Krishna Leela Series - Part 48 - Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini

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Krishna Leela Series - Part 48 - Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini

Krishna Leela Series - Part 48 - Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini

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  • 1. KRISHNA BHAKTI SANGHA - Krishna Leela Series – 48
    Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini
  • 2. Recap….
    Rukmini desired to marry Sri Krishna
    Her brother wanted her to marry Sisupala
    She sent a Letter of her Intent to a Brahmana to convey the message to Krishna
  • 3. Krishna & Brahmana
    After reading,Krishna was very pleased with the Brahmana and shook his hands
    He understands that the marriage was arranged because of animosity
    Wanted to leave immediately
  • 4. Krishna wanted to leave
    Krishna knowing the exact date wanted to leave
    Daruka brought the 4 horses with the Brahmana sitting beside him
    Saibya- Greenish
    Sugriva- Colour of Ice
    Meghapushpa – Colour of new cloud
    Balahaka – Ash colour
    Reached Kundina within a night
  • 5. In Kundina….
    Bhismaka wasn’t enthused to give Rukmini
    One has to get permission and everyone should agree
    Obliging to Rukmi
    Whole town was decorated and was very clean
    Brahmanas were given charity and vedic hymns flooded the atmosphere
  • 6. Sisupala and family…
    Sisupala’s father did all kinds of rituals
    Damaghosa – Famous for Cutting unregulated activities
    Thought of cutting down Krishna’s prowess
    The family was intent on going to Kundina primarily to fight Krishna
  • 7. Enter the Parties….
    Bhismaka welcomed Dhamaghosa’s party
    Thousands of men and prominently were Jarasandha, Dantavakara, Viduratha and Paundaraka
    Rukmi heard some rumours
    Lord Balaram sets out bringing his division
  • 8. Rukmini starts getting anxious…
    Rukmini started getting anxious because it was just a night away
    Thought Krishna had rejected her
    Perhaps the devatas were not pleased
    Was thinking of Girija
    Started shedding tears and some trembling occurred on the left side
  • 9. Auspiciousness
    She saw the brahmana messenger
    Broke the good news
    Paid obeisances only
  • 10. Receiving the Lords
    Krishna and Balaram were well received by Bhishmaka
    Everyone was astounded by the beauty
    They began to offer nice prayers
    Rukmini who was protected came out
  • 11. Rukmini goes to the temple of Durga
    Deity worship was existing back then
    Rukmini was thinking of Krishna always
    Krishna is the source of all devatas
    Finally the family started offering prayers to the temple deities.
  • 12. Beautiful Rukmini Devi…
    As Rukmini was outside, all the princes were blown away
    Rukmini was so beautiful that they almost became unconscious
    Rukmini was only around 14 years old
    They were full of lust and thinking of ways to enjoy her
  • 13. Enter Shyamasundar…
    She was not interested in anyone
    She was adjusting her ornaments on her left finger
    She looked up and saw Krishna and immediately recognized him
    Krishna immediately took Rukmini away like a Lion
    Is kidnapping a crime?
  • 14. Jarasandha began to roar…
    Krishna is taking Rukmini away without any opposition
    What is the use of us being Great Fighters?
    He is like a Jackal taking the deer away from the Lion
  • 15. The Brahmana…
    Who is he?
    VadirajaTirtha took Sanyasa at 8
    Challenge on which was the greatest poem?
    RukminishaVijaya VS SisupalaVadha
    It had 1240 verses and was composed in 19 days and won over everyone!