Mobile One data strategy


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Mobile Portals are key to the success of any Mobile operator, however the times are changing and we need to create a pull based strategy to get consumers on board. The presentation deals with such a strategy.

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Mobile One data strategy

  1. 1. One Data StrategyMobile Portal Strategy
  2. 2. This is about the Mobile Portalsand journey forward for Telcos InDeveloping Countries
  3. 3. Keep Consumers coming back to yourThe Challenge Mobile portal
  4. 4. Today is about Push Promotional Pipe ensures consumer push daily to portals Subscribed to the packs from the back end Artificial revenues Build up Poor consumers insight.
  5. 5. Tomorrow is Together Tomorrow will be a pull based strategyAttracting consumers to services and portals Without promotions with Better products
  6. 6. The Roadto reach toconsumers
  7. 7. Consumer behaviour looks similarThe fact it is fragmented and everyone has own choices & options
  8. 8. This could faster than your imagination , AT&T reported growth of 5000 % in last 3 years.Over 100 Million users are In India, but that’s only 10% of the population. This will bedouble the figure in next two year. Which is 100% growth in 2 years. Data is growing everyday
  9. 9. User Experience is importantMore important than you think it is.It is the factor which will differentiate from competitionand later on will serve as an acquisition toolThis will be the most powerful Retention tool.
  10. 10. Drop theWalledGarden Open up, else the consumer will start leaving your portals and services. Consumers seek independence & open behaviour.
  11. 11. Respect consumer choicesGive customer choices and let him Choose, you may never know what they want
  12. 12. Let Customer ExploreYou will be pleasantly Surprised, try targeting female as a segment on your portal.Globally --22% of the female population downloads Apps On friends recommendation.51% of I phone users have 5 or more games installed39% of females see Games as the favorite Genre
  13. 13. Existing Mobile Portals Sucks Redesign the Portals Mobile Portals today are one stop for everyone Smartphones carry pathetic user experience Caters only to download behaviour
  14. 14. Marry Data and Phone Don’t do this & loose opportunity for revenuesInnovate on Rentals – Charge according to phone and O/SAndroid today consumes the highest amount of data beating Apple I phone at second place.
  15. 15. The Future is Apps Apps are the future of Mobile portals All the browsing tomorrow will happen on Apps Products will be delivered on Apps Search will be replaced by Apps Think Apps
  16. 16. Give Free Content Free Engages Free Attracts Free gets noticed Free brings Traffic Free is viral Free helps build credibility Free is brand on word of mouth
  17. 17. Think like a Media Company Bring content for consumption for the users and not revenues.It’s like TV programming of the portal where every time there is some special love song is being played.
  18. 18. Create fine browsing experience Browsers come to your portal more often than downloaders. On an average traffic of browsers is 3 times that of downloaders Browsers any given day will contribute 10 times the revenues when compared to downloaders.
  19. 19. Without the experience of long tail you won’t try exploring what suits you. Its like buying the clothes, you will look into many items but buy one and sometimes window shopping will always do.Build Libraries for Most of the product line.
  20. 20. Design portals for Special GroupsThe groups, have ability to drive 30% of your revenues
  21. 21. Leading handsets are usually used by top customers.Never ignore user experience and design on these devices. Customise Portals for the Leading Handsets
  22. 22. 20% of customers = 80% of the revenues These customers are your premium customers They mostly use the latest smart phones Design portals to address to their needs
  23. 23. Value PartnersKeeping them happy will keepyour customers happy
  24. 24. All this will keep your customers Happy and keep them coming back to your portals
  25. 25. KeepCustomersSmiling
  26. 26. Mishra Wireless Telecom professional New Delhi - India Let’s connect Your thoughts are welcome
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