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  1. 1. Iceland’s mountains are always covered in snow, called snow-caps or glaciers. Some glaciers can be as high as 1km!
  2. 2. Eyjafjallajökull (77 km 2 )
  3. 3. Eyjafjallajökull Mýrdalsjökull Satellite picture of Southern Iceland showing Eyjafjallaj ö kull and the neighbouring glacier, M ý rdalsj ö kull
  4. 4. Below Eyjafjallaj ö kull’s thick layer of ice is an active volcano. The volcano is not visible from normal satellite photography.
  5. 5. Aerial view of Eyjafjallaj ö kull
  6. 6. Closer aerial view of Eyjafjallaj ö kull showing the glacier outlet with ice melting to form a lake
  7. 7. Ground view of Eyjafjallaj ö kull glacier outlet. Yes – the glacier is BLUE colour.
  8. 8. Eyjafjallaj ö kull as seen from the main coastal highway
  9. 9. Eyja-fjalla-j ö kull: Eyja = island Fjalla = mountain J ö kull = glacier It is pronounced: "AY-uh--fyat-luh--YOE-kuutl-uh"
  10. 10. This pretty village is called Skogar. It lies just south of Eyjafjallaj ö kull and has a total population of 25 people!
  11. 11. Skogar is famous for it’s magnificent watarfall, Skogafoss. Its water comes from the melting ice from Eyjafjallaj ö kull.
  12. 12. In March 2010 Eyjafjallaj ö kull erupted It was a small fissure explosion
  13. 13. Tourists came flocking to check out the explosion
  14. 15. In April 2010 Eyjafjallaj ö kull’s volcano erupted for the 2 nd time.
  15. 16. The 2 nd eruption spewed ash several kilometers into the atmosphere and caused Europe’s airspace to close for many days
  16. 19. Skogafoss covered in ash
  17. 20. Conditions of heavy smoke and ash in a nearby farm
  18. 21. Satellite picture showing volcanic ash being blown towards Great Britain
  19. 22. The melting glacier caused massive flooding
  20. 23. Melted glacier water mixed with volcanic ash flooding down the glacier outlet
  21. 26. Dirtied glacier water flooding the valley
  22. 28. Aerial view of the flood from an airplane
  23. 29. Some 800 people had to be evacuated due to the flooding
  24. 30. A man takes a picture of a road that has been washed away by flood
  25. 31. The eruption gave excellent opportunities for spectacular photography
  26. 32. Like magma lightning
  27. 38. And aurora
  28. 43. The past 3 Eyjafjallaj ö kull eruptions in 920, 1612 & 1921 preceeded eruptions of Katla, a brother volcano located in the neighbouring M ý rdalsj ö kull glacier whose underground magma network is connected to Eyjafjallaj ö kull
  29. 44. Mýrdalsjökull Location of Katla in relation to Eyjafjallajökull Eyjafjallajökull Katla volcano (buried beneath glacier)
  30. 45. Katla is much more active and known for its powerful subglacial eruptions and its large magma chamber. It erupts every 40-80 years. The last eruption was in 1918, and the Eyjafjallaj ö kull eruption has (on 20 th April 2010) triggered Icelandic President Olafur Grimsson to say, “ the time for Katla to erupt is coming close ... we [Iceland] have prepared ... it is high time for European governments and airline authorities all over the world to start planning for the eventual Katla eruption”
  31. 46. THE QUESTION IS:
  32. 47. Will you be there when Katla eventually erupts?