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Lead Renovator, Repair & Painting


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Do you need the new Lead Renovator class? Check out the presentation and find out for yourself. Contact me if you do need this class.

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Lead Renovator, Repair & Painting

  1. 1. Lead Renovator, Repair and Painting Regulation
  2. 2. RGA Environmental First firm in the US to receive license from EPA to teach the LRRP course! Industrial hygiene consultants Hazardous materials consultants Health/safety consultants OSHA/EPA trainers
  3. 3. LRRP Overview Who needs to take the class? What does the regulation require? When does it take effect? Where can I take the class? Why was the regulation written?
  4. 4. Why? Regulation was written to minimize the exposure to lead to those most vulnerable to its negative health effects
  5. 5. Why? Lead poisoning is the single biggest preventable cause of mental retardation in children
  6. 6. Why? Lead dust causes lead poisoning Lead dust is generated by construction activities Dust can remain after the project is completed affecting homeowners Lead dust taken home by workers affecting families
  7. 7. Why? Percent of Houses with Year House Was Built Lead Based Paint Before 1940 86 percent 1940-1959 66 percent 1960-1978 25 percent All Housing 35 percent
  8. 8. Why? A little lead dust goes a long way! You can’t see it It’s hard to clean-up It gets tracked around A single gram of lead-based paint can contaminate a large area!
  9. 9. Who needs the class? Each job that impacts lead-based paint in target housing or child occupied facilities must be supervised by a LR “Great! What’s target housing?” “Great! What’s lead-based paint?”
  10. 10. What is LBP? Lead-based paint Greater than 5,000 parts per million OR Greater than 1.0 milligrams per square centimeter
  11. 11. What is Target Housing? Target housing is: Any pre-1978 housing. Child Occupied Facilities are: Child under aged six (3hrs/day, 2 days/week or 60 hrs/year) i.e.schools, daycare, etc.
  12. 12. Who? Firms must be certified too! There’s a fee to register
  13. 13. Who? LR assigned to each project Must have attended 8 hour class LR can be a sub-consultant to certified firm
  14. 14. How many LR’s Each company must decide how many individuals will hold the license - Sufficient no. to manage the work License is good for 5 years
  15. 15. What is covered in the LRRP? What is lead-based paint? Is it target housing? How to test for lead-based paint
  16. 16. What is covered in the LRRP? HUD and EPA regulations Notification of tenants Required recordkeeping
  17. 17. What is covered in the LRRP? Setting up containments Proper work practices Cleaning procedures
  18. 18. What is covered in the LRRP? Disposal of waste Final Recordkeeping On the job training of workers
  19. 19. When?
  20. 20. Where? EPA Certified Training Providers
  21. 21. What is NOT covered in the LRRP? How to adjust your bidding How to develop your reports How to organize your record- keeping
  22. 22. What is NOT covered in the LRRP? OSHA! Respiratory Protection
  23. 23. Questions?