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    Golf courses in vietnam Golf courses in vietnam Presentation Transcript

    • Golf courses in Vietnam
      By Takeyuki Koike
    • Introduction
      Nowadays golf is the best sport to attract tourists
      Tour companies started to include golf tour in their plan (Swing)
      Vietnam started the golf project (Hoang)
      - 144 courses by 2020
      Economical benefit, but environmentally and socially unsustainable
    • My point of view
      The Vietnamese government should ban the golf course project.
      - Environmental problem
      - Social problem
      - Negative influence from mass of tourism
    • Counter 1: Improve environment
      Few cases
      Some golf courses in undeveloped area (First)
      Good golf course condition
      One of the golf courses got the international environmental award (First)
    • Argument 1: Destroying Environment
      A lot of area – golf courses and hotels or other resorts
      Cutting trees – increase CO2
      ⇒global warming(Thanhnien)
      Too many chemicals - keep the grass green
      ⇒Water pollution(Thanhnien)
      Not good water clean process – poor people drink that water
    • Counter 2 : Economic Benefit
      Number of tourists increasing in previous years
      Vietnam can host golf tournament (Thai Airways)
      ⇒attracts many people.
      Tourists bring a lot of money into Vietnam (PM)
      Not only golf courses, other resorts also gets money
    • Argument 2 : Social Problem
      Most of Vietnamese - farmers
      Golf courses are built in rural areas, not urban areas
      Loss of land which sustains the farmer’s life style
      Poor people have to move because of golf course construction (Thanhnien)
      Farmers are not well educated – difficult to get new jobs (Thanhnien)
    • Argument 3 : Tourism Problem
      Garbage disposal problem (Thailand)
      - Increasing tourists = increasing garbage
      Water shortage (Thailand)
      - Too many tourists uses a lot of water
      Inflation for the local population (Thailand)
      - Merchants set the price higher to get more money from tourists
    • Conclusion & Solution
      Although golf courses bring money into Vietnam, golf project should be banned because of environmental and social problems caused by golf course construction
      No solution from the government
      If the government stop the project, Vietnam can use project’s money to other way of develop the country such as reforming education
      - close rich - poor divide
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