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IPTV Pricing Models Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Video services: IPTV Vs OTT Is IPTV a long-term model ? Gilles Fontaine g.fontaine@idate.fr
  • 2. 1. IPTV in Europe 2
  • 3. Status of IPTV (end 2010) •14 M or 7% of European Union TV Households technically receive IPTV (12% of pay-TV households) •France accounts for 45% of total IPTV households •Leading countries for IPTV penetration among pay-TV households: ● ● ● ● ● Source: MMTV database january 2011 IPTV penetration rate classes < 5% < 10% < 20% < 30% France Slovenia Denmark Spain Italy •Drivers of Bundled IPTV: ● Growth of the broadband market ● Advanced TV services ● Low cost/free multichannel television > 30% 3 IPTV penetration rate: (IPTV HH/total pay TV HH)*100 Source: MMTV database january 2011
  • 4. IPTV offerings in Europe Coutries and ISP France SFR (IPTV) IPTV services bundled in Triple play: ●Prices from 27.95 to 51.95 €/month ●Number of channels: from 40 to 185 channels. In the most cases the number of free DTT channels is included in the offers. ●Services included: catch-up TV (in option in some offerings) ●Services on demand: VOD, PPV… Orange (IPTV) Bouygues Telecom (IPTV) Numericable (cable) Triple play offerings Number of channels Monthly price Neufbox 160 (incl. DTT channels) 31.90 EUR Net plus Bbox NC Box HD 130 (incl. DTT channels) 120 (incl. DTT channels) 120 (incl. DTT channels) 37 EUR 31.90 EUR 32.90 EUR Germany ● Pay-TV ● multi-room option, DVR capacities… Entertain Pur 70 (incl. DTT channels) 27.95 EUR Unity Media (cable/satellite) Espagne Telefonica (IPTV) 3play 32.000 75 (incl. DTT channels) 30 EUR Movistar imagenio 30 (+ DTT channels) 46.08 EUR ONO (cable) Triple play Esencial 40 (incl. DTT channels) 51.95 EUR Orange (IPTV) ●Options: Deutsche Telekom (IPTV) Triple play initial 30 (incl. DTT channels) 29.44 EUR Jazztel (IPTV) Internet + Voz + Tv con Línea JAZZTEL 30 50.05 EUR Fastweb (IPTV) United Kingdom Parla, Naviga Casa&Fastweb TV 35 DDT channels (according areas) 49.95 EUR BSkyB (satellite) Broadband, Sky TV and calls BT Vision (IPTV) TV, Broadband and Calls Italy One Entertainment pack (from 11 to 24 channels) 50 (only DTT channels) 20 GBP 20 GBP 4
  • 5. 2. A long term model ? 5
  • 6. Recent significant moves Unbundling IPTV: Free changed its pricing strategy from 29.99 € for triple play to 29.99 € for telephone+telephony + 1.99 € for basic television. Unbundling IPTV: TV (+ telephone) only service by Deutsche Telekom (Entertain Pur). Enhancing IPTV bundling value: Orange offers 50 free VOD films per month. Moving to a two-sided strategy: Vodafone, SFR to offer delivery services for OTT content 6
  • 7. A new environment 1. More free content through DTT and satellite End even more after the switch-off… 2. Digitisation of cable More competition from cable for advanced TV services 3. Connected TV Competiton of « Open Internet » content Will the value proposition of bundled basic TV services decrease ? 7
  • 8. More free content available on DTT • Free DTT offerings multiply in Europe, already 14 countries have completed analogue switch off and 7 begin analogue switch off process. • For the 10 European countries most advanced in the DTT broadcasting, the average number of available channels exceeds 23. tdt (20) • The most basic triple play offerings include DTT channels, in some cases the number of DTT channels represent 50% of available channels in the package. DVB-T (36) Source: http://www.digitag.org/ 8 Belgium households can receive French or Luxerbourg DTT channels according their location
  • 9. The connected TV as a new distribution model Right holders TV channel Content packager Network Terminal EPG/OS Consumer Aggregators Competition for VOD Competition for theme channels Competition for triple-play TV Channels by-passed Network congestion 9
  • 10. The telcos dilemma: bundled IPTV is one of many strategies « How to go out of the Flate rate/unlimited « How to manage the Wholesale face of my Platform? » pricing? » Content & Service Telco End-user Workshop 3 focus Workshop 1 & 2 Service & Content Pay per use (End of unlimited flat rate) Performance-based Pay per quality (« Equivalent » to CDN or MPLS products, but in managed services) QoS Termination for IP data (« Equivalent » to paid peering) Volume (e.g. different througputs, like SDSL) Traffic wholesale Bundles traffic/service (Eg Amazon Kindle) (Equivalent to current IPTV services) 10