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DecorAction Portfolio

DecorAction Portfolio



DecorACTION, Painting projects

DecorACTION, Painting projects



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    DecorAction Portfolio DecorAction Portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • PymbleLadys College, Pymble (for Grindley Construction)
      Job description:
      To stain and varnish wooden panels, match stain color to existing panels, organize access (ladders, mobile scaffold)
      Cabot Interior Varnish Stain, Cabothane Crystal Clear
      Improved skills:
      • Applying stains and varnish;
      • Matching stain color;
      • Erecting and dismantling mobile scaffold;
      • Workplace Safety - working at heights, PPE
      • Team supervising.
    • Darlinghurst St Kings Cross
      Job description:
      To paint interior and exterior of former bank office.
      Interior: Dulux Professional L/Sh, Dlx Ceiling white, Undercoat TBNS 3in1, DLX Superenamel, Zinsser Stain Cover
      Exterior: DuluxAcratexAcrapatch, Dulux Medium Texture, DuluxAcratex 955 AcraShield
      Improved skills:
      • Knowledge about advance protective coatings with Dulux range products;
      • Heavy pedestrian traffic control, according to local Council rules, incl. barricading;
      • Development existing interior painting skills;
    • Mullauna Age Care Village, 61 Bungarribe Rd Blacktown, stage 2
      Job description:
      To sand off existing and apply new varnish coat at garden furniture.
      To paint other garden furniture.
      Cabot’s Deck Clean, Cabot’s Clear, Cabot Stain. Dulux Super enamel.
      Improved skills:
      • Rejuvenating and preparing weathered timber to painting;
      • Staining - matching new replaced panels to existing;
      • Varnishing;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, dust control – Festool and Fein Systems).
    • 19 Pacific St Bronte
      Job description:
      To renew table, match color to new chairs. To varnish old cupboards. To refresh wardrobes (danish oil).
      Water based system: CabothaneSandless Primer, Cabothane, Cabot’s Interior Varnish Stain, Cabot’s Woodcraft Stains;
      Oil based system: Cabot’s Interior Stain, Cabothane. Danish Oil.
      Improved skills:
      • Advanced knowleadge about water and oil based systems in furniture painting;
      • Cabot’s product range;
      • Advanced dust control incl. screening and Fein Dust Extracting system.
    • Commonwealth Bank, Swansea (for Higgins Coatings)
      Job Description:
      To repair and paint unpainted ceilings spots after old advertising banners and signs.
      To remove old sign, and repaint side wall.
      Materials: Builders’ Bog, DuluxWeathershield, Primer, fillers
      Improved skills:
      • Time management (one day job, cooperation with other – sign makers team);
      • Plaster repairs techniques, patching;
      • Workplace Safety ( pedestrian traffic control, barricade and bollard usage rules, according to local council agreement, PPE);
      • AutoCAD project reading;
    • Fitzgerald St Bondi Junction,
      Job description:
      To stop existing and prevent next water damage garden dividing walls, prepare and paint house front, fence, and gate.
      Hydroepoxy SE30, Dulux Sealer Binder, DuluxWeathershield, Dlx Super Enamel, undercoat
      Improved skills:
      • Waterproofing with hydro epoxy product;
      • Understanding nature of two pack paints;
      • External painting skills development;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE).
    • Court House Dubbo, 124 Brisbane St Dubbo
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint Court House, Sherriff Office building and fence. To dispose lead
      paint. External only.
      Materials: DuluxWeathershield, DuluxSuperenamel, DuluxOil Based Undercoat, fillers.
      • Heritage building painting;
      • Lead paint management;
      • Working at height (boom stage usage);
      • Communicating and cooperating with personnel and regular court clients.
    • 8/19 Pacific St Bronte
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint all internal surfaces.
      Materials: TaubmansEnduro product range.
      Improved skills: Regular painting skills development.
    • 18 Rosalind St Cammerey
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint new fence, to paint all external
      Materials: Dulux Sealer binder, Resene finish product
      Improved skills:
      • Regular painting skills development;
      • Fresh concrete and bare timber preparation;
      • New knowledge about Resene product range.
    • 3a Wiley St Waverly
      Job description:
      To prepare, stain and clear coat bathroom cabinet.
      Materials: Cabot’s Interior Stain, Cabot’s Cabothane
      Improved skills:
      • Matching new stained color to existing;
      • General staining and varnishing skills;
      • Dust control (Fein system).
    • TAFE Library, Sydney Campus
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint all interior surfaces , levels: G, 1, 2. To repair water damaged
      Materials: Zinsser BIN, Zinsser Stain Cover, DuluxProffesional interior range products.
      • AutoCAD projects reading;
      • Big crew supervision (4-16 painters);
      • Water damage repairing solutions, waterproofing solutions (independent builder’s
      Team observation only);
      • Communication and cooperation skills – personnel, students, carpet layers team;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, barricading workplace, work site signage usage)
    • 1 Cuthbert St Bondi Junction
      Job Description:
      To paint front and side of the house, fance and postbox. Repair and paint downpipe and missing decorative elements. To high pressure wash prior painting.
      Fibro, Wood, DuluxWeathershield, Dlx Super Enamel, Rust Converter , Each primer
      Improved skills:
      • Repairing and installing new fibro, metal and wooden panels, incl. cutting, grinding and drilling;
      • New surface priming knowledge development;
      • External painting of heritage building;
      • Heritage building repainting rules, according to Waverly Council rules and Australian Standards;
      • Team supervising and cooperating with client and local council;
    • 36 Talavera Rd Macquarie Park
      Job Description:
      To fully repaint fire damaged (broken dryer) bathroom.
      Materials: Zinsser B-I-N primer-sealer, DuluxMouldshield, DuluxSuper Enamel
      Improved skills:
      • Developing knowledge about different source stains, fire and smoke stains covering;
      • Mould protection in bathroom and wet areas;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, good ventilation)
    • Western Sydney University, Campbeltown Campus (stage 2, for Higgins Coatings)
      Job Description:
      To prepare and paint all gates, fire hydrants and bollards. To fix “last time” defects.
      Dulux Rust Converter, White Knight Cold Gal(vaniser) STE Durabird, HBR Weathermax, Etch Primer
      Improved skills:
      - Rusted and bare metal preparation and priming;
      • Epoxy paint coating;
      • Understanding the rusting process and detecting
      critical spots;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, car traffic control, basic level )
    • Carpark, 3 Harris St, Five Dock
      Job description:
      High traffic floors and stairs painting incl. fresh concrete preparation.
      Materials: Sealing agent, STE Durabild, HBR Weathermax.
      Improved skills:
      • usage of epoxy paints;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE);
      • Concrete preparation.
    • West Sydney University, Campus Campbeltown (stage 5 , for Higgins Coating)
      Job description:
      To paint and protect new draining system and recoat top surface of bridge.
      Materials: DuluxLUXEpoxy Sealer, Berger Paving paint plus non slip grip sand.
      Improved skills:
      • Aged paint priming, preparation of steel surfaces;
      • Dulux Protective Coating range products usage;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, pedestrian traffic control).
    • Commonwealth Bank, Picton (for Higgins Coatings)
      Job description:
      To remove old signs from the top section of front side of building, protect rusted spots,
      patch holes, removes pins and paint.
      Materials: White Knight Rust primer, DuluxWeathershield gloss black, paint extender,
      Improved skills:
      • Time management (one day job);
      • Workplace Safety (working at height – harness and anchor points usage, PPE)
    • AVEO Age Care Village, Bay View, 34-36 Cabbage tree Rd Bay View (stage 7
      for Higgins Coatings)
      Job description:
      To remove wallpapers in kitchen, and install new. To clean and protect mould
      problem, to repaint.
      Materials: MouldkillerSelley’s, Zinsser BIN, Zinsser Stain Cover, DuluxMouldshield,
      Dlx L/sheen Professional, Dlx Ceiling Prof paint, Dlx Super Enamel.
      Improved skills:
      • Advanced mould problem solutions;
      • Wallpaper removing (steamers) and installing new;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE – mould and steam hazard)
    • 2/40 Banks St Monterey
      Job description:
      To replicate picture at wall in bedroom, to paint bedroom.
      Materials: Organic art acrylic paints, DuluxWash&Ware matt, Dulux Suede Clear Coat.
      Improved skills:
      • Usage art acrylic paint;
      • Tinting color and paints, advanced tinting skills, matching colors;
      • Knowledge how to protect sensitive and delicate wall painting effects.
    • 4 Flora St Kirawee, Cronulla Sutherland Automotives
      Job description: To paint garage office and backroom.
      Materials: Dulux range products, Zinsser BIN, Dulux STE Durabird.
      Improved skills:
      • development existing painting skills;
      • Paint resistance against wide range liquids incl. automotive grease and oils;
      • Proper floor preparation.
    • 7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 1
      Job description: Repaint house, general maintenance works (incl. bbq, toilets, curtains,
      lockers, and broken rails, furniture)
      Materials: Dulux range products, TaubmansWeatherthrough l/sheen, CabotsCabothane,
      Cabots Stains, SikaMonotop, SikaSikadur 41, SikaMultikit, White knight Engine paint.
      Improved skills:
      • Usage Sika products, and repairing techniques (fixing handrails to wall) with cement and epoxy products;
      • Matching color and staining new timber and panels, replacing with them broken parts of furniture;
      • Usage high temp paint, knowledge about temp ressistance;
      • Dustless painting and works – Dust extracting systems and dust screens and dividers.
    • 7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 2
      Job description: To build telephone box inside wall.
      Materials: Gyprock plasterboards, Gyprock basecoat
      and topcoat, DuluxWash&Ware wall paint, cement.
      Improved skills:
      • Plastering and demolition techniques;
      • Dust control incl. dust extracting and screening;
      • Using stud and cable detector, leveling.
    • 7 Hough St Bondi Junction, stage 3
      Job description: To paint kitchen cupboard and install new handles.
      Materials: White Knight primer, White Knight cupboard paint, Builders’ Bog.
      Improved skills:
      • Development spray techniques;
      • Compressors and spray gun market research;
      • Wider White Knight range products knowledge;
      • General basic carpenter’s skills and MDF board processing;
    • Todd St Merrylands
      Job description:
      To paint walls and ceilings, 5 bedroom house.
      Materials: DuluxWash&Wear, DLX Ceiling paint
      • Time and team management – 2 days time limit, 7 person team;
      • AutoCAD project reading.
    • 133 Denman Ave Caringbah
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint external house,gate, garage shed and internal loundry.
      To replace missing and damaged timber panels.
      Materials: Dulux range product. Polyfilla and Nordsjo fillers.
      Improved skills:
      • General painting skills development;
      • Basic carpenter’s skills;
      • Workplace safety – working at height, PPE.
    • 260-262 Alinga St Canberra - David Jones Canberra,
      Bradley St Westfield Wooden - David Jones Woden
      Job description: To refurbish, to prepare, to paint staff room incl. dinning and kitchen areas.
      Materials: Bristol and Dulux range product. fillers, Gyprock range products.
      • Cooperation with client and other traders;
      • Reading autoCAD projects;
      • Time management;
      • Cost and product estimating.
    • Court House, 4 Montague St Goulburn (for Higgins Coatings)
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint heritage dome and hall room.
      Materials: Zinsser Stain Cover, Taubmans 3in1, DuluxProffesional
      l/sheen paint.
      Improved skills:
      • Working at scaffold;
      • Understanding heritage building rules and color schemas;
      • Workplace Safety (PPE, working at height);
      • Big team supervision.
    • WorkCover Authority, 159 Auburn St Goulburn (for Higgins Coatings)
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint 6 level office complex plus gates, fances and front ramp.
      Materials: DuluxAcraTex 955 AcraShield, Dulux STE Durabild, Dulux HBR Weathermax,
      Berger Paving paint, fillers.
      Improved skills:
      • Working at swing stages;
      • Communications skills incl. personnel, architect, scaffold building team, and team
      working at height (line access only);
      • Time management (4 weeks job);
      • Big team supervision.
    • 5 Coral Dr Jerrabomberra, ACT (for Higgins Coatings)
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint kindergarten incl. ceilings, walls, furniture, woodworks.
      Materials: Fillers, DLX Proffessional l/sheen, DLX Ceiling paint, DLX Superenamel,
      Zinsser 1-2-3.
      • Workplace safety;
      • Supervising big team;
      • Client cooperation.
    • 17 Jackaman St Bondi
      Job description: To prepare and paint whole house incl. antiallergenic and organic paints.
      To install new and repair existing windows, install new glass in internal doors. To install new cornice in upstair bedroom
      Materials: Porter’s range products, fillers.
      Improved skills:
      • New knowledge about organic paints and antiallergenic products available in Australia;
      • Big team supervising;
      • Workplace safety – ladder usage, scaffold usage, PPE;
      • Time management;
      • Estimating costs and materials usage.
    • 21 Llandilo St Strathfield
      Job description: To prepare, repair and paint house and fance. Exterior and partly interior job. To build kitchen exhaust duct.
      Materials: Dulux product range, DuluxAcratexAcraPATCH, cement. Rustguard primer undercoat.
      Improved skills:
      • Patching and repairing large cracks, missing render, replicating missing timber panels and bricks;
      • Understanding general construction of building, building new duct form kitchen cupboard to roof via kitchen ceiling, floor studs, wall and roof.
      • Reading AutoCAD project;
      • Spray techniques improvement.
    • 637 Darling St Rozelle
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint public area off the offices, incl. repair water damaged wall. To paint metal bars. To varnish all woodworks.
      Materials: Bristol range products, fillers, cornice cement, Rustcoat, Hydro Epoxy WMP 300.
      Improved skills:
      • Water damaged walls treatment;
      • Staining missing panels and matching to existing;
      • PPE.
    • Museum od Sydney, Young St wing, Sydney (for Service Painting)
      Job description:
      To prepare and paint ground and 1st floor of building.
      Materials: DuluxWeathershield Gloss, DlxSuperenamel, fillers.
      • Heritage building color schema knowledge;
      • Pedestrian traffic control;
      • lead paint management;
      • Workplace safety – PPE, working at height.
    • 100 George St Parrammatta, level 12
      Job description: To prepare and paint all (demolished) internal surfaces, incl. trowelled and rolled on texture.To install missing wallpapers
      Materials: DuluxAcraTex 951 Coventry quartz Coat, DuluxAcraGlaze, Dulux Fine Texture, Dulux Professional L/sheen, DlxSuperenamel, Automotive acrylic spray paint and primer (lift doors), cornice cement, Gyprock topcoat, Vision wallpaper rolls.
      • spray techniques (lift doors and frames);
      • Trowel texture techniques;
      • Skimming wall surfaces;
      • Rolling on texture;
      • Workplace safety – PPE, dust control.