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Menatel airtim distributor

  1. 1. Menatel tier-1 distributorfocused on e-topup Marketing & Business Development 1
  2. 2. Vodafone challenges in lowincome segment1. Effective cost saving by eliminating the need for vouchers, scratch cards, inventory cost, and retail distributions.2. Challenging main Objective of grabbing market share from the untapped low income market very price sensitive3. Allowing low income customers purchasing small amount of air time according to their day to day purchasing means4. Cutting cost on distribution channels while reaching remote areas with low amount of air time5. Secure cash transfer and transportation Marketing & Business Development 2
  3. 3. Customer benefit1. On the spot prepaid account top up assurance to customers via SMS confirmation2. Flexible top up amount – decided by Vodafone3. Secured fund transfer between Vodafone/ customer/Menatel Marketing & Business Development 3
  4. 4. Vodafone benefit1. Effectively extends the channel distribution of airtime top-up to the people (agents) walking on the street!2. Fast and secure solution mechanisms and reduces fraud and theft3. Improves business efficiency and reduces inventory of vouchers and scratch cards, reduced logistics4. Increase cash flow and airtime resellers5. Increase SMS traffic6. No out of stock problems7. More focused in other competitive edge, marketing, customer service, network coverage, Marketing & Business Development 4
  5. 5. Menatel offer1. To purchase on cash payment 500K LE-5 mil LE airtime with discount of 2.6-4 % retail discount included on Non Exclusive base2. to purchase on cash payment 500k LE – 5 mil LE airtime with discount of 3-5% retail discount included on Exclusive base Marketing & Business Development 5
  6. 6. Menatel offer Marketing & Business Development 6
  7. 7. Menatel offer 2000 Vendors Marketing & Business Development 7
  8. 8. Why Menatel?1. Menatel provide tangible and intangible assets: Menatel has the largest distribution teams in Egypt, more than 25 distributors, and 150 direct sales reps We have a very efficient distribution network which made our product available in more than 67,500 outlets selling Menatel card. Efficient and effective collections & payments process as we sell on cash basis which limits the fraud actions Marketing & Business Development 8
  9. 9. Why Menatel?1. Menatel can contribute for substantial values , if treated as a strategic partner.2. Menatel long arm of direct distribution can convey any messages , new sales or marketing offers or delivering any POS materials within max one week. Marketing & Business Development 9
  10. 10. Why Menatel?1. Menatel has permanent presence nationwide.  North cost & Alex Branch Located in Alexandria serving Alex, behera, marsmatroh, north coast  Canal and Sinai Branch Located in Port said serving ismalia, suez, domiataa, port said  Delta Branch Located in Tnata serving gharbia, dakhlia, sharkia, kalubia, monofia, kafer elshekh  Middle upper Egypt & New valley Branch Located in Asyout serving Fayum, Banyswaif, Sohag, Minia, Asyout, New valley,  South upper Egypt & Red sea Branch Located in Luxor serving Quina, Luxor, Aswan  Red sea hub, located in Hurgada serving red sea  South Sinai hub, located in Sharm Elsheikh serving south and north Sinai Marketing & Business Development 10
  11. 11. Why Menatel? Direct Sales In-Direct Sales Key Accounts & private or Semi public areas Marketing & Business Development 11
  12. 12. Why Menatel?1. Direct Sales Branches, Coverage & Head count:  Cairo (Greater Cairo) (60 sales Reps)  Alex (Matroh &Seewa) (20 Sales Reps)  Delta (200 remote villages) (15 Sales Reps)  Canal (Domyat, Sinai & Canal cities) (20 Sales Reps)  MUE (Asuit, Sohag, new valley) (15 Sales Reps)  SUE (Aswan,luxor ,red sea, halayb & shalateen)(20Sales Reps) Marketing & Business Development 12
  13. 13. Why Menatel?1. In-Direct Sales, Branches, Coverage & Head count:  Cairo (2 supervisors)  Alex (1 Supervisor)  Delta (1 Supervisor)  Canal (2 Supervisors)  Middle of UE (1 Supervisor)  South of UE (2 Supervisor) Marketing & Business Development 13
  14. 14. Why Menatel?1. Key Accounts & private or Semi public areas Military sector. (41 location) Police Sector. (30 location) Air & Sea Ports. (13 location) Universities & Institutes. (39 location) Mills & Factories. (60 location) Governmental sector. (22 location) Clubs (59 location) Hospitals (143 location) Malls (16 Location) Marketing & Business Development 14