Exe & policymaking & structure of judicial branch


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Exe & policymaking & structure of judicial branch

  1. 1. D0-Now•No quiz today- Fakeout 2011•We will do a do-now after WSMS
  2. 2. Do-Now• Please work on your do-now silently.• When you’ve finished, you can take out the following to turn in… • Yesterday’s take-home point • Presidential roles booklet • Do-now corrections • Test corrections • Letter to me • Community service project
  3. 3. Announcements• Quiz tomorrow; quiz Friday• Test on Tuesday• Review slides will be up today or tomorrow
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda• Do-Now + Announcements• Introduction to lesson + review• Executive branch: • Notes on influencing policymaking & practice • Approve or veto!!• Judicial branch: • Reading • Special guest
  5. 5. Review• What did we do yesterday?
  6. 6. The executive branch & policymakingNOTES!
  7. 7. Executive Branch & Policymaking• The executive branch Carry out? Why is responsible for can’t I get delivery? executing or carrying out the laws.
  8. 8. Executive Branch & Policymaking• In addition to this, the executive branch has others ways of influencing lawmaking or policymaking. The president can: • Propose ideas for laws Good thing I in an annual speech to don’t get stage Congress called the fright! State of the Union Address
  9. 9. Executive Branch & Policymaking Seriously guys, my ideas about making a national movie night are awesome!!• Appealing directly to the people (going directly to the people to get their support on laws)
  10. 10. Executive Branch & Policymaking•Approving or vetoing legislation (remember checks and balances!!)
  11. 11. Executive Branch & Policymaking• Appointing officials who carry out the laws (For example: Cabinet members)
  12. 12. Executive Branch & Policymaking•Cabinet departments, agencies, and regulatory groups help the President carry out the laws.• Examples of these include: Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, State Department, NASA, CIA, and United States Postal Service.
  13. 13. You decide toAPPROVE OR VETO!
  14. 14. Approve or Veto•We will read the scenarios on the board together.•Hold up the green card if you approve of the statement on the board (if you think it is true).•Hold up the red card if you do not approve of the statement on the board (if you think it is false).
  15. 15. Approve or Veto!!•The President of the United States is the only person in the executive branch.
  16. 16. Approve or Veto!!•Janie was born in England but became a naturalized citizen of the United States 30 years ago. She can run for president!
  17. 17. Approve or Veto!!•When the president goes to France to work on a plan on how to deal with Libya, he is acting as the chief diplomat of the United States.
  18. 18. Approve or Veto!!•One way that the president can influence lawmaking is by working on a congressional committee that edits bills.
  19. 19. Approve or Veto!!•The President can influence policymaking by laying out his ideas for what laws should be passed in his State of the Union Address.
  20. 20. Approve or Veto!!•On her 30th birthday (gross, that’s old), Ms. Mitchem is allowed to run for president.
  21. 21. Approve or Veto!!•The president is limited to 2 terms in office.
  22. 22. Executive BranchPRACTICE
  23. 23. ORGANIZATION OFJUDICIAL BRANCHUnit: The Federal System
  24. 24. Judicial Branch Reading IntroREADING