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Leinwig: Healthcare


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Leinwig: Healthcare

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Leinwig: Healthcare

  1. 1. ! Leinwig – Healthcare p. 1 of 2 ! Leinwig – HEALTHCARE The pensioner service office Leinwig provides a special offer for pensioners, specifically care recipients and their relatives. Elderly people in and around Leinwig can turn to them office with all questions about managing life and its daily routines. The pensioner service office supports and advises for example: ! The application and implementation of social services ! Filling out applications and forms ! The search for age-appropriate Accommodation ! Before enrolling in an in-patient elderly home ! Questions about living arrangements, i.e. designing living space that is adequate for pensioners and people with disabilities ! Procuring voluntary helpers ! Pensioner legal advice ! Consulting on pension Any person can be in need of care, for example through an accident, a grave sickness or simply because of old age. The care outpost advises and supports for example: ! Questions about health care insurance, such as ! Applying for a level of care ! Questions about financing home care and domestic aid ! Procuring ambulant aid ! The choice, acquisition and financing of aid from the health insurance ! Inquiry on personal need for aid ! Seeking out self-help groups The Advisory council of elderly citizens of Leinwig was established 30 years ago. It is the elected, independent and nonpartisan representation of all pensioners in Leinwig and offers commitment to advising and helping elderly citizens. The advisory council works as an honorary organisation and must follow the principle of discretion. For example, it stands for the interests of the elderly especially in front of the council, administration, welfare organisation and the public. It issues petitions to state- and national ministries and demands an intensive encounter between young and old people. Pensioner- and care homes Charitable: 4 homes with a total of 293 places Private: 10 homes with a total of 951 places Day care Facilities Charitable: 2 Facilities with a total of 50 places Private: 1 facility with 25 places Ambulant nursing service 18 nursing services
  2. 2. ! Leinwig – Healthcare p. 2 of 2 ! For the older citizens, shopping has become difficult. The corner shops are closing and paving the way for large shopping centres. Since elderly citizens often don’t own a car or have anybody to make their purchases for them, shopping becomes a problem because of long walks and heavy bags. Various shops are experimenting with online services. It is obvious, that the advantages of home-deliveries will increase the quality of living. Elderly citizens can stay at home while the shops can earn some extra-money. In terms of market opportunities, some online-retailers have tried to address these new markets. They already experienced a small surplus, but they believe that a sophisticated plan could supply a whole city. On the other hand, walks to the next shop have kept many people in good shape. Some fitness-centres are thinking about adapting to this social change. At the same time these shopping-experiences are a huge part of society (social interaction at the shop around the corner, the chats and the occasional teatimes). Interaction remains an important part of people’s life. This has to be integrated into a future city’s plan.