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Click tale touch brochure

  2. 2. In today’s increasingly mobile environment, websites must be optimized to attract mobile customers.Your site’s design should be simplified to make the most of limited space; content should contain only the most used feature set; information should be easily readable and graphics streamlined; and calls to action should be clearly identifiable in the viewport. All these will result in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction. ClickTale® is a SaaS In-Page analytics solution that enables businesses to increase sales and maximize engagement by viewing their customers’True-to-Life™ online experience from aggregated heatmaps to playable videos of users’ sessions. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page, enabling companies to optimize their site and boost profits. Leverage the Mobile Opportunity Optimize your site for touch by watching playbacks of every interaction of your visitors with your website; see every visitor’s tap, zoom and tilt in the same webpage and screen resolution they experienced. Improve mobile conversion rates by identifying what frustrates mobile users like poorly designed pages or unclear calls to action. Improve customer satisfaction by increasing the number of customers that return to your site and recommend it, while reducing the number of support calls. Maximize customer engagement by learning which images, links and content on your page elicit the greatest response and adapting your design to be more appealing. ClickTale Touch – Key Benefits ClickTaleTouch captures unique mobile gestures such as tap, double-tap, zoom, pinch, scroll and tilt, providing quick access to data that helps implement effective usability practices. Segmenting customer interactions based on metrics like new vs. returning visitors, engagement level, rate of conversion, demographics, and more, ClickTaleTouch helps you develop a successful monetization strategy so that your customers get the best your site has to offer.
  3. 3. Session Playback Filters and Segmentation Convert mobile visitors into customers by studying and learning their use patterns. Do you know how your visitors interact with your mobile website?With so many devices on the market today, have you designed the best web experience for your mobile visitors? ClickTaleTouch’s Session Playback records and displays every move a visitor makes on your website, including tap, double-tap, zoom, pinch, scroll and tilt. It helps you to easily uncover your visitors’ browsing habits down to the zoom-in level, providing you with a simple way to detect usability issues, troubleshoot pages, and make necessary changes. Obtain qualitative, rich data, viewing the playable videos on a screen that imitates the actual size of each device, giving you theTrue-to-Life experience of each visitor. Use mobile-specific filters to understand how your visitors experience your site from any smartphone or tablet. ClickTaleTouch features mobile-specific filters, including device type (smartphone and tablet), display size (physical size of the visitor’s viewport), responsive breakpoints, and operating system. It also segregates data according to parameters like browser type, geography and first-time vs. returning visitors, and offers touch event segmentation, providing additional insight into your customers’ mobile experience. All these ensure that you better target and optimize your campaigns based on specific segments and usage patterns. Device-type segmentation – showing whether your visitor used a smartphone or a tablet. Device-model segmentation – showing your visitors’ experience on the specific phone model they used. Display-size segmentation – showing the actual viewport through which they viewed your site.
  4. 4. Heatmaps Gain in-depth visual understanding of how customers experience your mobile webpages. Heatmaps provide an in-depth understanding of how customers experience your pages Leverage heatmaps to learn your mobile customers’ behavior and engagement.What are they looking at in your pages? Do they zoom in or out? Do they rotate the display or not? Benefit from ClickTaleTouch’s two-dimensional (vertical and horizontal) heatmaps to learn how customers interact with your pages.Take advantage of unique heatmaps that accurately reflect your visitors’ behavior regardless of HTML flow changes, and learn where exactly they are paying attention. Tap Heatmaps – discover why complex menus do not work well on mobile, whether users prefer links to images, or why some links are not interacted with. Exposure Heatmaps – view aggregations of the content your visitors are exposed to. Understand why in mobile the fold may be less meaningful and adapt your pages. Attention Heatmaps – view aggregations of the content your visitors engage with. Obtain valuable insights into the different engagement habits of smartphone and tablet users. Get your site ready for mobile and increase your revenues!
  5. 5. Working with the Experts in User Experience Our Customer Experience Consultants have thousands of hours of experience working with the world’s largest websites.They work proactively to identify the most valuable and relevant metrics for each business, highlight significant areas of visitor behavior, and recommend actionable steps that improve website usability and conversion rates. Working closely with our team of experts, you can obtain the highest ROI in the shortest amount of time. Maximize the value of your web analytics, A/B testing andVoice-of-Customer (VOC) solutions by integrating them with ClickTale’s visual in-page insight. The ClickTale solution is easily and quickly integrated with other optimization tools, adding another layer of analytics to existing data, and opening new windows of insight into how visitors behave on websites.The direct result is a marked improvement in site usability, better customer satisfaction, lower abandonment rate and increased profits. ClickTale’s current partners include Google, Adobe, IBM,Webtrends, Maxymiser, Optimizely, ExactTarget and Opinionlab. Integrations with the Optimization Ecosystem Form Analytics Maximize form-completion rates by analyzing your visitors’ interaction with your mobile forms. Completing forms on the small touch screen when people are on the go can be challenging.The insights you can obtain from ClickTale’s Form Analytics give you the edge you need to maximize conversions. Optimize the effectiveness of your online forms, reduce frustration and increase completion rates. Follow the journey of your customers through your forms and discover how exactly they interact with them, whether they are navigating from a smartphone or tablet, and why sometimes they abandon mid way. Powered by ClickTale’s technology, Form Analytics provides an in-depth analysis of your online forms, including information about conversions, interaction time with each field, or which fields caused errors and had to be refilled.
  6. 6. Customers About ClickTale ClickTale® is the leader in Customer-Experience Analytics, the next advance in web analytics, optimizing usability and maximizing conversion rates of any website. Its patentedCustomer ExperienceVisualization™ technology enables companies to see their customers’ true-to-life online experience at all levels of detail, from aggregated views to playable videos of users’ browsing sessions. Unlike traditional analytics platforms that assess page-to-page navigation, ClickTale reveals the customer experience inside the page. An enterprise-class SaaS solution, ClickTale Core and ClickTale Touch are fast to deploy and provide immediate ROI. Serving over 80,000 customers worldwide including many Fortune 500 companies, ClickTale is the fastest growing company in its space. For more information, visit US 1-800-807-2117 UK 0800-048-8871 Email: © 2013 by ClickTale. All rights reserved. All ClickTale products and services mentioned herein, as well as their respective logos, are trademarked or registered trademarks of ClickTale. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.These materials are subject to change without notice.These materials and the data contained are provided by ClickTale and its customers and partners for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and ClickTale shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials, the data or the information, that have been provided by its partners and/or clients for public promotional purposes.