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What's the difference between IPTV & TV Everywhere?

This presentation outlines the differences between IPTV and TV Everywhere in a way that is very easy to grasp.

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What's the difference between IPTV & TV Everywhere?

  1. 1. What’s thedifferencebetween IPTV &TV Everywhere?
  2. 2. First...some historical context
  3. 3. Once upon a time, there was only one linewired from the street into your home
  4. 4. It was the phone line
  5. 5. It enabled yourlandline phone service
  6. 6. Then came TV
  7. 7. An antenna picked upsignals from televisiontowers and sent themto your TV set
  8. 8. That worked well for a while buteventually people wanted more
  9. 9. They wanted hundreds of channelsand better picture quality
  10. 10. Cable TV was bornAnd with it... a second line into your home
  11. 11. Life was simplePhone
The phone line deliveredyour landline serviceThe cable line deliveredyour television service
  12. 12. But...things didn’t stay simple
  13. 13. With the rise of the Internet,phone & cable companies rushedin to provide data services
  14. 14. The Cable versus DSL battle had begun
  15. 15. Cable operators soon rolled out the “triple play”Cable TV High speed internet Digital voice
  16. 16. Telephone operators followed suitTVHigh speed internetPhone
  17. 17. Fast forward to today
  18. 18. Consumers can enjoy high quality programs overthe Internet using free or low priced OTT services
  19. 19. This has led some cablecustomers to cut the cord
  20. 20. To curb defections,cable companies haveresponded withTV Everywhere
  21. 21. TV Everywhere delivers cable programmingover the internet to all your connected devicesCATV

  22. 22. However, to enjoy TV Everywhere you stillneed to subscribe to a cable TV service
  23. 23. Telecom companies aremoving in the other directionMeanwhile...
  24. 24. Pushing online video content to TV
  25. 25. Why?
  26. 26. Because consumersare cutting the cordon their landlinephone service too
  27. 27. The phone companies need toreplace that lost landline revenue
  28. 28. So they are launching IPTV services thatstream content over a private networkto a set top box connected to your television set101010101010101010 Phone
101010101010101010 <<
  29. 29. To be competitive, IPTV will need tomatch the quality & reliability of cable TVBuffering and other delays won’tbe tolerated on a big screen TV
  30. 30. To optimize quality, IPTV servicesuse content delivery networks (CDNs)
  31. 31. CDNs store content acrossa network of geographicallydistributed servers
  32. 32. By caching content across theglobe and distributingit from servers near theend customer, CDNs speeddelivery and improve quality
  33. 33. Consumers winbecause theircontent is deliveredmore quickly andwith better qualityIPTV providers winbecause they increasecustomer satisfaction
  34. 34. To assure quality, IPTV providers must monitor their CDNs inorder to handle peak demand and quickly fix problems
  35. 35. That’s where Skytide comes in
  36. 36. Skytide helps IPTV operators, CDNs, ISPs and contentproviders to measure every aspect of their operations• QoS• Capacity Planning• Content Management• Billing
  37. 37. Leading service providers depend on Skytide to optimizestreaming performance, reduce costs and maximize qualityArgentina
  38. 38. For more information, visit www.skytide.comOr read these Skytide reportsRead it now Read it now Read it now

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This presentation outlines the differences between IPTV and TV Everywhere in a way that is very easy to grasp.


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