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LinkedIn Master Storyteller Framework


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LinkedIn recruiters are taught to tell the company's story by following this framework:
- Sharing the mission, vision, and purpose of LinkedIn
- Explaining how the company is fulfilling that purpose
- Talking about the opportunities that lie ahead
- Illustrating the company’s unique culture and values through personal stories and examples

Learn more about why storytelling is a powerful (yet often ignored) skill for recruiters:

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LinkedIn Master Storyteller Framework

  1. 1. THE FRAMEWORK Remember to tailor your story to unique value propositions that align to the candidates’ motivators □ Set the Agenda o What are your candidate’s motivators? § “Money aside, what are 3 critical factors that will go into your decision about where you work next?” § “What really gets you out of bed in the morning?” § “What’s your dream job?” □ Share our Mission and Vision (What is the purpose of LinkedIn?) o Mission: Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. § Give tangible or personal examples of how we are doing this o Vision: Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce § Our vision is aspirational and it’s long term § How are we trying to achieve it? o Share about the Microsoft acquisition and why it makes sense § Microsoft’s mission: Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more □ Explain The Economic Graph (How do we plan to actualize our purpose?) o The Economic graph is composed of 6 components: Members, Companies, Jobs, Skills, Schools, Knowledge o Break down the economic graph through examples / stories □ Talk about Our Global Opportunity (What are we working on?) o Membership Growth § Currently LinkedIn has over 500,000,000 members across the platform § Draw or explain our growth strategy using concentric circles o Our products § Members • Value prop: Advance my career • Share 1-3 features on LinkedIn that help our members o Make it personal if you can (to yourself or the candidate) § Customers • Value prop: Work Smarter • Share high level overview of our business lines o LinkedIn Talent Solutions o LinkedIn Marketing Solutions o LinkedIn Sales Solutions o LinkedIn Learning Solutions □ Share our Cultures & Values and DIBs (How do we work?) o Culture: Pick 1-2 components and share examples / stories § Transformation § Integrity § Collaboration § Humor § Results o Values: Pick 1-2 components and share examples / stories § Members first § Relationships matter § Take intelligent risks