Confucianism and Language

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This presentation was created and delivered by my former student Eduardo. The author reserves the right for his work.

This presentation was created and delivered by my former student Eduardo. The author reserves the right for his work.

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  • 1. Ke Peng| Student’s Presentations for Languages & Cultures of East Asia Kung-fucianism and Language An in depth look at Confucian values within the Motion Picture Hero By Eduardo Atjian II University of Arizona
  • 2. The Goal I will tie the history of Confucius and his teachings to the plot and scenes in the movie Hero
  • 3. Hero Hero is a Quentin Tarantino production The starring Actors are Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Chen Dao Ming, and Donnie Yen (Recognize any of these actors?) The film was released in 2002 It was nominated for both an Oscar and Golden Globe
  • 4. The beginning of the movie In the beginning of this movie it explains in these China during the warring states Period and the life of Confucius exact subtitles: “people give up their lives for many reasons… Friendship, love, for an ideal… People kill for the same reasons. China was divided into 7 states. Quinn was a ruthless ruler. He had a vision to unite the land.”
  • 5. How does this tie into confucianism?
  • 6. Confucius Confucius was born in 551 BC in Lu state ( This was in the middle of the Warring period similar to the movie) In his early 50’s Confucius spent his time as a administrator helping make the state a model state. After he was fired, Confucius began his journey and his teachings
  • 7. Confucius teachings Confucius taught his followers about five relationships to follow. The five relationships are as followed: These relationships are looked at in Chinese culture as very 1. Ruler and Subject, important and even lawful. 2. Parent and Child, So if broken or not followed, 3. Husband and wife, people feel that it is violating the 4. Older Brother and younger law. brother, In the movie Hero it was 5. and between friends. apparent that these relationships were followed and depicted in many scenes of the movie.
  • 8. The five relationships within Hero • The character “Broken Sword” had a subject that was female that remained loyal to him throughout the movie. The subject even mentioned that she grew up being his subject and that she will die for him. This proves that Confucius’ teachings about relationships between Ruler and Subject are apparent in these Kung Fu movies. In order for one to be considered virtuous, one must act appropriately in terms of these relationships.
  • 9. Confucius Had 6 Central Conceptions Ren: Virtue, benevolence, kindness, love, humaneness Junzi; noble man Li: Propriety & rites De: Power of Virtue Wen: the art of peace Yi: righteosness, justice
  • 10. Rituals of Li in Hero It is evident in Hero that rituals of Li are still practiced. Confucians created various rituals of Li (a proper behavior in a certain situation) that demands certain behaviors to fulfill the expected performance. Li ranges from a bow to an elder, taking off shoes before entering the house, being silent and respectful to elders, bringing a gift to the host, and writing thank-you notes to a helper.
  • 11. Li rituals throughout the film industry In the film industry, Confucius rituals are seen everywhere. Bowing to an opponent when beginning a fight or to an elder when needing the permission to speak follows the rituals of Li. These rituals are more visibly practiced in Kung Fu movies. The original purpose of Li is to help the individual to express proper ways of building and maintaining caring relationships.
  • 12. Calligraphy in the film The Warrior “Hero” played by Jet Li Travels to a Small Calligraphy school to learn the art He tells the teacher that he wishes to learn the skills of calligraphy to help him learn the skills of swordplay because they are very Watch the clip of the calligraphy school similar skills
  • 13. Looking back at the convesations 1. You asked for the character “sword”. Why was it difficult to do? (King Asks) 2. There are normally nineteen ways of writing this character. What I requested from broken sword was the twentieth variation. Calligraphy and swordplay both rely on merging the power of the wrist with the spirit in the heart. The twentieth variation would reveal the essence of his swordsmanship. (Hero replies) 3. To think that one character can be written in nineteen different ways!.. How can people communicate when they do not understand each other? Once I have conquered the six Kingdoms and suppressed all other rebellious states, I shall rid the country of these hopeless confusions, Keep one unified language for the whole land. Wouldn’t that be something? (King) 4. Is your majesty not stopping after defeating the six Kingdoms? (Hero) 5. The six Kingdoms are nothing! I intend to lead our army to every corner of this land until we have established a vast and powerful empire! (King) Conversation: Hero with the King
  • 14. Looking back at the Conversations Cont. Conversation: 1. -Beautiful Calligraphy (Hero) “Hero” with Broken Sword 2. -Beautiful Swordplay (Broken Sword) 3. But you have not seen me use my sword (Hero) 4. Without your sword this scroll would not exist (Broken Sword) I spent the night contemplating the scroll hoping to discover the secret behind broken swords skills (Hero) The brush and the sword are fundamentally connected. Their mystery Is only revealed to those who can perceive the connection. (Hero) “Hero” Talking
  • 15. So in other words… In this movie, calligraphy was This in turn could prepare people looked upon as having a higher with roles of responsibility and sense of importance than just leadership in society at all levels. being a form of art of writing. This thought is mirrored with Once the Quinn Kingdom began the general idea of the central launching arrows at the school in conceptions order to destroy it, the wise old teacher said to his students that calligraphy is a form of art and a tool that holds secrets. These secrets that lie within the calligraphy mean that the power of knowledge could tune people’s intellectualness and ethical sensibilities, to raise awareness of cause-and-effect relationships in human affairs.
  • 16. The End of the movie In the end of the movie, the audience starts putting the pieces together of why “Hero” was doing what he was doing. In a statement said by the Quinn king, “I want to unite this country as one.” Confucian philosophy seeks a harmonious society, not dependent on feudal or financial merit but based on the ultimate goodness and moral equality of all mankind. The heart of the Confucian teaching is 'morality'. Ren is the key. Ren means the qualities of benevolence, humanity and love To seek complete virtue
  • 17. The End