Iron Fist Vs Gentle Hand
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  • Asoka's pillar. 32-foot high polished sandstone columns were erected at the time of Asoka's reign to commemorate events in Buddha's life or to mark routes to holy sites. The Lions of Sarnath: Sarnath is where Asiddhartha Gautama first preached, and these lions echo his teachings to the four corners of the world. The wheel symbolizes Buddhist law and also Asoka's legitimacy as an enlightened ruler.


  • 1. Asoka vs. Shi Huangdi:
      • Should a country be lead with an iron fist or a gentle hand?
  • 2. Who was Asoka?
    • Asoka was an Indian emperor.
    • He ruled from c. 273- c. 232 B.C.E.
  • 3.
    • Circa 261 B.C. he led a bloody conquest to gain control over India.
    • After the conquest he suffered from remorse and accepted Buddhism as his religion.
  • 4.
    • Asoka was a devout Buddhist after he converted.
    • He tried to convert everyone in his empire.
  • 5.
    • He ruled in the name of Dharma or Righteousness.
    • And believed in love rather than the sword
  • 6. Asoka’s Law
    • 'Of all victories, the victory of Dharma is the noblest. One may win a piece of land by fighting a war. But by kindness, love and pity one can win the hearts of people.
  • 7. Asoka’s Law Cont…
    • The sharp point of the sword spills blood; but from Dharma springs the fountain of love. The victory won by arms brings fleeting joy but the victory of Dharma brings lasting joy'
  • 8. Asoka’s love or bane?
    • Ashoka’s love for Dharma made him try to stretch to the far reaches of the world.
          • Top of Asoka column ->
  • 9.
    • He wrote about the wonders of Dharma on stones all over Asia and as far as Greece.
            • Asoka column ->
  • 10. The death of Asoka
    • It is uncertain on how Asoka died.
    • The most logical explanation is that he was fed up with his wife and children quarreling that he went on a pilgrimage and died at the age of 72.
  • 11. Who was Shi Huangdi?
    • At the age of 13 he took the throne as a Chinese emperor.
    • He started the Qin dynasty and led with an iron fist.
  • 12.
    • He was very superstitious and was almost assassinated three times!!!
    • Shi Huangdi believed that to get peace you had to force it upon your subjects.
  • 13. Forced Peace?
    • He burned books and buried scholars alive. He tortured those who oppressed him and it was all in the name of peace.
    • Despite the terrible side of Shi Huangdi, he did have many accomplishments.
  • 14. The Accomplishments of Shi Huangdi
    • His Greatest was the great wall of China and the Canals
    • Thousands died to make these spectacular pieces of architecture.
  • 15. A Tomb Fit For A King!
    • Another one of his great accomplishments was his own personal tomb.
  • 16. Shi Huangdi’s Tomb
    • The tomb was filled with life size clay soldiers. These soldiers were part of every aspect of the Chinese army.
    • The soldiers also showed how Shi Huangdi ended the burial of live people in the tombs of emperors.
  • 17. Technique # 1 - Gentle Hand
    • Gentle Hand
      • Empire does as is ordered because of love of emperor
      • Strong steady expansion because of expanding love of emperor.
  • 18. Technique #2 - Iron Fist
    • Iron Fist
      • Empire does as is ordered because of fear
      • Quick, unsteady expansion of empire because of brutality to neighbors to gain land.
  • 19.
    • Many people would argue that the Gentle Hand is better because it is a guide to the empire rather than the law. It also creates a long steady empire.
  • 20.
    • Others would say that an iron fist is more noteworthy because it crushes nations and brings up an empire to a glorious peak. Even if it is short lived.
  • 21. Who is better? You decide!
  • 22. The End