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TrueSpirit case study
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TrueSpirit case study


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Published in: Design

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  • 1. Kelly Redznak | General Assembly UXDI NY 2013
  • 2. About the Product TrueSpirit is a new internet retailer for schools and parents who want a modern school uniform for school children. It offers updated uniform fashion including pants for girls and zip-up hoodies, provides a “musthaves” checklist from the school’s administrator for each school year, and recommends accessories allowed by the school’s dress code. The Challenge The challenge is to develop an ecommerce site for a private school checklist from school’s administrator. The site should be easy to navigate and prevent any ordering errors along the way.
  • 3. Competitive Analysis True Grits: Opportunities Identified: •Small boutique site •Need school code to enter site •Very limited and non-accommodating •Find a happy medium of flexibly and choices •Add some restriction so the users feel confident purchasing the right product •Make the process easy and efficient Target, Lands End, Walmart: •User flexibility •Lots of choices •Uniform categories are hard to find
  • 4. Personas
  • 5. Overall Goals
  • 6. Process Explored different methods for finding patterns in how users would expect to find content and generate an overall structure. Sketching Feedback Card Sorting
  • 7. Design Iteration Rough sketches of how the user will get from the sign in page to their specific school uniform homepage and exploring alternative experiences of signing with and without a school code. Also, explored the layout of the product page and school uniform gallery and how the key goals fit in.
  • 8. Prototype Testing Testing •Header •Content Labeling •Separating the main site homepage from the school homepage
  • 9. Prototype
  • 10. School Administrator Log in 1.0 2.0 Find My School My Account Check out My Cart 1.0 5.0 Notes Boys Girls Accessories School Merchandise Search 1. GIRLS 8.0 Tops Bottoms Gym Jackets Accessories Administrator Login This feature will let the School Administrator to log in with ease so they can make edits and curate the school uniform selects. Hello! 2. For a direct link to your school uniform homepage, enter your school code here “Find my School” roll over The roll over is an alternative for parents who don’t have a school code to access the school uniform homepage. 3. School Code Log in Box The call out box is a quick link for parents who have their school code, Apply 4. Scholarship Call out Linked call out box for Scholarships. This is great way for the company to communicate to the customers their brand goal. 5. Site Map The site map will let users search for all items from the main website. 6. Newsletter sign up 3.0 Editorial photo 512x380 BOYS Tops Bottoms Gym Jackets Accessories 4.0 Learn more about our scholarship fund! Boys 330x397 Girls 330x397 This will help the business stay connected with their customers and partake with their Business Goals. 7. Service Quick Service links. 8. Site Map Alternative site map for users to search for all items from the main website
  • 11. Go to the Main Site Find My School My Account My Cart Notes Check out 1.0 2.0 1. 2. Girls Accessories Product Box 4. Scroll over feature Users can scroll over and view a higher quality of the product. See next page for more details. 5. Color box The users can view the product in different colors without opening another window. 6. Boys School Banner Call out so the uses know they are on the correct school page. 3. Welcome to the St. Johnsbury Academy School Uniform Homepage | Girls Grade 6-8 Main Site link This will allow users to connect back to the main site “Buy Now” button Search School Merchandise Girls Tops 3.0 7.0 « » 4.0 Polo Shirt $14.99 Buy Now 5.0 Sweater $14.99 Buy Now T-Shirt $14.99 Buy Now Tank Top $14.99 Users can click the button to quickly buy the product and view the product page with one click. Buy Now 6.0 7. Users can scroll through the product gallery with the left and right button. Girls Bottoms » « Skirt $14.99 Buy Now Pants $14.99 Buy Now Leggings $14.99 Buy Now Pants $14.99 Buy Now Girls Jackets « Scroll button »
  • 12. Find My School Go to the Main Site My Account My Cart Check out Notes 1. “Size Chart” scroll over Users can view more info on fit and size 2. “Product Details” scroll over Users can view more info on care instructions and quality. 3. “Customers also bought” section For users who want suggested options 4. “Product Reviews” sections For users who would like to get more details on the product and personal experience. 5. Seal of Approval from School Homepage Uniforms > Shirts > Polo Shirts Polo Shirt $14.99 5.0 item: 3483745 ved b y Appro bury s St.John y Academ -8 Girls 6 Size 1 1.0 Size Chart Color Quantity 1 Product Details 2.0 Add to Cart 3.0 Customers also bought: Save to My Shopping List 4.0 Product Reviews: Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the
  • 13. My Account Go to the Main Site Check out My Cart Notes 1. CHECKOUT 1 1.0 Address Edit Review Order Polo Shirt Item: 3483745 Size: Small Color: Green 1x $14.99 Total: $14.99 2 Delivery S n a dD liv r ta d r e e y $ .0 8 0 Your order will ship UPS and will be delivered by USPS E p e sD liv r x r s e ey $ 0 0 2 .0 Your order will ship 2nd Day Air USPS SUBTOTAL Shipping Sales Tax $14.99 $ 8.00 $ 2.00 Promo Code Done 3 Gift or Rewards Card TOTAL Payment Credit Card Customer Service Returns Credit Card Number 343374983749874 Month 03 Enter your card’s security code: Year 2014 What is this? $24.99 Checkout page The checkout form is located on one page so the process is simple and fast. After the users have filled out their info, they can click done and the box will close.