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Overview of nGage Labs Solution Portfolio

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nGage Labs Solutions Portfolio

  1. 1. A new way to engage the many faces of mobile.
  2. 2. Who Are We? 1:1 Engageme nt Expert Most mobile messaging services are batch oriented mass communications distributing the same offer to all mobile subscribers, not true 1:1 personalized marketing. nGage Labs has developed the mobile data integration platform that recognizes the individual customer, mines their data and behavioral history and engages them with a personalized offer. Individually Personaliz ed Messages Using a proprietary mobile-enabled cloud analytics and distribution platform, nGage Labs uses your customer‟s historical transactions, propensities, and preferences to provide each mobile customer an intimate message, designed specifically for engagement. Complex Capability Simplified We believe that highly targeted and intimate personalized conversation with your best customers should not be a resource challenge or execution nightmare. Our engagement service is offered full service where Merchant veterans are managing communications on your behalf. No IT resources or Mobile expertise required.
  3. 3. Personalization Makes Us Different TRANSACTIONS Past Purchases Categories Customer Attributes Rules Driven Offers PREFERENCE Opt-In Demographics Collaborative Filtering Predictive Analytics INDIVIDUALIZED OFFER
  4. 4. DISCOVE RY ANALYZE USER DATA mCXM MOBILE CUSTOMER ENGAGEME NT PERSONALI ZE OPTIMIZE DELIVERY Real-Time Analytics Acquisition Management Get the pulse on your mobile programs with powerful, flexible and interactive analysis dashboards and reports – all in real-time Discover the ROI of your acquisition campaigns and measure each users’ value by source Funnel Management Motivate more prospects to conversion with realtime, retroactive funnel analysis User Segmentation Targeted/Personalized Messaging Connect with users in-app, on site and via SMS with the right message at the right time Push Notifications Dynamically create and test user segments to optimize your mobile programs and offer conversion Re-engage your app users with push notifications that alert them to sales, new arrivals or just bring them back Engagement Analysis A/B and MVT Testing Track where your users are spending time in the app or on your mobile website to drive more usage Drive impactful marketing for your custom user segments with testing rigor to drive better engagement Lifetime Value Tracking Behavioral and Location Targeting Move beyond downloads, visits to site and revenue to gauge real user value User behavioral and location info to spot developing user trends and guide marketing
  7. 7. Why Mobile? • Mobile engaged consumers are an Energized Customer Base, and increased engagement translates to increased sales. • It is an always on person, On-Demand Engagement Medium, allowing instant reach to your most loyal audience, wherever they are. • Highly effective medium: 95% of SMS opened within minutes. • Demonstrated Conversion Rate of 4 – 6%. • Directly and Instantly Measurable. • Complimentary, non-disruptive, and Highly Intimate Connection.
  8. 8. Characteristics of Mobile Customers Want their favorite brands to get in touch with them. Are self-selected and want to be part of a small exclusive club. Want more immediate/intimate communications about your products. Many people actually want their favorite brands to get in touch with them when the brand has something relevant to offer. Give a little. Get a lot. It‟s common knowledge that people won‟t give their information away for free. They will feel special that you care enough to have immediate and intimate messages just for them. They are however, often willing to do so when they feel they‟re getting something of value in return. Asking people to sign up for your messages is an invitation for exclusivity.
  9. 9. TRUTH BRUTAL Your Best Customers Want Deals
  10. 10. The Science of Mobile Engagement
  11. 11. The Art of Mobile Engagement
  12. 12. Mobile: Relevant at Every Stage of the Purchase Funnel
  14. 14. Mobile Engagement Solutions
  15. 15. nGaged Shopper
  16. 16. nGaged Guest
  17. 17. nGaged eShopper
  18. 18. nGaged Fan
  19. 19. nGaged Student
  20. 20. Benefits of On-Demand Engagement Improved Merchandis e Margins Maximize your merchandise by allowing you to instantly accelerate sales of high margin items or move distressed and overstocked merchandize. Incremental Accelerate d Sales Energize your eCommerce site on slow days by driving traffic virtually on-demand. Alert your customers to time-sensitive like one-day promos, clearances, special buys, or events. Increased Brand Loyalty Adding intimate, individually personalized targeted messaging to customer communications is an extremely effective way to increase affinity towards your brand. Fully Instantly Trackable Trackable redemptions through your eCommerce order management system. ResourceLite Service No additional staff or resources required AND no software to buy or lease.
  21. 21. Mobile Site/App Testing, Targeting & Optimization Optimizing your mobile customer experiences, or mCXM, is a data-driven process that fuels conversions and revenue. Speed and relevance are everything to the mobile user and our process optimizes both. By identifying who your customers are and understanding their behavior, we will develop a testing & optimization plan built off a foundation of analytics, a/b or multivariate testing and site performance testing. We‟ll then work to optimize and evolve your site via ongoing targeting and optimization . The results will deliver increased speed, relevance to every customer through highly targeted content interactions. Solution Deliverables: • • • • • • • • Site load and performance testing Content and functional experience testing Analytics review and score-carding A/B and Multivariate Testing (MVT) Testing & Targeting Plan Content Optimization Testing Quickly then Rinse and Repeat Non JavaScript based process which does not impede site performance
  22. 22. Data Visualization Services (dashboards, scorecards, custom) Understanding your brand‟s performance in mobile, social, eComm, mComm and WWW is getting more complex with reporting tools that are increasingly siloed to address one or a few of these channels. Capturing key performance metrics (KPIs) in scorecards, dashboards and custom brand centric data visualizations are a way to keep your teams focused on performance objectives and aligned around metrics critical to their success. Our team works to design customer dashboards built around the metrics that matter most to your business and then we‟ll bring this data to life in browser accessible techniques that make it simple to get your arms around a sea of big data. Solution Deliverables: • • • • • • • On-Site Discovery meeting with your team to understand your data and how it‟s being used today Findings and Recommendations on KPIs to be integrated into visualizations Design conception, KPI recommendations, initial UI comp and then on-site final review with client API level integration and hosting of data in secured, cloud based environment. On going support Periodic / regular metric reviews. Designed in a modular, scalable fashion so that features can be dynamically added to dashboards in subsequent phases of project.
  23. 23. Mobile Program Acquisition – SMS, Site, App Whether you have an established program or are just starting to get your feet wet in mobile, the importance of driving acquisition is typically a top strategic priority. But, it‟s never quite as easy as dangling another discount offer to induce signup. Our campaign services experts have vast experience in driving successful acquisition initiatives for some of the world‟s leading brands and we take the difficulty out of acquisition for the established or new to mobile marketer. Solution Deliverables: • • • • • • Identification of value proposition of joining your mobile programs Program benefits & rewards identification Recommendations to enhance acquisition programs Campaign/Channel integration recommendations Goal Setting and Program Measurement Quarterly client performance review and strategy / planning meetings
  24. 24. Mobile Enablement of Loyalty Programs Loyalty programs have captured consumer interest for generations, especially in the travel industry. These programs have found their ways into almost every retailer in some way, shape, or form. But increasingly, consumers are expecting your loyalty programs to be mobile so that they can dispose of cards they no longer wish to carry. Whether you are looking to revamp your existing program or begin a new way to recognize your very best customers it is vital that these programs be front and center for the consumer‟s mobile experience; and not in a standalone way at all. Done correctly, your loyalty program is part of a seamless customer experience and our mobile loyalty experts assess and offer a practical plan for helping you achieve this. Solution Deliverables: • • • • • • • Analysis of existing loyalty programs and initial recommendations Recommendation on offer strategy for your best customers to drive incremental revenue and / or visits Recommendation on offer strategy to encourage „advancing to the next tier‟ of the program Analysis of options for creating mobile loyalty program and initial costing for each option Program performance measurement plan. Final program recommendation meeting to present Mobile Loyalty Program. Ongoing assessment of loyalty program to drive maximum enrollment and performance.
  25. 25. Customer Engagement Execution Resources are limited these days in any marketing organization and expertise in mobile is even more scarce. Our team includes experts who have managed campaigns for some of the biggest retail brands on the planet and know the challenges of organizing around a campaign calendar. More importantly, they are obsessive In their focus on success metrics and can drive results which really move the needle for your mobile efforts. Solution Deliverables: • • • • • • Identification of Program Objectives and Success Criteria Review of current Campaign Cadence and Media Plan Program Recommendations to drive engagement Campaign Testing, Enhancement and Optimization (offer, segment, timing, etc) Program Scorecards and Reporting An extension of your in-house team
  27. 27. Why nGage Labs? On-Demand Interactions We Know Mobile is Not Email Our own proprietary cloud-enabled platform enables us to send your highly personalized mobile messages within minutes. Most mobile messaging providers still treat mobile just like any other channel and are unable to harness the power of truly spontaneous and intimate communications. We‟re Marketers Our On-Demand Interactions are serviced by a staff of Merchant experts who understanding targeted messaging. We‟re Quants We know higher response rates are dependent upon individual personalization. With our analytics engine, we create infinite combinations of “unique offer to unique individual”. No additional staff or resources required and no software to buy or lease. All you have to do is send us the desired offer and we do the rest. You sit back and watch the incremental orders flow into Experience for your self the incremental sales when utilizing your ecommerce site. On-Demand Interactions with your best customers. Turnkey Service No Cost No Obligation Pilot