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  1. 1. TRUE Design by: Meghna Dholakia SPIRIT Student Project. General Assembly UXDI Winter 2013
  2. 2. About the Product: 
 True Spirit is a uniform company for a new age of ecommerce. It has a diverse range of quality clothing items and is easy to use for both school administrators and parents. ! ! 
 About the Project: 
 The Design team was tasked with designing the TrueSpirit web portal to make it both easy to navigate and use while staying in touch with the brand’s fresh and modern feel. 

  3. 3.
  4. 4. CASE STUDY
  5. 5. RESEARCH Method: Competitive analysis 
 Findings: •Competitors branding image is significantly different from True Spirit • Competitors offer easy to navigate website, but no special uniform shopping experience • Competitors do not have exclusive relationships with individual schools, but offer discounts
 Opportunities Identified: ! • offer a better aesthetic experience • design for a uniform shopping experience > general experience • promote user-satisfaction to maintain exclusive contracts
  6. 6. USER PERSONAS SUGGESTED FUNCTIONALITY USERSTORY #1: SARAH • School-specific landing page • Way to list necessary/suggested items • A way to retrieve her shopping cart • Sarah Sarah has thirty minutes for lunch, after grabbing a quick bite she checks her email and sees a note from her son’s new school. She clicks the provided link and is taken to the school’s landing page on TrueSpirit. She quickly browses the products she’ll need to buy for him. She chooses the suggested standard clothes, chooses his size, and adds a few to her bag. Lunchbreak is almost over and she quickly signs out. That night after dinner she opens the website again and retrieves her shopping cart. She finishes adding the clothes he’ll need and checks out. A way to choose her child’s size • A general way to navigate age-specific clothing items • A way to present feedback on quality of garments • A way to retrieve shopping cart • A way to share/get feedback on saved items USERSTORY #2: JOHN John John has a quick break in the afternoon. He was recommend the TrueSpirit site by the father of one of his daughter’s friends as a quick and quality clothing option. John logs on and browses through some of the clothing options available for middle schoolers. Ever since his daughter turned 12, he’s not quite sure what she wants to wear. John looks for feedback on the clothes, because he wants to make sure he’s buying a quality and practical option. He also wants to make sure he gets his daughter’s input before he buys anything, as she has strong opinions. Later that night, he and his daughter look at the site together and after making some changes to the shopping bag, they checkout.
  7. 7. TASKFLOWS Does the school handle sex/age a filtering? (Give parents option to change) Where to put customer feedback? uniform suppliers! amazon/high-end retailers! Where do you put a school specific sell? Where do you put shipping details (amazon vs. other) amazon/nordstrom! How to give feedback on correct choices? text-book buyers! Do you give a “buy-all” option? What are relevant filters/facets? zappos/clothing retailers! How do you allow parents to search only for relevant item amazon/clothing retailers How do you “save” and retrieve a bag?
  8. 8. MUSTS TrueSpirit must be! easy to use! ! feel airy make life easy have credibility navigation > exploration
  9. 9. ITERATION 1
  10. 10. ITERATION 2
  11. 11. SITE MAP Home Girls Find My School Age My School About Us Casual Outfits Products (w/ Search Filter) Bag Manage Orders Contact Us Selected Products Shipping Info Formal Outfits Dynamic Checklist Products (w/ Sport Filter) Boys Sport Company Values & Policies Search Results Category Formal Products (w/ Age Filter) Teen Assistance Casual Products (w/ Age Filter) Big Kid Search Checkout Products (w/ Age Filter) Small Kid Our Story Style Most Loved Price T-Shirts Age Filter By My School Landing Page Polo Shirts Age Style Category Tanktops Products (w/ Age Filter) Skirts Gym Shorts Pants Jackets Casual Tops Formal Outfits Products (w/ Age Filter) Big Kid Leggings Bottoms Casual Outfits Small Kid Shorts T-Shirts Polo Shirts Sweaters Button-ups Formal Bottoms Products (w/ Age Filter) Products (w/ Sport Filter) Teen Sport Outerwe ar Outerwear Leggings Tank Tops T-shirts Sport Gym Shorts Sport T-shirts Belts Accesso ries Headbands Socks Accessories Gloves iPhone Logo Hoodies Logo Tshirts Gear Backpack Mascot Plushy Hoodies Jackets Gear Socks Gloves Belts Logo Tshirts Logo Hoodies iPhone Mascot Plushy Backpack Returns Track Shipping Payment Material Save Profile Payment Confirmation Price Sort by Style Category Filter by Material Age Gym Shorts Hoodies Most Loved Sex Shorts Gym Shorts Pants Style Login (Account or Order ID) Category Products (Filtered By Dresscode) Blouses Billing Info Sex Scholarship Program Sweaters Tops Look Book Sort By Feedback Email (ex: anything you’d like to see offered for your school, share w/ school admin)
  12. 12. Attributions megan whalen, the noun project
  13. 13. THANK YOU Meghna Dholakia