The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

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Presentation made by Jean-Pierre Euzen, Head of Sector, Living Labs, EC, DG INFSO, about the origins and importance of the European Network of Living Labs, on January 14th, 2009 - …

Presentation made by Jean-Pierre Euzen, Head of Sector, Living Labs, EC, DG INFSO, about the origins and importance of the European Network of Living Labs, on January 14th, 2009 - (

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  • 1. The European Network of Living Labs ENoLL January 14th 2009, Brussels Jean-Pierre Euzen Head of Sector, Living Labs New Infrastructure Paradigms and Experimental Facilities Information Society and Media Directorate-General European Commission
  • 2. Living Labs in European innovation vision Helsinki Manifesto – 20/11/2006 “The European Network of Living Labs establishes a European platform for collaborative and co-creative innovation, where the users are involved in and contribute to the innovation process. This approach should ensure that common methodologies and tools are developed across Europe, that support, stimulate and accelerate the innovation process. The European Network of Living Labs has a strong regional growth and development impact by facilitating and fostering regional innovation as interlinked with a European innovation system with a global reach.“
  • 3. ENoLL basis in i2010 policy • I2010 Communication and Staff Report 2nd cluster on Innovation and investment in research : “Strengthening Innovation and Investment in ICT research to promote growth and more and better jobs” reads : “Developing a European Network of Living Labs in the concept of eWork, providing services of large deployment to the industry, bringing technology test-beds into real-life user environments.” • I2010 Second Annual Report Launch of a European Network of Living Labs, 20.11.2006: The European Network of Living Labs creates a platform where firms, public authorities and citizens can work together on developing and testing new technologies, business models and services in real-life contexts. The ultimate aim is to set up a new European Innovation Infrastructure where users play an active role in innovation.
  • 4. ENoLL Members in Waves 1 & 2 Country Wave Living Lab Name HQ Location Country Wave Living Lab Name HQ Location Austria 1 Mobile City Bregenz Vorarlberg Ireland 1 Arc Labs Waterford Waterford Austria 2 CEIT Living Lab Schwechat Italy 1 Frascati LL Frascati Belgium 1 Open InnovationCentre Brussels Italy 2 Trentino as a Lab Trento Belgium 1 IBBT-iCity Hasselt Italy 2 ITL Bologna Czech Rep 1 Wirelessinfo LL Litovel Italy 2 TLL Sicily Monreale Denmark 2 Copenhagen Living Lab Copenhagen Netherlands 1 Freeband experience lab Enschede Finland 1 Helsinki Living Lab Helsinki Portugal 1 Madeira LL Madeira Finland 1 Turku Archipelago Pargas Portugal 2 SJM-ILL S. João da Madeira Finland 2 Agro Living Lab Seinäjoki Portugal 2 Creative Media Lab Lisbon Finland 2 Kainuu Living Lab Vuokatti Portugal 2 RENER Lisbon Finland 2 Lahti Living Lab Lahti Portugal 2 ECO LivingLab Chamusca Finland 2 Northern Rural Urban Oulu Portugal 2 Living Labs Minho Guimarães Finland 2 Laurea LL network Vantaa Slovenia 1 Slovenia eLivingLab Kranj France 1 ICT Usage Lab Sophia-Antip. Slovenia 2 ICT Techn. Network Ljubljana France 2 Quartier Numerique Paris Slovenia 2 Slovenian automotive Ljubljana France 2 LEVIER Lannion Spain 1 i2Cat Catalonia Dig.Lab Barcelona France 2 Normandy Living Lab Caen Spain 2 Cudillero Living Lab Avenida Germany 1 Mobile City Bremen Bremen Spain 2 Soria Living Lab Soria Germany 1 Knowledge Workers LL Munich Spain 2 eHealth LL Madrid Germany 2 VDC Fellbach Spain 2 Zaragoza Living Lab Planta Germany 2 ViRaL Cooperation Lab Sankt Augustin Sweden 1 Botnia Living Lab Luleå Greece 2 Lever Thessaloniki Switzerland 2 Cyber Care Clinique Rotkreuz Hungary 1 Györ Automotive Budapest UK 1 Manchester EastServe Manchester Hungary 1 Gödöllö Rural Budapest UK 2 Digital Lifestyles Centre Colchester Hungary 2 Creative Knowledge Centre Living Lab Kecskemét UK 2 TRAIL Newtownabbey UK 2 Scottish Living Lab Edinburgh
  • 5. 3rd Wave ENoLL Members Country Lunigiana Amica Italy evolaris Mobile Living Lab Austria Leaning Lab Italy Digital Spaces Living Lab Bulgaria Telemedicine Living Lab Italy Virtual Services and Open Innovation Bulgaria Living Piemonte Italy Digital Living Lab Espoo Finland Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Technology and Innovation Malta (EuroMedITI) Owela Open Web Lab Finland Living Lab Malta Malta HumanTech LivingLab Finland Netherlan Living Lab for Design and Services Finland Amsterdam Living Lab ds Nokiareena Living Lab - NALLI Finland The RECORD online Living Lab Norway Suupohja Living Lab Finland Wireless Trondheim Living Lab Norway Tampere Central Region Living Lab TCR-LL (short name) Finland Lighting Living Lab Portugal Integrative Usage Lab (IUL) France FIAPAL Living Lab Portugal 3D Living Innovation France LIVING LAB SALUD ANDALUCÍA Spain TPMed Lab France Río Nacimiento Living Lab (RioNLL) Spain Issy-les-Moulineaux Medialand France InnovaLab Spain Autonom’IS Limousin (Innovative Solutions for Autonomy) France SMART-HOUSES LIVING LAB MADRID Spain Gargas INITIA - TIC France Madrid4Inclusion Spain GREATER PARIS REGION LIVING LAB France SENIORLAB – Living Lab for Robotics in an Ageing Society Spain Ambient Assisted Living Environment Germany Segovia Tech Living Lab Spain WILL – Workability and Innovation LivingLab Germany Citilab Cornellà Spain EXPERIMENTAL FACTORY MAGDEBURG Germany VILANOLAB. Spain iRegion Karlsruhe - creating the net economy Germany 22@LIVING LAB Spain Nuremberg Mobile Application Centre for Elderly and Disabled Barcelona Digital Cluster TIC Spain Germany (NuMAC) Spain Thessaly Living Lab Greece TCM Lab Spain LIFENET Greece Experimental Centre of Ambient Intelligence Services and Spain Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) Ireland Applications FILAS - SPACE2LAND Italy Airport Living Lab Sweden
  • 6. Innovation Cultures Sweden Country Malmö New Media Living Lab Sweden 3rd Wave Living Labs Affiliated to ENoLL The Swedish Living Lab on Vehicle and Transport ICT Sweden Amazon Living Lab Brazil Halmstad Living Lab Sweden INdT- mobile Work space & Well Being and Health Care LL Brazil Living Labs Øresund Sweden Inova Unicamp Innovation Agency Brazil Swiss Open Laboratory for E-Tourism (SOLET) Switzerland ESPÍRITO SANTO CIDADANIA DIGITAL LIVING LAB Brazil Ecologies for learning in distributed project teams Switzerland TianJin-China Living Lab China Cybermoor UK Living Lab Maputo Mozambique Birmingham Communities Building Capacity (CBC) UK Siyakhula Living Lab South Africa Sunderland Living Lab UK Sekhukhune Rural Living Lab South Africa ConnectMK – Living Lab for Milton Keynes UK Center for Technologies Of Ubiquitous Computing and Taiwan Humanity, Taiwan Hull Service Transformation Laboratory UK Living Lab Taiwan Taiwan KWest Research UK Social Informatics Lab (SILab) UK CONNECTED NOTTINGHAM UK
  • 7. Contacts activities/livinglabs/index_en.htm