Krishna Leela Series - Part 53 - Five Queens Married by Krishna


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Krishna Leela Series - Part 53 - Five Queens Married by Krishna

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Krishna Leela Series - Part 53 - Five Queens Married by Krishna

  1. 1. Five Queens Married by Krishna Krishna Leela Series Part 53 Chapter 58 ________________________
  2. 2. Recap….
  3. 3. Recap….
  4. 4. Rumor that Pandavas killed in the fire accident Pandavas escaped through secret tunnel
  5. 5. Pandavas spotted at Draupadi’s marriage Rumor that Pandavas were not dead
  6. 6. Pandavas returned to capital city Hastinapur People saw them face to face News was carried to Krsna and Balarama Krsna wanted to see them personally Krsna went to see the Pandavas out of His affection for His great devotees without any warning
  7. 7. All of them got up from their respective seats as soon as they saw Krsna Krsna is called Mukunda Pandavas became very enlivened Lord was playing the part of an ordinary human being
  8. 8. Lord touched the feet of Yudhisthira and Bhima because they were His two older cousins Arjuna embraced Krsna Nakula and Sahadeva, touched the lotus feet of Krsna Lord Krsna personally went to visit Srimati Kuntidevi
  9. 9. Krishna touched Kuntidevi’s feet. Kuntidevi's eyes became wet in great love, she feelingly embraced Lord Krishna. Although Kuntidevi was Aunt of Krishna, she knew immediately after meeting Him that He was the Supreme Personality of Godhead. She knew perfectly well that no one, without Krishna's grace, could have saved them from the fire conspiracy.
  10. 10. Devotees who simply think of You are always immune to all kinds of material dangers. We are personally remembered by You. Although You are equal to everyone, You are especially inclined to the devotees who always think of You . Being requested by King Yudhisthira, Krishna agreed to stay in Hastinapura for four months during the rainy season. All the citizens of the town got the privilege of seeing Him now and then, and thus they merged into transcendental bliss simply by seeing Lord Krishna eye to eye.
  11. 11. Krishna and Arjuna went to forest for hunting. Arjuna had to practice killing many enemies. Krishna doesn't have to practice anything. Krishna accompanied Arjuna to see how he was practising. Krishna is self-sufficient.
  12. 12. Arjuna killed many tigers, boars, bison, rhinoceroses, deer, hares, porcupines and similar other animals, which he pierced with his arrows.
  13. 13. Arjuna felt tired and thirsty from hunting. He went to the bank of the Yamuna along with Krishna. They saw a beautiful girl walking alone on the bank of the Yamuna. Arjuna enquired … She was Yamuna personified - Kalindi, daughter of Sun-God. She was performing penance and austerity to have Lord Vishnu as husband. Krishna immediately accepted Kalindi.
  14. 14. King Yudhisthira requested Krishna's help in constructing a suitable house planned by the great architect Visvakarma. Krishna immediately called for Visvakarma, and He made him construct a wonderful city according to the desire of King Yudhisthira. Maharaja Yudhisthira requested Krishna to live with them for a few more days.
  15. 15. Khandava forest belonged to King Indra. Agni, the Fire-God required to eat this forest for rejuvenation. Approached Krishna for help, Krishna offered Agni devoured the forest, pleased and offered Gandiva Bow, four white horses, one chariot, one quiver with 2 arrows. Arjuna saved demon named Maya from forest fire.
  16. 16. Demon Maya to please Arjuna, constructed a nice assembly house. This assembly house was designed with illusions and puzzling corners.
  17. 17. Duryodhana fell into water accepting land as water and water as land. Duryodhana thus became insulted by the opulence of the Pandavas. Duryodhana became Pandavas’ determined enemy.
  18. 18. Krishna left for Dwaraka with Kalindi Krishna Married Kalindi as per the vedic rituals
  19. 19. Their only sister named Mitravinda daughter of Rajadhidevi The kings of Avantipura were named Vindya and Anuvindya. Rajadhidevi was aunt of Krishna Under the control of Duryodhana Krishna kidnapped Mitravinda Vindya and Anuvindya were against Mitravinda’s wish to marry Krsna
  20. 20. Nagnajit, The pious king of Kosala had a daughter named Satya King took a vow that he will marry his daughter to one who defeats the seven stalwart bulls None of the Princes were able to defeat the bulls Krishna heard the news, went to Kosala Krishna divided into seven krsnas, defeated the bulls King Nagnajit handed over his daughter satya to Krishna
  21. 21. Krishna accepted Satya Marriage ceremony with great pomp Whole city celebrated the marriage ceremony
  22. 22. 10000 Cows 3000 Maid servants 9000 Elephants 900,000 Chariots 90,000,000 horses 9,000,000,000 Slaves
  23. 23. Like a Lion Chasing small animals Princess who failed subduing bulls got envious of krsna Started attacking with arrows at the Krishna's bridal party Arjuna took charge of the princess chasing away without killing anyone
  24. 24. Krishna also married Bhadra, daughter of Krishna's paternal aunt Srutakirti
  25. 25. Krishna kidnapped Lakshmana at the svayamvara function Lakshmana was daughter of King of Madra provinces