Lead Generation Process - The Basics of Effective Lead Generation On The Internetand


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http://ruthalade.com/lead-generation-process/ Ruth Alade explains the basics of an effective lead generation system.

If you are new to internet or network marketing, you will find this very helpful.

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Lead Generation Process - The Basics of Effective Lead Generation On The Internetand

  1. 1. April 17th, 2012 Published by: ruthalade An effective lead generation process is crucial for your success in any type of business. Here are the basics you need to understand about lead generation.Lead Generation Process – The Basics OfLead Generation OnlineA sound lead generation process is an essential part of building any type of business successfully,whether it is a normal traditional company or an internet business.If you are not getting leads, you will not have new customers and you will not make money!It’s that simple!However, not all leads are equal and an unqualified lead could end up costing you a lot more thanyou expected.For example, if your leads are not being properly qualified during the lead generation process, youhave just wasted your time and money on people who are not interested in your offer.Generating leads is a skill you have to learn whether you are marketing offline or online.Offline Lead Generation ProcessAttending networking events within your niche is an effective way to generate leads offline.The good thing about networking events is that most people who attend networking events arequalified leads because they are in one way or the other interested in your niche and that’s why theyare there.There is a right way and a wrong way to network at networking events.You can read my blog post that explains the right way here. 1
  2. 2. April 17th, 2012 Published by: ruthalade • How To Get The Most Out Of Networking EventsAnother way to generate offline leads is by approaching people in shopping malls and parking lots.I personally do not like this method and I know a lot of people don’t either. But if you like it, byall means go for it! ‘Struggling for leads? Here are 10 unique ways to generate leads. Click here.’Online Lead Generation ProcessOnline lead generation is the new way of generating leads and you can do so on complete auto pilot.That being said, it’s not as easy as it seems because when you start out, nobody knows you and itsup to you to build your brand and credibility using tools like Facebook, Twitter, blogging etcIf you have a budget, you can explore online marketing strategies like solo ads, ppc (pay per click)and you will get quicker results.If you have a tiny little budget, don’t worry, there are still strategies like blogging and articlemarketing that you can explore that requires little to no budget to get started.However, just any other business, to make money, you have got to spend money. You can’t expectto build a 5 or 6 figure business without spending money. That’s just how business works.Lead Generation Process Through BloggingBlogging is an awesome way to generate qualified leads on autopilot. Blogging has actually beenmy primary lead generation process and I get targeted leads every single day from my blog.If you have built a well laid out blog and you are following the techniques that have been testedand tried, for example investing in an auto responder, emailing your list, having an opt in form onyour blog and most importantly building backlinks to your blog, you will start generating leads andmaking sales on autopilot. If you haven’t got a blog, here’s a great place to get a free one. Click here.But if you are already doing all these things and you are still not getting results after a couple ofmonths, then it’s time to troubleshoot. I actually have a blog critique and trouble shooting serviceand if you would like to know more about that, get in touch. 2
  3. 3. April 17th, 2012 Published by: ruthaladeLead Generation Process – How about buying leads?Well, good luck with that.It can be a very expensive option and a lot of the leads you will get have already been sold to anumber of other people.So by the time you call these leads, they have probably received a bunch of calls from other salespeople and that could be very annoying.You might be lucky to find a credible company that will give you fresh leads but you will have topay a premium for this type of leads regardless of whether you convert them into sales or not.What you really need is a proven lead generation system that actually works. There are a couple ofthem out there but the one that I have tried, tested and that I stand by is My Lead System Pro.That’s what I use for my lead generation process and through it, I have been able to generate over2000 leads on the internet, signup dozens of people into my little home business and make a lot ofaffiliate commissions too.Click here to take a tour of the lead generation system I have used to generate over 2000 qualifiedleads online and on autopilot too! 3