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Mobile Timeclocks Webinar Deck
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Mobile Timeclocks Webinar Deck


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Presentation deck from Mobile Webinar 7/12/12 for Sage Timberline Office and Sage Master Builder users

Presentation deck from Mobile Webinar 7/12/12 for Sage Timberline Office and Sage Master Builder users

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Mobile Timeclock Solutions from True Wireless Danielle Price Senior Consultant True Wireless 480 234 7268
  • 2. Agenda• Current Time Collection Processes for Mobile Workers• American Payroll Association Study – “…3 Expensive Problems…”• Mobile Timeclocks• Mobile Data Collection• Data Flow• Case Studies• Mobile Solutions• Key Features & Benefits
  • 3. Current Paper Process
  • 4. Manual Time/Data Entry Process Paper Timesheets Payroll Manual Time & Attendance Calculations (sick/vacation accruals, overtime, pay rates) Red arrows represent manual calculations & entry. Timberline The above illustrates the resources required to manage the costly, error prone manual time keeping process with manual calculations & manual data entry for payroll processing and billing.
  • 5. The American PayrollAssociation conducted astudy and identified“…three expensiveproblems” associatedwith manual processes…
  • 6. The American Payroll Association conducteda study and identified “…three expensiveproblems” associated with manual processes:1. “The time to manually compute hours.” Totaling time and calculating overtime & accruals are tedious low value tasks requiring the time of highly paid accountants & administrative staff.2. “The errors made in manually computing time. Experts feel the error rate is probably 1%.” Do your own calculation – multiply your labor costs (payroll) * 1%. What could you save?3. “Lost Time” or Time Theft. “The average workers steals 4 hours and 18 minutes per week by coming in late, goofing off, taking long lunches and breaks…”
  • 7. New Industry Terms• MTC – Mobile Timeclocks• MDC – Mobile Data Collection
  • 8. MTC – Mobile TimeclocksHardware & software used to collect time, jobs, phases, codes, etce.g. below - biometric clocks (1-3) and battery powered key fob clock (4).
  • 9. MTC – Mobile TimeclocksHardware & software used to collect time, jobs, phases, codes, etc.e.g. below - Facial recognition software
  • 10. MTC – Mobile TimeclocksHardware & software used to collect time, jobs, phases, codes, etc.e.g. below - Feature phones, PDAs & Tablets
  • 11. MDC – Mobile Data CollectionThe type of data collected via mobile devices – job #s, codes, quantities, employeeshifts/lunches, fingerprints, signatures, pictures, barcode scans, GPS, etc.
  • 12. MDC – Mobile Data CollectionThe type of data collected via mobile devices – job #s, codes, quantities, employeeshifts/lunches, fingerprints, signatures, pictures, barcode scans, GPS, etc.
  • 13. Static Workforce Data FlowThis process has been in place for companies in warehousing, restaurants,professional svcs (those with static workforces) for decades: Static Timeclocks Payroll Time & Attendance (sick/vacation accruals, overtime, pay rates) Timberline 13
  • 14. NEW! Mobile Workforce Data FlowNow companies with mobile workforces can take advantage of mobile timeclocks andpayroll/accounting automation. Mobile Timeclocks Payroll 260 back office systems supported Time & Attendance Timberline
  • 15. Sample Timecard RecordViewable in real time
  • 16. AgendaReplacing paper with automation results in: • Payroll Accuracy • Faster processing time • Job costing accuracy • Reduced labor costs of 3-7% VS.
  • 17. Case Studies
  • 18. Case StudyIndustry: LandscapingTotal Employees: 60Mobile Employees: 50Situation:Heritage Master Village Association, Inc. is a master planned community on50,000 acres with homes, rivers, trails, a golf course, tennis courts, pools & clubhouse.Employees responsible for landscaping and maintenance must checkin at the clubhouse to clock in, then walk to their assigned worksite todo mowing, seeding, trimming, and other landscaping duties. Thisresulted In elevated labor costs and decreased productivity.Solution:Battery powered, weather –proof timeclocks, employee issued key fobs:50 new Sprint phones and 7 Super devices for bluetooth collectionBenefits:“Costs were reduced, and the accuracy and integrity of the data was significantlyimproved. Payroll administration time was reduced, along with Workers Comp claims.”- Matt Mozdziak, Purchasing/IT Administrator
  • 19. Case Study
  • 20. Case StudyIndustry: Cleaning & CustodialTotal Employees: 320Mobile Employees: 300Situation:Jancoa employees clean client locations throughout Cincinnati; they service allbusiness types from banks to sporting arenas. With 300 employees going out to 70different, non company owned sites they needed an easy, cost effective and wirelessway to collect time for multi-lingual and potentially illiterate employees.Solution: Wireless timeclocks were mounted in client locations allowing employeesto clock in upon arrival and departure using a numeric key padand green/red buttons. 70 ZTE Optik tablets with About Timedata collection software and mounting kits.Benefits:“This is exactly what we need. I can see every employeein the organization being able to use this, and it’s much lessexpensive than the connection fees we are paying for todayfor wireline clocks which only work in some of our locations.”
  • 21. Case StudyIndustry: ContractorsTotal Employees: 280Mobile Employees: 255Situation:Dickens Quality Demolition is a specialty contractor in Phoenix, Arizona. With 30foremen managing 1-2 jobs and up to 10 man crews, they needed a more accurateand efficient way of collection time and allowing managers to approve time and trackbudgets from the field.Solution: Each Supervisor was issued a GPS enabled netbook with About Timemobile timeclock software and a biometric fingerprint reader. Each employee clocks inusing the supervisor’s device upon arrival at the job site recording his exact time andeliminating supervisors’ end of week estimations & paper timecard delivery & data entryBenefits:“These devices were exactly what we need and priced right at lessthan $100 per unit. We are exited to go live!”
  • 22. Case StudyIndustry: ConstructionTotal Employees: 88Mobile Employees: 50Situation:R&J Construction’s time-intensive & inexact payroll processes were 100% reliant onmobile workers to record time (and overtime) .Solution:Sprint phones as timeclocks w/ Xora GPS; automation into ADP & MasterBuilderBenefits:“We now know where our workers are and what they are doing at all times, enablingus to pay and invoice more accurately, route and dispatch more efficiently, and to moresuccessfully control costs. Simply put, Xora & ADP give us a tremendous competitiveadvantage. Job-costing has never been more accurate and allows for more precise jobestimates. “ - Paula Wiens, Controller- Reduced vehicle mileage reimbursement costs savings of approx. $6,000 per month.- Positive financial impact of $180,000 YOY due to reduced OT & admin cost savings.
  • 23. Paper TimesheetR&J
  • 24. Mobile Timeclock
  • 25. Crew Member Clock In > Enter Job Number (Type or Barcode Scan)
  • 26. Crew Member Clock In > Enter Job Number
  • 27. Crew Member Clock In > Tap to select Task; then default code appears
  • 28. Crew Member Clock Out > Default answer is “NO”
  • 29. Crew Member Clock Out > All fields are mandatory including signature
  • 30. Crew Member Clock In > Form is complete - Submit
  • 31. Additional Forms Allowed > Scan Barcodes
  • 32. Additional Forms Allowed > Attach Pictures
  • 33. Real Time Cloud Access Product Form
  • 34. Jobs, Locations, SignaturesViewable at the Cloud
  • 35. GPS Location
  • 36. GPS Location
  • 37. Integration PayrollMobile Timeclocks Time & Labor Management MasterBuilder
  • 38. Features & Benefits of IntegrationMobile Timeclocks collect raw punch detail (8:08AM clock in punch)Time & Labor Management system massages data (rounding rules, OT, accruals) and preparesit for payroll and accountingAutomation increases speed & accuracy of payroll preparationAutomation and integration reduces labor costs by collecting real time information, eliminatingself rounding, eliminating manual calculations and manual entries which are error proneThe solution ensures compliance & fairness by universally applying company policies to allemployeesSignature capture, lunch/break verification, “pin-in” , biometrics and other features protectcompanies against employee grievances and buddy punchingThe solution may reduce workers compensation claims with “No Injury” acknowledgement uponshift endCompanies will improve decision making with 50 different report options such as theApproaching Overtime ReportCompanies will improve audit compliance with 7 years of data storage
  • 39. Benefits ofTrue WirelessThe industry leaders in mobile timeclocks and integratedsolutionsDevice and data plan fulfillment; rate plan optimizationDedicated staff to support mobile timeclock solutions and mobiledata collectionMobile Deployment ServicesMobile Device Management ServicesIndustry solutions experts • Construction, Contracting • Agriculture & Landscaping • Property Management & Maintenance • Field Services (Waste, Custodial, Security, Delivery & Distribution, Property Mgmt, Transportation, Ambulatory, Public Sector)Ability to successfully integrate with back office accounting, time& labor management and payroll
  • 40. Thank You! Danielle Price Senior Consultant True Wireless 480 234 7268