Trends and future of sales promotion


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Trends and future of sales promotion

  1. 1.  Concept of sales promotion  Objectives of sales promotion  Sales promotion methods  Trends in sales promotion  Future of sales promotion
  2. 2. Sales promotion refer to activities that seek to directly induce or indirectly serve as incentives to motivate a desired response on the part of the target customers. For example trade discounts, gifts, contests, display and coupons.
  3. 3.  To induce buyer to purchase a new product  To attract new customers  To induce present customers to buy more  To help a film remain competitive  To increase sales in off seasons  To increase the inventory of a business
  4. 4.  Price reductions  Coupons  Sampling  games and merchandising materials  Trade show  Trade allowance  Cross promotion
  5. 5.  Multi Dwelling unit activity This is one of the latest promotional activities that is used by Telecom industries, medias and other FMCG companies. Multi dwelling unit means a society with more than 300 families. In this process, first contact the society secretary and convince them for promotional activity inside the society in any holiday. Promotional activities may be free gifts etc.
  6. 6.  Samples on traditional occasions This promotional activities is mostly used by medicine companies during traditional occasions. As Indians has a big religion belief in each and every region, some products are giving samples like bam, pain clears in occasions like where they have to climb, run and walk for along distance.
  7. 7.  Cinema slides It is a common used promotional activity by colleges and institutions, because cinema is the best entertaining medium for the youth, so they get all information from there.
  8. 8.  Retailers tie up This is a trade based sales promotion in which the manufacturer provide some benefits and margin to the retailers to sell their product and merchandising their retail according to the manufacture s instruction for quick and effective sales. This process is commonly used by internet services provider and newly launched FMCG.
  9. 9.  Putting canopy at right place Putting a canopy at places where people usually awaits in que, areas like outside the bank, petrol pump, cinema hall, admission institutions etc. this is very important that you must have a good sales person who provides the right data to the customers.
  10. 10.  Paper Insert It is the most low cost promotional activity that is used for local area frequency. In this process the pamphlets, leaflets are inserted in local area newspaper by the help of the huckster union.
  11. 11.  The future of sale promotion depends merely on factors like the creativity of promotion strategy, consumer expectations and the medias. All this factor will will change very dramatically in coming years.  The major challenge of the future is likely to be the ability to meet competitive threats from varieties of competitions.
  12. 12. Thank you!