HUMAN ASPECT OF PROTECT MANAGEMENTFor the successful execution of a project, a satisfactory human relation is mustwithout ...
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Human aspect of project management


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Human aspect of project management

  1. 1. HUMAN ASPECT OF PROTECT MANAGEMENTFor the successful execution of a project, a satisfactory human relation is mustwithout such a system other systems of project management do not work well. Toachieve satisfactory human relations in the project setting, the project manager mustsuccessfully handle problems and challenges related to: Authority Orientation Motivation Group functioningAuthority: In project management, the project manager whose activities cut acrossfunctional lines of command, lacks the desired formal authority. While the managerhas formal control emanating from contracts and agreement:" as far as outsideagencies involved in project work are concerned, in his own organisation he has tocontacted with split authority, and dual subordination. His effecti ve authority wouldstem from his ability to develop rapport with the project personnel, his skill mprofessional reputation and stature, his skill in communication and persuasion.Orie1Jration;. Most of the managers, working for a project are engineers ortechnologist when an engineer assumes managerial responsibility, he faces somedifferent type of problems, which he is supposed to: Perform the task of planning, organising, directing and controlling the resources of the firm in the world of uncertainty. Adopt a more creative approach to solve non programme and unstructured problems. Attach greater importance to efficient utilisation of resources and resolution of human relation problem. Thus, for achieving the task he must himself be an accomplished engineer turned manager.Motivation: The project manager works within the boundaries of a socio-technicalsystem. The principal behavioral factor, which he can influence, is the motivation ofthe project personnel. In order to succeed in motivating project personnel, the project manager must be a perceptive observer of human beings must have the ability to appreciate the variable needs of human being, must have a skill in several styles of management suitable to different situations. Group Functioning: For building. an effective group the company must presume agenuinely participative style of management. With the managerial philosophy theproject manager can facilitate the development of mutual trust and acceptance, open communication, co-operation and project attitude. In this task the needs leadership capabilities, sensitivity to human nature, perceptiveness, concern for welfare of others, maturity and impartial approach. Actually this is difficult and challenging task.