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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform



Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. It is the only storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity and multivendor ...

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. It is the only storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance, capacity and multivendor storage. Combined with unique Hitachi Command Suite management software, it transforms the data center.



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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Presentation Transcript

  • Transform the Data Center
    Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform
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  • Data and Information Grow at Extraordinary Rates
    The number of servers in an organization is expected to grow by 50% in 2010
    Regulations and laws now require more data to be protected longer
    The volume of new healthcare data quadruples every two years
    Virtualization is now mainstream with 30% of servers virtualized today
    In 2009, more virtual servers than physical servers were deployed
    Data grows an average of 30% each year
  • IT’s Ability to React Is Severely Limited
    Only 5% of the typical IT budget is available for investment
    • 70% maintains the infrastructure
    • 20% maintains software applications
    Data centers are running out of space and cooling capacity but funds for expansion are limited
    Operational costs are more than 65% of storage costs and still increasing
    Large organizations must manage 1,000s of hosts and 10,000s volumes
    Application workloads often grow faster than capacity growth does
    Equipment is aging and requires costly maintenance contracts
  • What IT Needs Next
    Today’s economy requires organizations and IT to adapt quickly in order to:
    • Support operations and always-on business
    • Leverage existing investments longer
    • Reduce operational costs without added complexity
    • Increase utilization and efficiency of storage assets
    • React to changing business requirements by redeploying services
    • Turn data into business information and unlock new value
  • Our Vision Addresses Real-world IT Challenges
    • A successful thought leader in storage technology
    • The world’s only vertically-integrated storage company
    • Focused on delivering a vision that IT must be:
    • Virtualized
    • Automated
    • Cloud-ready
    • Sustainable
    It is encouraging to see Hitachi thinking big and delivering a high end, highly featured “information architecture.”
    Enterprise Strategy Group
  • IT Must Be Virtualized
    Simplify complex storage environments and control data and storage growth with one platform for all data.
    • Manage multivendor environments.
    • Control and reduce escalating IT costs from virtual server sprawl
    • Consolidate management across virtualized storage and server environments with end-to-end virtualization
    • Use more of existing storage to reduce spending by 20 to 50%
  • IT Must Be Automated
    • Automate your most labor-intensive data management operations
    • Deliver capacity and computing resources as quickly as you do virtual servers
    • Reduce costs while increasing asset utilization at the pace of your business
    • Save up to 40% of storage infrastructure OPEX
    Transform your data center with the best storage and information infrastructure for virtualized environments
  • IT Must Be Cloud Ready
    Allow lines of business, customers or partners to scale and provision dynamically and cost-effectively
    Consolidate and aggregate storage, server, networking and middleware assets
    Enable pay-per-use, multi-tenancy and SLA-based storage services while maintaining security and privacy
    Hitachi Data Systems solutions let you adopt or evolve to cloud computing models or IT-as-a-service at your own pace with minimal risk
  • IT Must Be Sustainable
    • Achieve energy efficiency without compromising reliability, availability or security of your infrastructure
    • Centralize and consolidate data management and data protection to lower TCO and power consumption
    • Achieve 40% reduction in power, cooling and floor space costs
    Hitachi Data Systems is a leader in building sustainable facilities and products – and we can help your business do the same
  • How to Transform Today’s Data Center
    The only storage architecture that:
    • Flexibly adapts for performance and capacity
    • Extends to multivendor storage
    • Uses a 3D scaling architecture to scale up, scale out, scale deep
    • Transforms the data center with unique management capabilities
    Compared to other enterprise storage:
    • Realize up to 30% reduction in TCO per terabyte per year
    • Move to a new storage platform with up to 80% less effort and cost
    • Achieve 40% reduction in power, cooling and floor space costs
    At the heart is a virtualized platform for all data with the ability to manage multivendor environments.
  • 3D Scaling Architecture: Scale Up
    Business Value
    • Use the most efficient floor planning with front to rear airflow
    • Gain the highest density storage using 2.5” hard drive
    • Host transparent migration from and to multivendor storage with up to 80% less effort and cost
    Scale Up
    • Grow from a small data center footprint – 19” rack
    • Manage one common pool of resources for more efficient utilization
    • Dynamically scale for workload performance, adding capacity, connectivity without disruption
  • 3D Scaling Architecture: Scale Out
    Business Value
    • Get the industry’s highest OLTP performance for open and mainframe environments
    • Lower TCO per TB per year up to 30%
    • Reduce power demands up to 40%
    • Reduce required floor space up to 40%
    Scale Out
    • Combine multiple units into a single logical system as your needs grow
    • Dynamically support virtual servers by prioritizing common storage resources
    • Ensure safe multitenancy and quality of service through partitioning
  • 3D Scaling Architecture: Scale Deep
    Scale Deep
    • Add external storage to a single pool – and maintain all system functionality
    • Offload data to lower cost external storage
    • Simplify administration of external storage with common tools
    • Reuse legacy assets – more than 200 storage system models and up to 255PB
    Business Value
    • Increase the value and useful life of existing assets
    • Reduce OPEX costs 20 to 40% through a common management framework
    • Reduce CAPEX 20 to 50% by using lower cost tiers of external storage
  • Unique 3D Management
    • Manage up to unify and scale large deployments
    • Manage out with a single tool for all Hitachi and virtualized storage
    • Manage deep with Virtual Storage Platform integration for optimal efficiency
    • Automate tiered storage management
    • Use common GUI, usability, data repositories and task workflows
    • Simplify with up to 50% fewer management steps
    • Increase utilization up to 50%
    • Reduce IT deployment times and risks significantly, and gain business agility
    Single management platform to efficiently manage all data types for an agile data center
  • Data Center Transformation
    Enterprises must rely on key technologies that are virtualized, automated, cloud-ready, and sustainable to meet demands.
    • Hitachi Data Systems, the world’s leader in storage virtualization, offers the only storage architecture that flexibly adapts for performance and capacity, and extends to multivendor storage.
    • With unique management capabilities, it transforms the data center.
    • The net result is superior data center efficiency, manageability and cost savings.