CheckIn Enhancements That Help You Find & Qualify Event Leads Faster


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CheckIn lets you capture leads at events instantly and manage them in LinkedIn Recruiter, so you never miss a lead again!
We released 3 new CheckIn enhancements that let you find and qualify your leads faster:
- New CheckIn Questions let you ask candidates qualifying questions such as GPA, preferred office location, work status and more
- CheckIn Search Filters let you instantly hone in on the right candidates based on their answers to your CheckIn questions and immediately qualify
- CheckIn "Overview" gives you a snapshot of your CheckIn form so you save time from reviewing the details screen-by-screen in the edit flow

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  • Script: In summary, CheckIn enables you toInstantly capture event leads connected to LinkedInEngage immediately with automatic communication and pipelining toolsTrack results over time, to help you get insights into how your org is performing at events vis-à-vis your peers
  • CheckIn Enhancements That Help You Find & Qualify Event Leads Faster

    1. 1. Find and qualify event leads faster with What’s new with CheckIn? LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved MARKETING 1
    2. 2. 1. Qualify candidates faster New CheckIn questions  Beyond asking about “areas of interest”, you can now ask event attendees other qualifying questions. MARKETING
    3. 3. 2. Find just the right candidates CheckIn Search Filters  Filter for candidates who provided specific answers to the questions you asked in the CheckIn form. Only accessible from “Candidates” link MARKETING
    4. 4. 3. Preview your event CheckIn “Overview”  See a snapshot of your CheckIn form on a single page. Access a short-link for your CheckIn form. Review your questions and answers. MARKETING
    5. 5. FAQ on new CheckIn features     CheckIn questions  Can I forego CheckIn questions altogether? YES. If you do not select any CheckIn questions, the form will still allow candidates to move forward.  Can I make a CheckIn question optional? YES  How many questions can I ask? You can select any or all questions available.  Can I re-order questions? YES. But the order of the questions on the form is the same as the order they were added. CheckIn Search Filters  Is CheckIn included in Advanced Search or in Project Folders? NO. CheckIn search filters can only be accessed from the CheckIn form on the CheckIn Page and cannot be accessed in Advanced Search or in Project Folders. Because each form will have a different set of CheckIn questions and answers, we have restricted CheckIn search filters to each CheckIn form. For example one school might rank GPA on a 5.0 scale and another school on a 4.0 scale – in order to avoid confusion, we have restricted search filters to each form. You can click on the “candidates” link to access CheckIn search filters. CheckIn Overview tab  How can I get a shortlink? You can access a shortlink on the CheckIn form’s “Overview” tab  How can I get a QR-code? We do not generate QR-codes. You can use 3rd party QR Code generator, like Google QR. Other edits  We’ve increased the size of your logo on CheckIn forms (highly requested change)  We added a progress bar on the form so candidates know how many more screens they must click through before they are done MARKETING
    6. 6. “CheckIn reinforced our brand.” Halley Marsh, Rosetta CheckIn success stories LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved MARKETING 6
    7. 7. CheckIn – Engage Early and Often 1470+ new followers (16% growth) 270+ new visitors to Career Page “CheckIn really reinforced our brand. Everyone on campus said, “This is so cool”. We also love that we get to send an instant „Thank You‟ note to each student so they don‟t feel that their information is going into a black hole.” Objectives  Better track effectiveness of campus events  Reduce paper dependency  Drive speed of data entry Halley Marsh TA Manager, Rosetta CheckIn Solution Results  Electronically capture student info at different campus events  Send automatic email to let students know where to apply  Manage leads in Recruiter  Send Status Updates to keep students engaged  Saved hours not scanning resumes  Engaged with 2080+ leads instantly: - 71% had LI profiles - 19% visited Career Page - 13% viewed Jobs MARKETING - 4% applied to a Job
    8. 8. Instantly capture and manage candidate information at events Introduction to CheckIn LinkedIn Confidential ©2014 All Rights Reserved MARKETING 8
    9. 9. Looks familiar?
    10. 10. Recruiting candidates at events is difficult today Whether you’re collecting resumes or spreadsheets of candidate information… Collecting information manually is cumbersome and error-prone Poor tracking and follow-up results in lost leads after the event Limited visibility into success of event and into pipeline activity
    11. 11. We knew there was a better way – Meet CheckIn Capture leads at events instantly and manage them in LinkedIn Recruiter, so you never miss a lead again!
    12. 12. CheckIn lets you... Instantly capture event leads using a simple interface, connected to the LinkedIn network Engage immediately with automatic follow-up email. Leads will automatically follow your Company Page. Track results over time, including number of event leads and where they went … so you never miss an event lead again! 12 MARKETING
    13. 13. Learn more about CheckIn