Dream or Reality? The Implementation of Recruitment 3.0 & 4.0: Inside the Autodesk Story


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In the summer of 2011, Matthew Jeffery of Autodesk published two recruitment articles: "A Vision for the Future of Recruitment: Recruitment 3.0," and "Recruitment 4.0: Crowdsourcing; Gamification; Recruitment as a Profit Centre” and, “the Death of Recruitment Agencies." Their impact is still being felt throughout the industry today. A year later, what's the story? How much has been implemented by Autodesk? What has worked? What could not be implemented? And what is pure theory and will never see the light of day?

In this keynote, Jeffery will reveal the inside story. Hear about Autodesk’s use of social media, the cutting edge mobile recruitment app, new corporate careers website and disruptive recruitment marketing practices...hear the highs and the lows...the mistakes and the glory. Expect key learning’s and takeaways in a very honest, no holds barred session.

In addition, Jeffery will share an exclusive look at the conclusion of their research: "What is Recruitment 5.0: The Final Chapter of Recruitment" and conference attendees will be the first to receive a copy of this ground-breaking report.

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  • Dream or Reality? The Implementation of Recruitment 3.0 & 4.0: Inside the Autodesk Story

    1. 1. Matthew JefferyHead of EMEA Talent Acquisition &Global Talent Brand,Autodesk@MatthewJeffery
    2. 2. BIG opening Bold statement
    3. 3. NO COMPANY has mastered the newrecruiting….be it use of social media….e-branding….mobileBut it‘s kinda fun taking giant leaps……
    4. 4. Why the need for a newrecruiting?Where to start? What‘s first?
    5. 5. What is driving Recruiting isthe need for change? evolving……
    6. 6. Global WARfor ‗top‘ talent
    7. 7. We’re competing to hire the BEST!
    8. 8. The experiencedtalent pool isshrinking
    9. 9. Biotech Media Government Banking Clean Tech Same/similar talent isIndustries are converging being sought Consumer Film/Games Healthcare FMCG Mobile IT
    10. 10. Company loyalty ischanging….. Average time in role: Less than 2 years
    11. 11. In-House:  Direct Sourcing Employee Referrals  Internal Database  SEO/SEM/CRM  Social Media  Web 2.0 Networking  Employment Branding  University Pipeline
    12. 12. Internal recruiting = recruiting excellenceInternal recruiters know the business and are betterat selling their company with passion
    13. 13. Changing DemographicsWorking longer,retiring later Graduates seeking work
    14. 14. So many solutions!!!
    15. 15. Competitors aremapping out your talent and arespeaking to your staff. RIGHT NOW!
    16. 16. Lazy recruiters damage thecredibility of our profession
    17. 17. Many recruiting leaders happy tomaintain the status quo and notchallenge or be challenged
    18. 18. Who said recruiting was easy! Feels like we need six arms
    19. 19. Given all these variables, we need to CHANGE to be sharper, more efficient and better than our competitors.
    20. 20. And yet our goal HAS NOT CHANGED …to hire the best… with…
    21. 21. The ultimate goal PREDICTABLE TALENT PIPELINE Achieved through direct sourcing, relationship building, employment branding & social media
    22. 22. Added to all these challenges of hiring the best…We have our own extra challenges
    23. 23. Our Biggest Challenge?
    24. 24. World leader in 3D Design, Engineering and Entertainment Software**Image courtesy of LightStorm Entertainment
    25. 25. Shifting to a focus on cloud,mobile and social we haveto change perceptions ofAutodesk in the market.
    26. 26. Our goal: Attract new skill sets while offering something unique
    27. 27. The New Recruiting
    28. 28. • Not everyone‘s looking for a new job • Everyone is a potential candidate or Brand Ambassador • Employment brand is pivotal to your success in attracting candidatesRecruitment 3.0 • Candidate experience is more than a bounce back emailThe core • Understanding the psychology of peoplephilosophies of 3.0 • You are not in control of what people are saying • Building relationships and communities is key (hence importance of Social Media) • Content is King: Don‘t make recruiting boring
    29. 29. • The idea that recruiting can move from being a cost centre into a profit centre • The end of external recruiting agenciesRecruitment 4.0 • Job boards folding and repurposingThe core • Companies hiring through crowdsourcing and external referralsideas of 4.0 • Gamification shapes sourcing strategies and underpins content stickiness • Companies subjected to global reviews by crowdsourcing and the wisdom of the crowd
    30. 30. Let‘s explore someWhat works for us? of the ideas…
    31. 31. Employment Brand is pivotal to our success.Recruiters are Sales/Marketing professionals.
    32. 32. …a person‘s gut feel / interactionA BRAND IS… with a product, service or organization.
    33. 33. We can try and position, message andinfluence perceptions but an EmploymentBrand is based on the interactions with abrand be it employees, consumers,products, services
    34. 34. So why don‘t we createcompelling workenvironments & candidateexperiences?What differentiates a company tomake it unique?
    35. 35. People need Employment Brands buildto feel valued from the inside out
    36. 36. Employment Brands are nurtured by companies providing the best conditions to work
    37. 37. If our employees areunhappy… they will share itand any Employment Brandmarketing won‘t be authentic
    38. 38. Candidates and employees are not afraid to say what they think
    39. 39. • Cool, innovative products with amazing reach • Important company whose software is used to solve important designWhy Autodesk? challenges and foster sustainable design • Employees are treated with respect
    40. 40. Global corporate challenge:A fit & healthy company
    41. 41. Kids at Autodesk days
    42. 42. Go karting with F1 drivers
    43. 43. Global footballcompetition in Italy
    44. 44. MyAutodesk Global photo competition
    45. 45. CEO celebrates Autodesk being one of FORTUNE‘s 100 Best Places to Work
    46. 46. Office curry nights!
    47. 47. Bring your dog to work
    48. 48. Fun use of office wallspace- A-Z games
    49. 49. Autodesk flash mobs
    50. 50. The Queeneven stoppedby to celebrateher Jubilee
    51. 51. Interns:Living the Dream
    52. 52. Student design competitions:Design the next Ferrari supercar!!!
    53. 53. Constant global communication
    54. 54. CommunicateCommunicateCommunicate
    55. 55. Letting thepeople speak… and listen Annual Employee Engagement Survey
    56. 56. All this activity…what‘s ameasurement of success?
    57. 57. Great Places to Work—The Employees Speak!
    58. 58. Best Places to Work Recognition58
    59. 59. People want relationships with people…not faceless companiesHumanizing the brand key
    60. 60. Hence our focus on revealing the people behind the brand
    61. 61. The New RecruitingRecruitment 3.0
    62. 62. Not everyone‘s looking.. Loo ki… Not Why do recruiters spend so much L… time focused on the active market?
    63. 63. Like everyone we havesourcers who target thebest talent …
    64. 64. Building relationshipsand communities is keyRecruitment 3.0
    65. 65. Communities /Talent Pools /PuddlesRecruitment 3.0
    66. 66. Sourcing Passive Pool E-Branders/Active vs. Passive Talent Marketers/ Mass Communication (Non-active) Community DJ’s Active Recruiters Process
    67. 67. Most people are happy in their current jobs and not looking BUT if presented with the right opportunity will move.Active Candidates Hence while they are passive…. they are active.
    68. 68. Everyone is a potential candidate or brand ambassador. Our job is to create the interest… ‘we create candidates’
    69. 69. Best Talent • Not everyone in a Corporate Community is hireable or desirable:Corporate Manufactured Employment Brand • The vast proportion are not…hence the need toCommunity Ambassadors ensure they become Brand Champions who engage / join in discussions and show an interest
    70. 70. Job Board Advertising Specific & Corporate Targeted Generic Brand Building Less Targeted Targeted Advertising eg Facebook Sourcing Team: Mapping Targeted Job Board e-shots egHow to build a Community Monster ATS / Database (Already aCorporate Community Community of its own but Untapped) Event lists & Event names Social Media: Facebook Fan Page; Twitter Targeted LinkedIn Followers, LinkedIn Discussion Group Members, LinkedIn Traditional Print Mass Market Communications Corporate Page; YouTube Advertising SEO / SEM Channel Subscribers, Blog Followers
    71. 71. Power of the crowdCrowdsourcing of candidates (4.0) New Ideas….
    72. 72. iPhone . Net People Developers 76,324 31,741 C# Developers End to 36,139 Finance End Sourcing Web Club 167,296 Team: DevelopLinkedIn Targeted Pin pointing CAD Commun ity 7,875 ers 24,170 TalentCrowdsourcing HR Java Professionals Micro & LinkedIn HR Developers 70,355 486,612 Macro 94,876 ‘Talent Procuremen Sales Puddles’ Associa t Professional tion s Innovating 25,921 107,088 Marketing, PR, Talent Sales Word of Branding: Mouth 144,973 Massaging & Messaging
    73. 73. Building a Community is not about a collection of random individuals from Social Networks imported into a manufactured community. Targeting is key.
    74. 74. Most recruitment communicationis boring…yes…boring...
    75. 75. Blog site Mobile apps Active YouTube channel Facebook fan page EngagementEngaging a Corporate Humanizing the Targeted email Brand marketing shotsCommunity Twitter page Events LinkedIn discussion groups SEO/SEM
    76. 76. Gamification• Gamification is not about creating games but a philosophy… how we learn engagement from games.Recruitment 4.0
    77. 77.  Making activities Social  Competition against friends / leader boards  Contents simple, fun & interactive  ‗Easter Eggs‘, hidden features on your site―Is using game  People want to know what other people  Enabling unique experiences / personalisationmechanics/methodology are doing  Progress Bars  Personalisation/humanisation e.g. Avatars  User Generated Contentto inspire engagement in  Encourage sharing of content in theactivities that otherwise community  Getting friends involved to encouragewould be considered ‗virality‘boring or routine/chore.‖  ‗Gifting‘  Reveals at certain times of the day
    78. 78. Fake or Foto:One of our first Autodesk games
    79. 79. Fun content revealing behind the brand
    80. 80. Employees dressing up!
    81. 81. Let me introduce you to theAutodesk communities
    82. 82. People are naturally social andconversational (Recruitment 3.0) We love a good gossip!!
    83. 83. Raise your hand…If you found yourcurrent job as adirect result ofFacebook?
    84. 84. Raise your hand…If you would search for a new jobtoday via Facebook?
    85. 85. Autodesk‘s Facebook Facebook may be great for recruiting some high volumestrategy is around roles today but will it help you build a pipeline of…Employment Branding • UX Mobile Designers • Sales Directors for Russiaand taking candidates • Java Developerson a journey…
    86. 86. You are not in control of what peopleare saying (Recruitment 3.0)
    87. 87. Raise your hand…If you would follow a company‘s Twitter feed,which is a list of jobs hyperlinked back to thecareers site if you were not looking for a job?
    88. 88. So why are companies doing it?Are people that dull that theysit looking at job links onTwitter all day?
    89. 89. SEOStrategy
    90. 90. Communities go mobile
    91. 91. Rank Country # of Mobile Phones Population % of Population Explosion of mobile across the globe - World Over 5 Billion 6,909,500,000 1 China 896,200,000 1,341,000,000 67.105B Mobile Phones and 6.9B People 2 India 826,930,916 1,210,193,422 69.19
    92. 92. Honest.. no holds barred…Mobile app has been a challenge
    93. 93. Why?Only get one chance topersuade people to download.
    94. 94. Not just recruitingon the go
    95. 95. Not just PRabout Autodesk andour products
    96. 96. Humanizing
    97. 97. A place toengage and learn
    98. 98. A place to be entertainedand compete
    99. 99. Updating ourcorporate careerssite has beenchallenging Honest... no holds barred
    100. 100. Last year we decided itOur corporate careers site had to go….
    101. 101. We hoped to reveal theupdated site to youtoday
    102. 102. But no go…..We‘ve spent months meeting creativeagencies and reviewingconcepts to no avail.They just did not get it….
    103. 103. We did not want a site focused on jobopenings and corporate information….we want people coming back for more.Engaging content and real employees. Dare we say fun?
    104. 104. • Our challenges: No centralized reporting dashboard. Reporting in different areasROI and Metrics including ATS, Social Media Communities, SEO, Job Distributors.
    105. 105. The Future of Recruiting - 5.0
    106. 106. Personal data in the cloud
    107. 107. Our DNA data footprints in the cloud
    108. 108. Obsessively knowing your audience
    109. 109. We know what you like!
    110. 110. Facial recognition:Linked to LinkedIn profile?
    111. 111. For candidates…jobs on a plate
    112. 112. For companies, profiled candidates, behaviourallyscanned, psychologically evaluated based on traits
    113. 113. Predictive profiling /occupational psychology
    114. 114. Candidate cloning‗Create‘ your own candidate
    115. 115. Death of the ATS
    116. 116. Employment brands merging Differentiation minimal
    117. 117. Augmented Reality
    118. 118. DISRUPTIONDisruptive marketing
    119. 119. The Recruiter of the future?
    120. 120. Talent Connect London is the London Key party capital of Takeaways the world!!!
    121. 121. • ‗Nurture your Employment Brand‘ from inside – outKey takeaways • Social Media Matters- Build Communities • Innovate, challenge the status quo and take risks
    122. 122. We can make or break a companyand find that missing piece
    123. 123. Let‘s celebrate what we do
    124. 124. Lets head in ‗One direction‘…… &make Recruitment a Great Profession
    125. 125. Follow us @matthewjeffery Thank you!