Leadership and Distance Leadership - Leadership and Goals


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Slides of a webinar (live web training) held in the virtual classroom on leadership and the role of goals. (first session out of 6).

Author: Konrad Fassnacht, FCT Akademie (www.fct-akademie.com)

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Leadership and Distance Leadership - Leadership and Goals

  1. 1. Virtual Classroom Training Leadership and Distance Leadership Modul 1: Leadership and Goals Konrad Fassnacht FCT Akademie GmbH© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH 1
  2. 2. Overview  Modul 1: Leadership and Goals  Modul 2: Motivation  Modul 3: Conflict Management  Modul 4: Traditional and Distance Leadership  Modul 5: The Role of Trust  Modul 6: Conflicts in virtual teams and workgroups© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  3. 3. Agenda  What is leadership?  The tasks of a leader  The role of goals  Accomplishing goals  How to define goals© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  4. 4. Warm-up: True or False? • The only people who lead have some kind of leadership job, such as chairman, coach, or king. • Leadership is a gift. If you are born with it, you can lead. If you are not, you cant. • “Leader” is another word for “boss”. • Being a leader in a Scout troop is like being a leader anywhere else.© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  5. 5. Common Understanding: What Is Leadership? Simple Definition: Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieveing a common goal Normal Allen Dwight D. Eisenhower Ralph Lauren Publius Cornelius Tacitus© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  6. 6. Two Directions of Leadership Leadership Control and Support and Navigate Encourage© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  7. 7. Brainstorming: What art the Tasks of a Leader?© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  8. 8. The Story Of Florence Chadwick  1918 – 1995  July 4th, 1952 Start: Isle of Catalina Goal: Californian coast Distance: 34 km  Conditions: Cold water Fog© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  9. 9. Topics • Mission: What is the companies / divisions business? What are the core competencies? • Vision: Where do we want to go to? • Strategy: How do we get there? • Goals: What do we have to do until when? • Activity: What do we have to do now?© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  10. 10. Management by Objectives Company Goals Divison Goals Team Goals Employees’ Goals© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  11. 11. Overall types of goals Your personal goals Framework goals Your employee’s goals Strategic goals Your team’s goals Tactical goals Your company’s goals Operative goals© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  12. 12. The No-Goal-Circle No Goal Paralysis No Plan Sense of No inferiority Success Quelle: Knoblauch / Wöltje, Zeitmanagement, Haufe-Verlag© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  13. 13. Goals - Examples  Organizing a meeting – what are your goals?  Travelling to a remote location for a meeting – what are your goals?  Joining a training – what are your goals?  Getting a project: “Installation of a new network management system” – what are your goals?  Going abroad for some years – what are your goals?  Getting a promotion – what are your goals?  Having a long phone call – what are your goals?© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  14. 14. Goals and Employees Ability 100% Problems Stars 50% Deadwood Workhorses 0% Willingness 50% 100%© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  15. 15. Demand and Encourage – Accomplishable Goals The Flow Model + High Performance Loss of Loss of Performance performance performance 0 Requirements +© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  16. 16. The Six Steps of Goal Settings Objec- Time- Vision Target Tasks Measure tive line When setting goals, keep these points in mind: • They should be realistic and attainable. • They should improve the organization (morale, monetary, etc.). • All the people should be involved in the goal-setting process. • A program should be developed to achieve each goal.© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  17. 17. The SMART Model S Specific How can we describe the goal concrete and accurate? M Measurable How can we observe and measure the success? A Attractive Is the goal a positive state with a “towards attitude”? R Realistic Are time period, amount, resources and conditions planned in the way that the goal is reachable? T Time-Phased Is a date settle when the goal should be reached?© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  18. 18. This Was The Easy Stuff, But … … how can we get a common understanding of the goals?© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH
  19. 19. FCT Akademie GmbH Konrad Fassnacht Görlitzer Str. 24 D-75031 Eppingen Tel.: 07262 / 6100-10 Fax: 07262 / 6100-14 Email: konrad.fassnacht@fct-akademie.com Web: www.fct-akademie.com© 2011, FCT Akademie GmbH