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Iq contents

  1. 1. 1 2.3 IQ CONTENTS LOGOS 100% ENGLISH PROGRAM INICIAL 2.3 A-B-C I TERM CONTENTS (May to September) Theme Literacy & Language Math Social Studies Science Health & Safety Social Emotional Developmen t Physical Developmen t Fine Arts and Music Media Theme 1 My School and Me -Songs: Rise and Shine -Story: This Way to Pre-K -Content words: My name is…, lunchbox, school bag, lockers, crayons, paper, table, chair, classroom, bathroom and park. Recognize and name shapes: circle square Recognize and name colors: Red Yellow. Count from 1 to ten. Learn about the People at school and their different jobs. (Teacher, librarian, secretary, Principals) Free exploration that provides children opportunities to explore the attributes and properties of different materials. Learn and review everyday play ground rules. Talk about the respect to each other. Adjust to classroom situations: share with friends, help me, help your friends, open please, respect each other. - Coordinatio n and balance. -Participate in games. -Sing songs. -Dance. -Scribble, paint and color freely. -Recognize body parts. (head, arms, hands, legs, tummy, eyes, nose, ears, mouth) Virtualogo s HMH- Anthology of traditional tales- The Greedy cat Theme 2 My Family and Friends Answer questions: What is your name? What is your mother`s name? Who has a brother? Who are you friends? Do you like to play with? Follow instructions: clean up, put the chairs in order, open the door, close the door, put your lunchbox and your school bag in order, and put your sweater inside your school bag. Recognize and name shapes: Triangle Recognize and name colors: Blue Compare objects: Taller-shorter Recognize and name family members: Father, mother, sister, brother and baby. Learn about different families. Learn about friends attributes. Compare objects: Same- different Hygiene habits: -Wash your hands before you eat. -Wash your face and hands before you go home. -Throw the garbage inside the trash can. -Pick up the trash. Recognize and name emotion faces: Sad Angry Scared Surprised I am happy today. I am sad Imitate movements. Vocabulary: Up, down, turn around, on, inside and outside. -Explore instruments. -Follow movements. -Explore with different materials: paint brush, crayons, chalk, water, sand. -tear and paste papers. -wrinkle papers. Virtualogo s- HMH: Anthology of traditional tales- The Greedy cat HMH Listening library- Bear on a bike
  2. 2. 2 2.3 IQ CONTENTS Clean your place. Theme 3 Giants -Songs: Song of math attributes. -Story: Nature`s Giants. -Content words: Big, small, giant, tiny, Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon, mountains, ocean, waterfall. Answer questions about the story. Count concrete objects: 1,2,3. Recognize and name shapes: Rectangle Recognize and name colors: Green Orange Compare objects: Big, Small, bigger, smaller, taller, and shorter. -Talk about the importance of been independent, and reinforce body parts. -Take off your shoes. -Put on your shoes. -Mix ingredients. -Make dough. -Make homemade dough. -Explore measures. Learn ways to protect your body. -I want to… -May I go to… -Express feelings and needs. -Likes and dislikes. I like bananas. I dislike coke. -Respect limits. -Moving through space. -Explore small manipulativ e. -Role play -Dance -Coordinate movements -develop hand-eye coordination -Use different materials to create art work. -Learn new songs. Virtualogo s- HMH Anthology of traditional tales- The builder and the Oni Artículo del Logos Pre-School Blog Subir link del blog : Theme 4 Choices Identify safety choices. Answer questions about the story. Name and recognize objects, pictures. Learn and work with patterns. Count concrete objects: 1,2,3. Identify numbers: Story: Little Red Hen Help each other. Be kind and Observe and explore nature. Hygiene habits -classroom rules -Take turns -Share -Follow sequence of movements. -Color inside the picture. -respect limits. -trace lines. Virtualogo s - HMH Anthology of traditional tales- Little Red Hen
  3. 3. 3 2.3 IQ CONTENTS 1, 2,3,4,5. Sort by shapes and colors. helpful. Solve problems. -Help others -be quite -raise your hand -listen carefully. -trace numbers. -sing along. -sing songs. Infologuiñ os