfoliothe specifications or the college design artwork made according to Courses with Globally beingapplied to. ADMISSIONS OPEN MUMBA I’s NO.1 Accla Imed Certification & 100% flacementAulstance Usually all universities want to see student’s work that falls into three Personal art. specificartWOrks HIG HLI G HT S * distinct categories— Observational art, to (Rhode Island School of Design be Stadents with an Students + FullyAirCondi t ioned Campus with IIFLOMA COW ES OFFERED required by university app!ying portfolios include a drawing of a outsta n ding p oqfol1e outstand ing ortfo • IATA Foundation & Consint. (RISD) is the past has asked that all so,netimos get admitted so,nesmoS admi1i Wi-Fi Facility IS CALLING 01 1FOB THE BEST MINDS 1 bicycle). 35-mm slide • IATA/ FIATA Cargo Intro. portfolio will have to be submitted in or colleges. dj e ctiy to the secondya r secondy + Faculties with IIM & lIT Background Generally the l:? 1 1tr r T1n’f 9A II H f l thevanous universitieS o a degree course en f of course IN EKLAVVA Mentorship Progr a m’ • IATA — —Harvard / Stanford / format or presentation in a CD to are Coventry University UK dessgn which helps save * helps u • Reservation & Tickeling Some Colleges across the &obe Hertford$hire -. Graphic design. design MBBS/BDS cr Free Laptop cu Busin ess Suit Suit 1 . • Ground/ Ramp Handling • GDS — — Galileo & Abacus Automobile Design. Universit of y interior and spatial design. Rhode Island School of Art USA - Art & of Chicago USA - Art , Design on thef onthef ees. 99 9 BE/B.Arch . 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