Assignment D: "Conceptual Map"


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Assignment D: Conceptual Map

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Assignment D: "Conceptual Map"

  1. 1. Future. City. Life! Assignment D: Conceptual Map
  2. 2. The project will be realized within a well-structured 5-day workshop. What is happening today? A Point of View & Megatrends Vision Conceptual Map & Storyboard Visualization Finals Monday, 7.10. Tuesday, 8.10. Wednesday, 9.10. Thursday, 10.10. Friday, 11.10. Finals Vamos Presentation of the 10 Finalists Jury Voting Audience SMS Voting OPENING Assignment D: Conceptual Map Assignment F: Visualization Assignment B: Megatrends Information session centred around the Leuphana Semester Information session centred around your Individual Major Assignment C: Vision Assignment E: Storyboard Input C Plenum Farah Daghistani Avner de-Shalit Jeffrey Pullicino Daniel Libeskind Michael Schuster Feedback C Plenum Input D Plenum Input F Plenum FeedbackwithMentor Feedback D and Input E Plenum Speech - Olaf Scholz Input B Plenum Demographic Change Digitalization of Culture Sustainable Habitat Feedback B Plenum Assignment A: A point of view Feedback A Plenum 12013-10-09 Assignment D Conceptual Map
  3. 3. During the orientation week six assignments, will lead you to your own vision statement for the city of the future Sixwell-structuredassignments A – A point of view B – Megatrends C – Vision Photograph five urban settings relevant to your character. Then let your character comment (not:describe) the situation in the frame D – Conceptual Map E – Storyboard Summarize the main points of each speaker/trend. How will these trends affect your character? In 5 statements describe your program for a desirable future for Leinwig in 2050. Please give your vision a title, and add a short explanation to each statement. Draw a one-page diagram of the elements and actors in your city, visualizing their relationship with each other. Find the most persuasive communication strategy for your vision. Please give your presentation a logline first, then draw a storyboard showing everything you want to present. F – Visualization Produce a 90 sec video clip convincing the Leinwig City Planning Council of your vision. 2013-10-09 Assignment D Conceptual Map 2
  4. 4. Operationalize your vision 1. Identify your stakeholders 2. Consider the challenges you have identified (B) 3. Put them into relationship 3
  5. 5. What to do? Assignment D – Conceptual Map Draw a one-page diagram putting the elements of your vision in relationship. Upload your result on class2016 as a jpeg by 12.00. 2013-10-09 Assignment D Conceptual Map 4
  6. 6. Example 2 – Conceptual Map
  7. 7. Keynote Speech 6 Olaf Scholz Mayor of Hamburg since 2011 2013-10-09 Assignment D Conceptual Map
  8. 8. 7 Your Group Work Time: 10:00-12:00h Submit your results to class2016 by 12:00h Please be back for the keynote speech by Olaf Scholz in HS2 at 12:00h There will be a Live Stream in HS1, HS3, HS4 2013-10-09 Assignment D Conceptual Map What next?