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Intelligent and intuitive software technology can help companies by providing advanced online tools to monitor and manage employees, automate tedious manual HR procedures, and offer employees greater personal autonomy and development opportunities.

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  1. 1. 1 (888) 909-7920 Accessing Cutting-Edge HR Technology Produced & Distributed by G&A Partners
  2. 2. 2 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success Today advances in personal technology are everywhere you look – you can watch movies on your cell phone, talk face-to-face from your computer, exercise with your television, and broadcast home videos over the Internet. It is no surprise then that professional technology is proliferating at the same rate. Countless operational processes and business functions are being streamlined by better, faster and simpler technology. Human resources (HR) is no exception. At G&A Partners, an integrated HR and administrative outsourcer, we recognize the advantages technology can offer. Intelligent and intuitive software technology can help companies by providing advanced online tools to monitor and manage employees, automate tedious manual HR procedures, and offer employees greater personal autonomy and development opportunities. Best of all, by utilizing select cutting-edge HR technologies, companies can streamline their HR operations, better manage their costs and ultimately propel their business forward. Select HR Technologies: • Time & Labor Tracking • Employee/Manager Self-Serve Portal • Online Benefits Enrollment • Applicant Tracking • Professional Development & Performance Management Accessing Cutting-Edge HR Technology: A Company’s Portal to Trimming Costs and Streamlining Administrative Processes
  3. 3. 3 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success Time & Labor Tracking Eliminate time tracking inefficiencies and labor cost overruns. Time & Labor (T&L) Tracking technology offers a cure for ineffective labor management. Easy-to-use, web-based T&L tracking systems can replace tedious manual time entry and reporting processes by allowing you to tap into real-time labor data on-demand so you can access, evaluate, and manage work schedules, time and payroll reports, and staffing needs anytime or anywhere. And with a robust online interface, T&L systems can allow more accurate and efficient time tracking and reporting and provide greater transparency into work patterns for more strategic scheduling and labor management. Of course, the right solution for time and labor management processes must also be equally effective for supervisors, employees and HR and payroll managers. Advanced T&L systems can deliver specially-designed service applications and sophisticated features to meet the distinct requirements of each specific user group. • Scheduling – Online visibility to examine employees’ work patterns and routines. • Web Clock-in / Clock-out – Advanced technology allows employees to clock in or out from any assigned computer, a specific IP-restricted site, or even from a cell phone or PDA. • Day Off Request Function – Automated Day-Off Request function replaces error- ridden paper or verbal request processes. • Job Costing – Monitor the hours your employees dedicate to a particular project or job. • “Shift Swapping” Management – Employees can swap shifts without the pain of countless phone calls or the risk of miscommunication – and with the ability to approve requested shift changes and access to up-to-the-minute shift assignments, managers know shifts are appropriately covered. • PTO, Vacation and Sick Leave Tracking – Web-based platform allows employees to submit, and managers to approve or deny, time off requests in real-time and on- demand. • Overtime Tracking – Intelligent technology automatically tracks overtime hours. • Graphical Labor Analytics tools – Easy-to-read graphical dashboards allow you to view the time and labor trends you want to follow and make knowledgeable, on- the-spot decisions. • Pre-generated & Customizable Reports – Readymade or customizable report options help managers prepare time and labor reports more quickly and easily. • Payroll Reporting – Fully web-based and real-time system replaces paper time sheets with electronic timesheets that minimize the need for follow up or error checking. • Payroll System Integration – Automatically integrate with your payroll system so payroll data can be exported with the click of a button. • Secure Access from Anywhere, Anytime – Access online time tracking tools through any Internet connection, on any browser, anywhere in the world.
  4. 4. 4 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success Employee-Manager Self-Service Portal Empower your employees with self-service capabilities. Advanced technology now allows employees to manage for themselves functions that once a manager or HR professional had to perform on their behalf – things like setting their payroll tax withholdings or adjusting their 401k contributions. With today’s employee- manager self-service technology, your employees are empowered to manage their own personal data, so your HR professionals have time to focus on more strategic issues, your internal processes can move more quickly and smoothly, and the risk of mistakes is minimized. What’s more, self-service capabilities eliminates time staking manual processes for managers whose plates are already full by allowing them to create and post schedules online or conduct a performance evaluation process electronically. When considering the latest self-service software, be sure the technology includes these capabilities: • View Pay Stubs • Monitor and Adjust Payroll Tax Withholding • Make or Change 401k Contributions • Amend Benefit Status or Option Selection • Track Vacation or Paid-Time Off • Manage Scheduling • Conduct Performance Evaluations Online Benefits Enrollment Automate benefits enrollment by bringing it online. Conducting benefit enrollment is quite possibly the most time intensive function an HR or benefits specialist performs. Think about it: setting aside days for open enrollment; conducting face-to-face meetings; inputting each and every employee’s benefit elections. That can’t be easy! But benefit enrollment can be made easier. Online benefit enrollment allows employees to electronically input their own elections at a time most convenient for them, rather than a time that disrupts their work day. Employees have ample opportunity to review their benefit choices, check over their elections, and even make revisions if necessary, so mistakes are minimal. Then, once employees have entered their elections, the information can be automatically fed to the benefit vendor for processing. To further simplify the administrator’s role, customizable electronic reports allow administrators to follow their employees’ benefit status and track their elections. New employee enrollment and life event changes are simpler too when managed online. Just imagine the time saved and the potential mistakes averted!
  5. 5. 5 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success A fully-automated online enrollment system can offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to fit all of your needs for open, new hire, life event and special (individual) enrollments. Our system is intelligent and enforces all applicable rules, so your administrators and employees cannot make mistakes. That means that your eligibility effective dates and premium bills are accurate. Enrollments options include: • Administrator-only or employee self-service enrollments • Passive, semi-passive and active enrollments • Enrollment for only one benefit plan or for each benefit plan offered to an employee • One-page or expanded content benefits information available to the employee during enrollment, i.e. at the “point of purchase” • Side-by-side plan comparisons that include “drill down” information • Overage dependent notifications, status and change alerts, reminders to complete enrollment • Employee communication tools such as web links, FAQs, glossary, online question submissions Applicant Tracking Identifying and hiring qualified job applicants takes time ... and technology. It’s an age-old conundrum. As you work to grow your business, you find yourself caught between trying to manage the business and trying to find the right people to help you manage the business. There’s no way around it – you have to put time into the recruiting process if you want to find qualified job applicants, and inevitably, that’s time you’re not able to dedicate to more core business activities. While there is no substitute for personal involvement in certain recruiting activities, like meeting and interviewing applicants face-to-face, at G&A Partners, we’ve found that automated applicant tracking technology can effectively handle much of the rest, greatly reducing the time you and your HR representatives have to dedicate to the recruiting process. • Quickly access and search online applicant databases • Objectively screen applicants’ skills to identify qualifications and reduce risk of discrimination • Conduct background checks to weed out unwanted applicants • Automatically and courteously communicate with applicants
  6. 6. 6 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success An applicant tracking program can replace manual processes with easy-to-use tools that significantly streamline your recruiting efforts and keep the hiring process moving forward, so resumes don’t get stalled on a desk, communication with applicants is timely, and interviews are relevant. Best of all, you are able to make faster and smarter hiring decisions and bring the right applicant on board as an employee more quickly. Professional Development & Performance Management To build a high-performance company, you need to drive your talent to perform. If you’re building a race car, a variety of design components could impact the car’s performance, but how the driver manages the car on the track will ultimately dictate whether the car reaches its full potential. Building a high-performance company is not so different. Hiring top-notch talent is key to ensuring that you have the components necessary to perform at a high level, but business owners must also be able to manage that talent effectively if they hope to drive performance. A comprehensive suite of talent management software, including professional development and performance management tools, can help you direct and motivate your employees and ensure that they are engaged and committed contributors to your company. • Professional Development – Opportunities for professional development are crucial to employee satisfaction. Sophisticated software can allow managers and employees to set performance goals, assess development needs, monitor progress, and map out next steps. • Performance Management – Effectively managing performance can ensure that your employees receive the direction and feedback they need to contribute successfully to your organization. Advanced software systems allow companies to build a performance management process that incorporates established evaluation methods with customized procedures to fit your company and its unique culture. • Succession Planning & Promotion – Planning the next move is not only good for your business – it can also help to motivate your employees when there is a clear career path laid out for them. Technology now exists to help managers map out succession plans and think through promotions using balanced and objective criteria to ensure the company and its employees stay on course. “... a performance management process that incorporates established evaluation methods with customized procedures to fit your company and its unique culture.“
  7. 7. 7 (888) 909-7920 Position Your Company for Success Accessing HR Technology HR outsourcers can be a portal to the technology your business needs. With all these HR applications out there, you wouldn’t think that accessing an affordable software solution that meets the needs of your company would be that difficult, but it can be. Bundled enterprise solutions can be complicated and costly, and unfortunately, to get the functionality your company needs, you may have to pay for applications that you don’t want and never intend to use. Building a customized technology solution from scratch can be extremely time consuming and equally costly, and if you aren’t especially savvy, can result in a mish-mash of disintegrated applications that are incapable of working together. As experts in human resources and employee administration, an integrated HR outsourcing company can serve as a portal for companies looking to access intelligent software technology. Many firms that deliver outsourced HR and administrative services can also provide businesses affordable access to the best solutions the market has to offer. Because they’ve done the legwork to know which applications work best as well as which applications work best together, they can help you customize a technology solution that properly fits your needs, so you aren’t purchasing or paying for more than you want. Best of all, they have experience in installing and implementing HR technology, so they can ensure the solution you choose works effectively and that it is integrated properly with your company’s existing systems and processes. At the end of the day, a qualified HR and administrative outsourcer that understands and recognizes the advantages technology has to offer should also be able to partner with you to help your company realize those benefits.
  8. 8. 8 (888) 909-7920 About G&A Partners G&A Partners helps growing businesses by becoming their HR partner and helping them minimize costs, increase productivity and reduce risk. As experts in human resources, employee benefits, compliance, and payroll, G&A takes on integral HR and administrative functions and relieves business owners of these responsibilities so they can focus their time, talent and energy on growing their business. For more information visit or call today at: (888) 909-7920. Disclaimer: No part of this document, in whole or in part, may be reproduced, stored, transmitted, or used for design purposes without the prior written permission of G&A Partners. The white papers of G&A Partners are made available for educational purposes only and are not to be used to provide legal advice. © 2013 G&A Partners. All Rights Reserved.