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Mobile Marketing Mix
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Mobile Marketing Mix


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Overview of new directions in mobile makerting and communications, with a case study on WDT's;successful campaign to launch theiMapWearther Radio iPhone application

Overview of new directions in mobile makerting and communications, with a case study on WDT's;successful campaign to launch theiMapWearther Radio iPhone application

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Content leader in the weather industry – initially built business as wholesale provider to most other weather industry leadersLeveraging weather content and world-class interactive geo-mapping capabilities30% annual growth HQ in Norman OK; Offices in Atlanta, Austin, DC areaKey investor is Syncom Fund V of Silver Spring, MDIn 2009 successfully launched 3 Screen Strategy aimed at local media with: On-line interactive weather mapsOn-the-go mobile applications and mobile webOn-Air touch screen presentation solutionsWaas for Governments and IndustryServicing >1,000 media sitesLaunched 70 mobile applications on the Apple Store
  • Transcript

    • 1. the mobile marketing mix
      Matthew Piette Chief Marketing Officer Weather Decision Technologies July 2011
    • 2. the road to mobility
    • 3. our mission : to make the world a better place by fundamentally changing the way people use and interact with weather information
    • 4. awards and recognition
      Winner! - 2011 AMS Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation
      Top 100 Fastest Growing Environmental Services Firm in the United States (Inc. 100 2007)
      Inc. 5,000 Awards 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
      Inc. 500 2004
      OKC Metro 50 Award 7 years, #5 in 2003, #4 in 2008.
      Twice Venture of the Year Finalist by Oklahoma Venture Fund
    • 5. our customers
      media and consumer
      enterprise and government
      weather services
    • 6. why mobile?
    • 7. mobile
      … is positioned to be the dominant channel for both internal and external communications
    • 8. Source: Microsoft Tag
      what is the size of the mobile market?
      Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use.
      1.08 billion are smartphonesand a whopping
      3.05 billion are SMS enabled
      (950 million are not SMS enabled)
    • 9. how fast is mobile internet growing?
      Source: Microsoft Tag
      Global Mobile vs. Desktop Internet User Project, 2007 – 2015E
      By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage
    • 10. how has mobile usability changed?
      Source: Microsoft Tag
      86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching TV
    • 11. how much do people use their mobile phones?
      Source: Microsoft Tag
      2.7 hours
    • 12. 165 million users
      what is the state of social & mobile marketing?
      Source: Microsoft Tag
      million users
    • 13. what is the state of social & mobile marketing?
      Source: Microsoft Tag
      YouTube views occur on mobile devices per day
      30% of smartphone owners accessed social networksvia mobile browser
    • 14. Fortune 50 MMM
    • 15. Fortune 50 use of mobile
      How many Fortune 50 companies have a mobile website or application…?
      Source BursonMarsteller
    • 16. Fortune 50 use of mobile
      How many Fortune 50 companies have a mobile website or application…?
      Source BursonMarsteller
    • 17. Fortune 50 use of mobile
      How many of those with a mobile presence make it readily known on their websites?
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 18. Fortune 50 use of mobile
      How many of those with a mobile presence make it readily known on their websites?
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 19. mobile optimized websites
      of the Fortune 50 have mobile-optimized websites
      B2B-oriented organizations can also benefit from maintaining mobile-optimized websites. Dow Chemical’s mobile website is targeted specifically to investor relations, with information and options that are relevant to on-the-go shareholders.
      Costco’s mobile website enables simplified browsing which is conducive to a mobile-sized screen. Users can make purchases, initiate and renew memberships and sign up for text message alerts on the mobile website.
      State Farm’s allows consumers to get insurance quotes, report accidents and locate repair facilities easily from it’s mobile-optimized home page.
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 20. transactions, not just information
      Of companies’ mobile websites/apps allow for transactions/interaction with stakeholders.
      Walgreens allows customers to refill prescriptions by scanning the barcode with their smartphones.
      Home Depot enables shopping via mobile.
      Bank of America lets customers transfer funds and pay bills with their smartphones.
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 21. TXTS: transactions, not just information
      …but only
      Of Fortune 50 companies use SMS/text messaging
      Of adults use SMS/text messaging
      Walmart sends alerts about promotions and notifications about photo/prescription pick-up
      Target sends text alerts that include bar codes for redeeming promotions.
      Johnson & Johnson text4baby provides timely updates to promote moms’ and babies’ health
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 22. take a picture: QR codes
      Of Fortune 50 companies are using QR codes
      Fortune 50 companies that use QR codes often include them in ads to deiver additional content to a stakeholder’s smartphone
      Verizon used QR codes to promote applications using the DROID
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 23.
    • 24. mobile applications
      While the Android’s market share is quickly catching up to that of the iPhone and Blackberry, companies are still focused on building apps for the iPhone
      Of Fortune 50 companies have mobile applications
      Source: BursonMarsteller
    • 25. this is the time…
      This year, people started to spend more time on mobile apps than consuming content from websites
      Source: Flurry
    • 26. why apps?
    • 27. why apps?
      Dick Turpin
    • 28. why apps?
      “Your money or your life!”
    • 29. it’s still all about Apple
      425,000 apps
      $2.5 billion to developers
      30% to Apple
      70% to you
    • 30. it’s all about discovery …
      TimShepherdAnalyst at Canalys
      Too much choice brings serious problems in terms of application discovery for both developers and users
    • 31. it’s all about distribution …
      Peter Verstabacka, the “Mighty Eagle” of Angry Birds : “Angry Birds was our 52nd game, after a number of failures”
    • 32. iPad
      iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
      iOS Apps powered by
    • 33. Closeup of ipad app
    • 34. case study
    • 35. Tornado Path: May 24th, 2011
    • 36. Total U.S.Tornado Count
    • 37.
    • 38. one of the deadliest seasons on record
      Christopher Lucas, 27
      killed saving customers at restaurant
      Miles Wells, 59
      killed guiding 50-60 customers to safety at big box store
      Will Norton, 18
      promising young film maker killed in car after graduation
      21 2009
      45 2010
      515 2011
      (Stories: Witchita Eagle, Photos Norton Family, Joplin Globe, DeAnna Mancini/AP Photo)
    • 39. the “old way” for $79.99…
    • 40. iMap®Weather Radio
      • Severe weather alerts “wake up” your phone
      • 41. “Follow me” alerts
      • 42. Precise alerting – no false alarms
    • strategic communications goal
      Create a whole new weather safety category on the iTunes Store and the Android Market
    • 43. strategic plan
      Continuous engagement with Local Media, Consumers, and Enterprises
    • 44. Weather Radio Day: May 19
      We planned to give away up to 100,000 free download applications on the day
      Equivalent of a $1M donation to nationwide weather safety
    • 45. create news
      Initial PR Launch - May 3, 2011
      Press release 270 websites
      Outreach to 200 technology, daily and weather reporters
      Weather Radio Day - May 19th
      Press release May 18th 290 websites
      Tech, apps, mom blogs and dailies
      250MM PR impressions
      iAd Campaigns: 6,611,026 impressions per month, over 532 downloads @ 0.42 CTR – 27,595 clicks
    • 46. engage consumers: B2C
      YouTube Channel/FT
      How to’s …
      Address issues in real time
      Engage and respond
    • 47. engage customers: B2B2C
      Try our new iMap Weather Radio app in iTunes
      @00EN0TS00 thanks so much for recommending the weather radio app!! It works! got audio and visual alerts
      • Leverage over 1,000 customer iMap websites
      • 48. Weather mets as local heroes
      • 49. Give them a proceed of sales
      • 50. Stress public service aspect
    • CNN
    • 51. celebrate!
    • 52. timeline: one crazy month
      May 3
      May 18
      May 19
      May 20
      May 24
    • 53. latest reviews
      I totally love my new weather radio app! It just notified me of a tornado watch in my area which I wouldn’t have know as I’m watching cable
      i love imap weather radio. it helped me save my moms life in denver.
      My new weather radio app says severe t-storm watch til 6pm in Marietta…thx @BradNitzWSB I know I feel safer with this app!
      Try our new iMapWeather Radio app in iTunes.
      I LOVE the iMapWeather Radio App! Seriously one of the best apps ever!
      My phone just spoke to me and said ‘Tornado Watch until 4 am’ Nuh uh shawty, not cool. But this weather radio app is tight!
      This weather radio app is legit. Doesn’t just send me a notification. It rings and then reads it to me!!
    • 54.
    • 55. questions?