Map Kibera at Where 2.0


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Map Kibera at Where 2.0

  1. 1. Map Kibera Mikel Maron OpenStreetMap/GroundTruth Where 2010 2010 Mar 31 photo:
  2. 2. Kibera 1 million people(?), 2.5 km2 was a blank spot on the map
  3. 3. Blank spots on the map have motivated me to travel to Palestine, India, and help coordinate in Haiti
  4. 4. OpenStreetMap Global Collaborative Mapping “ kinda like Wikipedia for Maps”
  5. 5. Map Kibera Phase 1 prep April 2009 – October 2009
  6. 6. I'm not going to map Kibera myself! this is the usual way I map
  7. 7. Existing Data satellite imagery
  8. 8. So throw mapping parties! It's going to be a little different than Silicon Valley
  9. 9. Partners and Allies Tech Community: Ushahidi, Mobile Boot Camp, skunkwerks, OpenStreetMap Universities: Columbia University, U of Nairobi Agencies: Nairobi, City Govt, UN-Habitat, UNHCR, UNICEF, Google Broadcast and Community Media: Pamoja FM, Kibera Journal, KTN, Citizen TV, Kibera WorldWide, Hot Sun Foundation AND ...?
  10. 10. Everything is openly organized In the wiki
  11. 11. So we went to Kenya and nobody believed it was happening til we got there
  12. 12. Cooperation with the local administration
  13. 13. * Recruited Mappers Recruited Mappers
  14. 14. Phase 1 October – December 2009
  15. 15. * The Mappers The Mappers
  16. 16. Film Crew Kibera WorldWide
  17. 17. Tech Crew Local GIS experts
  18. 18. * international support -- Harry, Mike, Lars International Support Harry Wood/HOT, Mike Migurski/Stamen, Lars Bromley/AAAS, Geofabrik, & many more
  19. 19. Mappers took to GPS Surveying naturally
  20. 20. in our toolbox: Walking Papers
  21. 21. What do we collect? roads and paths and rail water points pit latrines / sewer medical facilities schools churches/mosques businesses community organizations administrative units and whatever else is useful?!
  22. 36. The Lab
  23. 37. * ....
  24. 38. * Logistics, matatu, food, time. Logistics Matatus, food, and time!
  25. 39. The Map!
  26. 40. The Densest Map Ever?
  27. 41. Map Cake!
  28. 42. BUT What's it good for in a place like Kibera? The question we are constantly asked and asking ourselves
  29. 44. Possible uses like, Matatu Route Map
  30. 45. Or Art Mapping
  31. 46. Kibera in flickr!
  32. 47. * open data ... all about potential Potential of Open Data Can be a little abstract in Kibera
  33. 48. So we asked the people of Kibera CBOs and NGOs
  34. 49. And the UN, large NGOs
  35. 50. * But still ...Disconnect between the what the mappers see and what everyone else sees And everyone is excited But no one sees the change in Kibera
  36. 51. This is what the media sees of Kibera?
  37. 52. A few years ago, the Water and Sanitation Program, a nonprofit affiliated with the United Nations and the World Bank ... issued a report on Kibera's water kiosks... At 3 shillings per jerry can, Kibera residents pay 10 times more for water than the average person in a wealthy neighborhood with municipally supplied, metered water service... They presented it to local and national politicians. There was only one bunch of people who never saw the study: the residents of Kibera... Japeth Mbuvi, Operations Analyst for the program, explained why... "there could be riots." ...there's something sad about his concern... Kibera's people deserve to know the facts about their lives -- Robert Neuwirth, Shadow Cities
  38. 53. GroundTruth … Our vision Create a corps of citizens in the developing world who are versed in a variety of new technologies and empowered to report on, tell stories about, and generate data and map information about themselves and their community, and to use that information for action. We call this process community information empowerment and development.
  39. 54. The Challenge of Slums 1 Billion people in slums today 2 Billion in twenty years Where is their voice? Their government?
  40. 55. Phase 2 We had to come back for another six months (at least) February – August 2010
  41. 56. Develop Entities and Skills Kibera Mappers Video Documentary Team Kibera Media Network SMS Community Monitors
  42. 57. Deeply Explore Themes Health Education Water Safety
  43. 58. Get Kibera online and trained, with wordpress-mu KCODA Kibera Journal Pamoja FM ++
  44. 59. Voice of Kibera
  45. 60. Constituency Development Fund (CDF)
  46. 61. Connect these voices to service providers Accountability Forums
  47. 62. Expansion To Nairobi slums, Kenyan rural areas, and beyond
  48. 63. Curriculum and Reproduction Haiti is possible Lots of interest elsewhere
  49. 64. Map Kibera [email_address]