Future. City. Life! Assignment B: Megatrends in urban planning


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Future. City. Life! Assignment B: Megatrends in urban planning

  1. 1. Future. City. Life! Assignment B: Megatrends in urban planning
  2. 2. The project will be realized within a well-structured 5-day workshop. What is happening today? A Point of View & Megatrends Vision Conceptual Map & Storyboard Visualization Finals Monday, 7.10. Tuesday, 8.10. Wednesday, 9.10. Thursday, 10.10. Friday, 11.10. Finals Vamos Presentation of the 10 Finalists Jury Voting Audience SMS Voting OPENING Assignment D: Conceptual Map Assignment F: Visualization Assignment B: Megatrends Information session centred around the Leuphana Semester Information session centred around your Individual Major Assignment C: Vision Assignment E: Storyboard Input C Plenum Farah Daghistani Avner de-Shalit Jeffrey Pullicino Daniel Libeskind Michael Schuster Feedback C Plenum Input D Plenum Input F Plenum FeedbackwithMentor Feedback D and Input E Plenum Speech - Olaf Scholz Input B Plenum Demographic Change Digitalization of Culture Sustainable Habitat Feedback B Plenum Assignment A: A point of view Feedback A Plenum 12013-10-07 Introduction
  3. 3. During the orientation week six assignments, will lead you to your own vision statement for the city of the future Sixwell-structuredassignments A – A point of view B – Megatrends C – Vision Photograph five urban settings relevant to your character. Then let your character comment (not:describe) the situation in the frame D – Conceptual Map E – Storyboard Summarize the main points of each speaker/trend. How will these trends affect your character? In 5 statements describe your program for a desirable future for Leinwig in 2050. Please give your vision a title, and add a short explanation to each statement. Draw a one-page diagram of the elements and actors in your city, visualizing their relationship with each other. Find the most persuasive communication strategy for your vision. Please give your presentation a logline first, then draw a storyboard showing everything you want to present. F – Visualization Produce a 90 sec video clip convincing the Leinwig City Planning Council of your vision. 2013-10-07 Assignment B Megatrends 2
  4. 4. Megatrends 3 Sustainable Habitat Prof. Dr. Daniel Lang Leuphana University Digitalization of Culture Dr. Nishant Shah Centre for Internet and Society Bangalore, India Leuphana Centre for Digital Culture Demographic Change John Luijs Boston Consulting Group 2013-10-07 Assignment B Megatrends
  5. 5. 4 What to do? Assignment B - Megatrends in urban planning Summarize the main points of each speaker. How will these trends affect your character? Fill out the form provided on class2016 and submit it by 18:00. 2013-10-07 Assignment B Megatrends
  6. 6. Template B: Matrix of challenges, actors involved, impact on individual/family Summarize the main points of each speaker How will these trends affect your character? Demographic Change John Luijs Digitalization Dr. Nishant Shah Sustainable Habitat Prof. Daniel Lang 2013-10-07 Assignment B Megatrends 5