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DecorACTION, Painting projects

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DecorAction Portfolio

  1. 1. PymbleLadys College, Pymble (for Grindley Construction)<br />Job description:<br />To stain and varnish wooden panels, match stain color to existing panels, organize access (ladders, mobile scaffold)<br />Materials: <br />Cabot Interior Varnish Stain, Cabothane Crystal Clear<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Applying stains and varnish;
  2. 2. Matching stain color;
  3. 3. Erecting and dismantling mobile scaffold;
  4. 4. Workplace Safety - working at heights, PPE
  5. 5. Team supervising.</li></li></ul><li>Darlinghurst St Kings Cross<br />Job description:<br />To paint interior and exterior of former bank office. <br />Materials: <br /> Interior: Dulux Professional L/Sh, Dlx Ceiling white, Undercoat TBNS 3in1, DLX Superenamel, Zinsser Stain Cover<br />Exterior: DuluxAcratexAcrapatch, Dulux Medium Texture, DuluxAcratex 955 AcraShield<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Knowledge about advance protective coatings with Dulux range products;
  6. 6. Heavy pedestrian traffic control, according to local Council rules, incl. barricading;
  7. 7. Development existing interior painting skills;</li></li></ul><li>Mullauna Age Care Village, 61 Bungarribe Rd Blacktown, stage 2<br />Job description:<br />To sand off existing and apply new varnish coat at garden furniture.<br />To paint other garden furniture.<br />Materials: <br />Cabot’s Deck Clean, Cabot’s Clear, Cabot Stain. Dulux Super enamel.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Rejuvenating and preparing weathered timber to painting;
  8. 8. Staining - matching new replaced panels to existing;
  9. 9. Varnishing;
  10. 10. Workplace Safety (PPE, dust control – Festool and Fein Systems).</li></li></ul><li>
  11. 11. 19 Pacific St Bronte<br />Job description:<br />To renew table, match color to new chairs. To varnish old cupboards. To refresh wardrobes (danish oil). <br />Materials: <br />Water based system: CabothaneSandless Primer, Cabothane, Cabot’s Interior Varnish Stain, Cabot’s Woodcraft Stains;<br />Oil based system: Cabot’s Interior Stain, Cabothane. Danish Oil.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Advanced knowleadge about water and oil based systems in furniture painting;
  12. 12. Cabot’s product range;
  13. 13. Advanced dust control incl. screening and Fein Dust Extracting system.</li></li></ul><li>Commonwealth Bank, Swansea (for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job Description:<br />To repair and paint unpainted ceilings spots after old advertising banners and signs. <br />To remove old sign, and repaint side wall.<br />Materials: Builders’ Bog, DuluxWeathershield, Primer, fillers<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Time management (one day job, cooperation with other – sign makers team);
  14. 14. Plaster repairs techniques, patching;
  15. 15. Workplace Safety ( pedestrian traffic control, barricade and bollard usage rules, according to local council agreement, PPE);
  16. 16. AutoCAD project reading;</li></li></ul><li>Fitzgerald St Bondi Junction, <br />Job description:<br />To stop existing and prevent next water damage garden dividing walls, prepare and paint house front, fence, and gate.<br />Materials:<br />Hydroepoxy SE30, Dulux Sealer Binder, DuluxWeathershield, Dlx Super Enamel, undercoat<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Waterproofing with hydro epoxy product;
  17. 17. Understanding nature of two pack paints;
  18. 18. External painting skills development;
  19. 19. Workplace Safety (PPE).</li></li></ul><li>Court House Dubbo, 124 Brisbane St Dubbo<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint Court House, Sherriff Office building and fence. To dispose lead <br />paint. External only. <br />Materials: DuluxWeathershield, DuluxSuperenamel, DuluxOil Based Undercoat, fillers.<br />Skills: <br /><ul><li>Heritage building painting;
  20. 20. Lead paint management;
  21. 21. Working at height (boom stage usage);
  22. 22. Communicating and cooperating with personnel and regular court clients.</li></li></ul><li>
  23. 23. 8/19 Pacific St Bronte<br />Job description: <br />To prepare and paint all internal surfaces. <br />Materials: TaubmansEnduro product range.<br />Improved skills: Regular painting skills development. <br />
  24. 24. 18 Rosalind St Cammerey<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint new fence, to paint all external<br /> surfaces.<br />Materials: Dulux Sealer binder, Resene finish product <br />range.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Regular painting skills development;
  25. 25. Fresh concrete and bare timber preparation;
  26. 26. New knowledge about Resene product range. </li></li></ul><li>3a Wiley St Waverly <br />Job description:<br />To prepare, stain and clear coat bathroom cabinet.<br />Materials: Cabot’s Interior Stain, Cabot’s Cabothane<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Matching new stained color to existing;
  27. 27. General staining and varnishing skills;
  28. 28. Dust control (Fein system). </li></li></ul><li>TAFE Library, Sydney Campus<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint all interior surfaces , levels: G, 1, 2. To repair water damaged<br /> surfaces.<br />Materials: Zinsser BIN, Zinsser Stain Cover, DuluxProffesional interior range products.<br />Skills:<br /><ul><li>AutoCAD projects reading;
  29. 29. Big crew supervision (4-16 painters);
  30. 30. Water damage repairing solutions, waterproofing solutions (independent builder’s </li></ul> Team observation only);<br /><ul><li>Communication and cooperation skills – personnel, students, carpet layers team;
  31. 31. Workplace Safety (PPE, barricading workplace, work site signage usage) </li></li></ul><li>
  32. 32. 1 Cuthbert St Bondi Junction<br />Job Description:<br />To paint front and side of the house, fance and postbox. Repair and paint downpipe and missing decorative elements. To high pressure wash prior painting.<br />Materials:<br />Fibro, Wood, DuluxWeathershield, Dlx Super Enamel, Rust Converter , Each primer<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Repairing and installing new fibro, metal and wooden panels, incl. cutting, grinding and drilling;
  33. 33. New surface priming knowledge development;
  34. 34. External painting of heritage building;
  35. 35. Heritage building repainting rules, according to Waverly Council rules and Australian Standards;
  36. 36. Team supervising and cooperating with client and local council;</li></li></ul><li>
  37. 37.
  38. 38. 36 Talavera Rd Macquarie Park<br />Job Description:<br />To fully repaint fire damaged (broken dryer) bathroom. <br />Materials: Zinsser B-I-N primer-sealer, DuluxMouldshield, DuluxSuper Enamel<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Developing knowledge about different source stains, fire and smoke stains covering;
  39. 39. Mould protection in bathroom and wet areas;
  40. 40. Workplace Safety (PPE, good ventilation)</li></li></ul><li>Western Sydney University, Campbeltown Campus (stage 2, for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job Description:<br />To prepare and paint all gates, fire hydrants and bollards. To fix “last time” defects.<br />Materials:<br />Dulux Rust Converter, White Knight Cold Gal(vaniser) STE Durabird, HBR Weathermax, Etch Primer<br />Improved skills: <br />- Rusted and bare metal preparation and priming;<br /><ul><li>Epoxy paint coating;
  41. 41. Understanding the rusting process and detecting </li></ul> critical spots;<br /><ul><li>Workplace Safety (PPE, car traffic control, basic level )</li></li></ul><li>Carpark, 3 Harris St, Five Dock<br />Job description:<br />High traffic floors and stairs painting incl. fresh concrete preparation.<br />Materials: Sealing agent, STE Durabild, HBR Weathermax.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>usage of epoxy paints;
  42. 42. Workplace Safety (PPE);
  43. 43. Concrete preparation. </li></li></ul><li>West Sydney University, Campus Campbeltown (stage 5 , for Higgins Coating)<br />Job description:<br />To paint and protect new draining system and recoat top surface of bridge.<br />Materials: DuluxLUXEpoxy Sealer, Berger Paving paint plus non slip grip sand.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Aged paint priming, preparation of steel surfaces;
  44. 44. Dulux Protective Coating range products usage;
  45. 45. Workplace Safety (PPE, pedestrian traffic control). </li></li></ul><li>Commonwealth Bank, Picton (for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job description:<br />To remove old signs from the top section of front side of building, protect rusted spots,<br /> patch holes, removes pins and paint.<br />Materials: White Knight Rust primer, DuluxWeathershield gloss black, paint extender, <br />filler.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Time management (one day job);
  46. 46. Workplace Safety (working at height – harness and anchor points usage, PPE)</li></li></ul><li>AVEO Age Care Village, Bay View, 34-36 Cabbage tree Rd Bay View (stage 7 <br />for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job description:<br />To remove wallpapers in kitchen, and install new. To clean and protect mould<br />problem, to repaint. <br />Materials: MouldkillerSelley’s, Zinsser BIN, Zinsser Stain Cover, DuluxMouldshield,<br />Dlx L/sheen Professional, Dlx Ceiling Prof paint, Dlx Super Enamel.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Advanced mould problem solutions;
  47. 47. Wallpaper removing (steamers) and installing new;
  48. 48. Workplace Safety (PPE – mould and steam hazard)</li></li></ul><li>
  49. 49. 2/40 Banks St Monterey<br />Job description: <br />To replicate picture at wall in bedroom, to paint bedroom. <br />Materials: Organic art acrylic paints, DuluxWash&Ware matt, Dulux Suede Clear Coat. <br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Usage art acrylic paint;
  50. 50. Tinting color and paints, advanced tinting skills, matching colors;
  51. 51. Knowledge how to protect sensitive and delicate wall painting effects.</li></li></ul><li>4 Flora St Kirawee, Cronulla Sutherland Automotives<br />Job description: To paint garage office and backroom. <br />Materials: Dulux range products, Zinsser BIN, Dulux STE Durabird.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>development existing painting skills;
  52. 52. Paint resistance against wide range liquids incl. automotive grease and oils;
  53. 53. Proper floor preparation.</li></li></ul><li>7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 1<br />Job description: Repaint house, general maintenance works (incl. bbq, toilets, curtains, <br />lockers, and broken rails, furniture)<br />Materials: Dulux range products, TaubmansWeatherthrough l/sheen, CabotsCabothane,<br />Cabots Stains, SikaMonotop, SikaSikadur 41, SikaMultikit, White knight Engine paint.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Usage Sika products, and repairing techniques (fixing handrails to wall) with cement and epoxy products;
  54. 54. Matching color and staining new timber and panels, replacing with them broken parts of furniture;
  55. 55. Usage high temp paint, knowledge about temp ressistance;
  56. 56. Dustless painting and works – Dust extracting systems and dust screens and dividers.</li></li></ul><li>
  57. 57. 7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 2<br />Job description: To build telephone box inside wall.<br />Materials: Gyprock plasterboards, Gyprock basecoat <br />and topcoat, DuluxWash&Ware wall paint, cement.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Plastering and demolition techniques;
  58. 58. Dust control incl. dust extracting and screening;
  59. 59. Using stud and cable detector, leveling. </li></li></ul><li>7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 3<br />Job description: To paint kitchen cupboard and install new handles.<br />Materials: White Knight primer, White Knight cupboard paint, Builders’ Bog.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Development spray techniques;
  60. 60. Compressors and spray gun market research;
  61. 61. Wider White Knight range products knowledge;
  62. 62. General basic carpenter’s skills and MDF board processing; </li></li></ul><li>
  63. 63. Todd St Merrylands<br />Job description:<br />To paint walls and ceilings, 5 bedroom house.<br />Materials: DuluxWash&Wear, DLX Ceiling paint<br />Skills: <br /><ul><li>Time and team management – 2 days time limit, 7 person team;
  64. 64. AutoCAD project reading.</li></li></ul><li>133 Denman Ave Caringbah<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint external house,gate, garage shed and internal loundry.<br />To replace missing and damaged timber panels. <br />Materials: Dulux range product. Polyfilla and Nordsjo fillers.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>General painting skills development;
  65. 65. Basic carpenter’s skills;
  66. 66. Workplace safety – working at height, PPE.</li></li></ul><li>
  67. 67. 260-262 Alinga St Canberra - David Jones Canberra, <br />Bradley St Westfield Wooden - David Jones Woden<br />Job description: To refurbish, to prepare, to paint staff room incl. dinning and kitchen areas.<br />Materials: Bristol and Dulux range product. fillers, Gyprock range products.<br />Skills:<br /><ul><li>Cooperation with client and other traders;
  68. 68. Reading autoCAD projects;
  69. 69. Time management;
  70. 70. Cost and product estimating. </li></li></ul><li>
  71. 71. Court House, 4 Montague St Goulburn (for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint heritage dome and hall room.<br />Materials: Zinsser Stain Cover, Taubmans 3in1, DuluxProffesional<br /> l/sheen paint.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Working at scaffold;
  72. 72. Understanding heritage building rules and color schemas;
  73. 73. Workplace Safety (PPE, working at height);
  74. 74. Big team supervision.</li></li></ul><li>WorkCover Authority, 159 Auburn St Goulburn (for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint 6 level office complex plus gates, fances and front ramp.<br />Materials: DuluxAcraTex 955 AcraShield, Dulux STE Durabild, Dulux HBR Weathermax, <br />Berger Paving paint, fillers.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Working at swing stages;
  75. 75. Communications skills incl. personnel, architect, scaffold building team, and team </li></ul> working at height (line access only);<br /><ul><li>Time management (4 weeks job);
  76. 76. Big team supervision.</li></li></ul><li>5 Coral Dr Jerrabomberra, ACT (for Higgins Coatings)<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint kindergarten incl. ceilings, walls, furniture, woodworks.<br />Materials: Fillers, DLX Proffessional l/sheen, DLX Ceiling paint, DLX Superenamel, <br />Zinsser 1-2-3.<br />Skills: <br /><ul><li>Workplace safety;
  77. 77. Supervising big team;
  78. 78. Client cooperation. </li></li></ul><li>
  79. 79. 17 Jackaman St Bondi<br />Job description: To prepare and paint whole house incl. antiallergenic and organic paints. <br />To install new and repair existing windows, install new glass in internal doors. To install new cornice in upstair bedroom<br />Materials: Porter’s range products, fillers.<br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>New knowledge about organic paints and antiallergenic products available in Australia;
  80. 80. Big team supervising;
  81. 81. Workplace safety – ladder usage, scaffold usage, PPE;
  82. 82. Time management;
  83. 83. Estimating costs and materials usage.</li></li></ul><li>
  84. 84. 21 Llandilo St Strathfield<br />Job description: To prepare, repair and paint house and fance. Exterior and partly interior job. To build kitchen exhaust duct.<br />Materials: Dulux product range, DuluxAcratexAcraPATCH, cement. Rustguard primer undercoat.<br />Improved skills:<br /><ul><li>Patching and repairing large cracks, missing render, replicating missing timber panels and bricks;
  85. 85. Understanding general construction of building, building new duct form kitchen cupboard to roof via kitchen ceiling, floor studs, wall and roof.
  86. 86. Reading AutoCAD project;
  87. 87. Spray techniques improvement.</li></li></ul><li>
  88. 88. 637 Darling St Rozelle<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint public area off the offices, incl. repair water damaged wall. To paint metal bars. To varnish all woodworks.<br />Materials: Bristol range products, fillers, cornice cement, Rustcoat, Hydro Epoxy WMP 300. <br />Improved skills: <br /><ul><li>Water damaged walls treatment;
  89. 89. Staining missing panels and matching to existing;
  90. 90. PPE.</li></li></ul><li>
  91. 91. Museum od Sydney, Young St wing, Sydney (for Service Painting)<br />Job description:<br />To prepare and paint ground and 1st floor of building. <br />Materials: DuluxWeathershield Gloss, DlxSuperenamel, fillers.<br />Skills: <br /><ul><li>Heritage building color schema knowledge;
  92. 92. Pedestrian traffic control;
  93. 93. lead paint management;
  94. 94. Workplace safety – PPE, working at height.</li></li></ul><li>100 George St Parrammatta, level 12<br />Job description: To prepare and paint all (demolished) internal surfaces, incl. trowelled and rolled on texture.To install missing wallpapers<br />Materials: DuluxAcraTex 951 Coventry quartz Coat, DuluxAcraGlaze, Dulux Fine Texture, Dulux Professional L/sheen, DlxSuperenamel, Automotive acrylic spray paint and primer (lift doors), cornice cement, Gyprock topcoat, Vision wallpaper rolls.<br />Skills:<br /><ul><li>spray techniques (lift doors and frames);
  95. 95. Trowel texture techniques;
  96. 96. Skimming wall surfaces;
  97. 97. Rolling on texture;
  98. 98. Workplace safety – PPE, dust control.</li></li></ul><li>