17 Living Labs and Smart Cities Alvaro Oliveira


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ENoLL: addressing the global challenges of our time

Living Labs and Smart Cities, 14 December 2010, Ghent (Belgium)

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17 Living Labs and Smart Cities Alvaro Oliveira

  1. 1. Living  Labs  and  Smart  CiGes:    Open  InnovaGon  for  the  Future  Internet   ENoLL:  addressing  the  global   challenges  of  our  6me   Prof.  Álvaro  de  Oliveira   President   European  Network  of  Living  Labs   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   1  
  2. 2. Agenda  •  European  Network  of  Living  Labs  (ENoLL)  •  Living  Labs  and  InnovaGon  Policy  •  ENoLL  Governance  •  GlobalizaGon  of  ENoLL  •  Global  collaboraGon  •  Towards  a  Living  Lab  PPP(P)   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   2  
  3. 3. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  (1/2)  •  Living  Labs  enable  the  co-­‐creaGon  of  user-­‐driven  and  human-­‐centric   research,  development  and  innovaGon  of  technologies,  products   and  services  focused  on  well-­‐being  of  people.  •  ENoLL  contributes  to  the  creaGon  of  a  dynamic,  mulG-­‐layer  and   mulGdimensional  European  InnovaGon  ecosystem.  •  ENoLL  facilitates  the  cooperaGon  and  the  exploitaGon  of  synergies   between  members  and  groups  of  members  (themaGc  domains).  •  ENoLL  aims  at  the  Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and  Smart  CiGes   convergence.  •  ENoLL  globalisaGon  fosters  internaGonal  open  collaboraGon  to  solve   the  big  challenges  of  our  Gmes,  thus  contribuGng  to  World   stabilisaGon.   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   3  
  4. 4. European  Network  of   Living  Labs  (2/2)   1st  Wave     –   19   2nd  Wave     –   32   3rd  Wave     –   68   4th  Wave     –   93   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   4  
  5. 5. ENoLL  and  EU  Presidencies   4th  Wave     5th  Wave     Autumn   Autumn   1st  Wave     2nd  Wave     3rd  Wave     2009   2010   Sweedish  Presidency,     Belgium  Presidency,     Slovenian  Presidency,     Autumn  2009   Autumn  2010   Spring  2008  Finish  Presidency,   Portuguese  Presidency,     French  Presidency,     Spanish  Presidency,     Hungarian  Presidency,     Autumn  2006   Autumn  2007   Autumn  2008   Spring  2010   Spring  2011   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   5  
  6. 6. European  RDI  System   Pre-­‐Commercial   Procurement  of  Innova6on   European   Ins6tute  of  Technology   ENoLL   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   6  
  7. 7. ENoLL  Values  •  Trust  and  transparency  •  Human-­‐centricity  •  Bo`om-­‐up,  enriching  communicaGon    •  Co-­‐creaGon  and  collaboraGon  •  Openness,  enabling  networking   7   ENoLL  Council  MeeGng,  Lugano  23  June  2010  
  8. 8. Mikael  Börjeson   Pieter  Ballon   Treasurer   ENoLL  Council   Secretariat   Deputy:  Kirsi  Lindfors   Deputy:  Susanna  Avessta   (Membership  Opera6ons)   21  Members   (Membership  Administra6on)   Roberto  Santoro   Jarmo  Eskelinen   Álvaro  de  Oliveira   Vice-­‐President   Vice-­‐President   President   Deputy:  Ana  Garcia   Deputy:  Dave  Carter   Work  Groups.  EU  Presidencies.  Na6onal   SMEs,  Entrepreneurship  and   Communica6on,     Networks   Manufacturing.  Events   Ci6es  Network  ENoLL  Strategy  and  Opera6on  Work   Thema6c  Domain  Living  Labs    Work   ENoLL  Policy  Work  Group   Group   Group   Coordina6on:  Seija  Kulkki   Coordina6on:  Álvaro  Oliveira   Coordina6on:  Tujia     Deputy:  Bernhard  Katzy   Deputy:  Jesse  Marsh   Deputy:  Mikael  Borjeson     •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.   Climate  change   •  Well  Being  and  Health   Foreign  Affairs  ENoLL  Work  Group   •  Smart  Ci6es.  Future  Internet.  Internet   Future  Internet,  Living  Labs  and   of  things.   Coordina6on:  Álvaro  Oliveira   Social  Innova6on   •  Social  Innova6on.  Social  Inclusion   Deputy:  Jarmo  Eskelinen   Convergence  Work  Group     •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐Par6cipa6on   •  Crea6ve  Media.  User  driven  contents.   Amsterdam  –  Africa     Coordina6on:    Pieter  Ballon   Social  Networks.  Web  2.0   Helsinki  –  Asia     Deputy:  Jo  Pierson   •  Thema6c  Tourism.  Culture  Services   Lisbon  -­‐  North  and  South  America   •  Regional,  territorial  and  rural   Ljubljana  -­‐  Central  and  Eastern  Europe,   development  of  Smart  Regions   Euro-­‐Med     •  Sustainable  Mobility   •  Industrial  and  logis6cs  development.   •  Security   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   8  
  9. 9. ThemaGc  Sub  Networks  of  Living  Labs  •  Energy  Efficiency.  Sustainable  Energy.  Climate  change  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Smart  CiGes.  Future  Internet.  Internet  of  things.  •  Social  InnovaGon.  Social  Inclusion  •  e-­‐Government.  e-­‐ParGcipaGon  •  CreaGve  Media.  User  driven  contents.  Social  Networks.   Web  2.0  •  ThemaGc  Tourism.  Culture  Services  •  Regional,  territorial  and  rural  development  of  Smart   Regions  •  Sustainable  Mobility  •  Industrial  and  logisGcs  development.  •  Security   9  
  10. 10. ENoLL  Today  •  188  EU  Living  Labs    •  24  Living  Labs  outside  EU  •  Brazil  Network  of  Living  Labs  •  China  Network  of  Living  Labs  (Emerging  CNoLL)  •  Africa  Network  of  Living  Labs  (Emerging  ANoLL)  •  ThemaGc  domain  Working  Group  workshop  •   LLs  Summer  School  and  its  extension  •  Create  a  new  global  Higher  EducaGon  and  Research  environment   addressing  Living  Lab  Learning  and  knowledge  creaGon  •  EU-­‐Brazil,  EU-­‐China  and  EU-­‐Africa  Living  Labs  InnovaGon   Conferences  in  2011    •  ENoLL  PPP(P)  Policy    iniGaGve  (Core  Group:  ENoLL  council  and   efecGve  members,  open  to  others)  •  5th  Call  for  ENoLL  membership  to  be  launched  today   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   10  
  11. 11. GlobalizaGon  of  ENoLL  (1/4)  Expansion  outside  EU  •  Brazil  •  China  •  Africa  •  Korea  Collabora6on  Agreements  •  FAO  –  Food  and  Agriculture  OrganizaGon  of  the  United  NaGons,  Rome   (MoU,AcGon  Plan,Rome  conference  in  January)  •  INSME  –  InternaGonal  Network  of  SMEs,  Rome  (In  progress)  •  EEN  –  European  Enterprise  Network,  Brussels  (In  progress)  •  United  Forum  -­‐  Ubiquitous  Network  Industry  and  Technology   Development  Forum,  Internet  of  Things  –  Beijing,  China  •  Beijing  City  AdministraGon  and  Public  Service  InnovaGon  -­‐  InformaGon   System  and  Equipment  Center  (CAISEC)  –  Beijing,China   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   11  
  12. 12. GlobalizaGon  of  ENoLL  (2/4)   The  Case  of  Brazil   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   12  
  13. 13. GlobalizaGon  of  ENoLL  (3/4)   The  Case  of  China  (CNoLL)  Workshops  •  Energy  Efficiency,  Shanghai  (13-­‐14/10/2010)  •  Beijing  Energy  Efficiency  Workshop  (22/11/2010)  •  Beijing  ENoLL  Workshop  (25/11/2010)  •  Beijing  ENoLL  Workshop  (Planned  for  Feb  2011)  Exis6ng  Living  Labs  •  TianJin-­‐China  Living  Lab  •  China  Mobile  Research  InsGtute  •  Mobile  Life  Club  of  China  -­‐  MC²  •  Living  Lab  of  China  Mobile  CommunicaGon  CorporaGon   (LLCM)   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   13  
  14. 14. GlobalizaGon  of  ENoLL  (4/4)   Other  Cases  •  Korea  (  Workshop  planned  for  February  2011)  •  Australia  (AcGon  plan  iniGated  in  October   2010)  •  Singapore  (AcGon  plan  to  start  in  2011)   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   14  
  15. 15. Global  SoluGons  driven  by  ENoLL  •  Sustainable  Energy  •  Well  Being  and  Health  •  Behavior  TransformaGon  •  Smart  CiGes  •  CollaboraGve  supply  chains  •  Social  InnovaGon.  Social  Inclusion  •  Living  Lab  Higher  EducaGon   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   15  
  16. 16. EU  –  Brazil  Energy  Living  Labs   CollaboraGon  Renewable  Energy  produc6on  and   Europe  distribu6on.  Mobility.   Brazil   Energy  Efficiency.   ICT.  Behaviour  Transforma6on.   SMART  Metering.  SMART  Grid.   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   16  
  17. 17. EU  –  Brazil  –  Africa  Energy     Living  Labs  CollaboraGon   Europe   Large  Scale  Pilots   Africa  Brazil   Biofuel  Biofuel   produc6on  Technologies   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   17  
  18. 18. EU  –  China  -­‐  Brazil  Energy  Living   Labs  CollaboraGon                ICT  for  Mobility   ICT  for   Europe   China   Mobility   Large  Scale  Pilots  Brazil   Biofuel   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   18  
  19. 19. Towards  an  ENoLL-­‐led   Living  Lab  PPP(P)  •  Long-­‐term  vision:  Europe  as  a  pervasive   innovaGon  ecosystem  •  Living  Labs  as  Open  Access  Plaiorms  for  Smart   CiGes  and  Regions  •  Alliance  with  Local  AuthoriGes  to  integrate  Living   Lab  innovaGon  and  sustainability  policies  •  Cross-­‐border  and  cross-­‐themaGc  collaboraGon   addressing    the  key  challenges  at  the  global  scale  •  Large-­‐scale  user  behaviour  transformaGon   through  social  innovaGon  •  ENoLL  leading  consGtuency-­‐building  for  a  future   Living  Lab  PPP(P):  approved  by  GA  Ghent,  13.12   Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   19  
  20. 20. Calendar  of  events  for     ENoLL  PPP(P)  Co-­‐CreaGon  Thema6c  Domain   Local   Date  Health   Barcelona   27  January  2011  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Beijing   February  2011  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   São  Paulo   2  –  4  March  2011  Global  Projects.  Addressing  the  big  challenges  of  our  Gme  Manufacturing   Stu`gart   March  2011  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Botswana   2  –  3  May  2011  Inclusion.  Social  InnovaGon  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Budapest   16  May  2011  Energy   Lisbon   31  May  –  1  June  2011  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Beijing   July  2011  Learning.  EducaGon.    Global  Projects.  Addressing  the  big  challenges  of  our  Gme  All   Rio  de  Janeiro   August  2011  Inclusion.  Social  InnovaGon.  e-­‐ParGcipaGon  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Helsinki   August  2011  SMART  CiGes.  Design  CreaGvity.  LL  Methodologies  and  Tools  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Manaus   October  2011  Sustainability.  Behaviour  transformaGon  All  ENoLL  ThemaGc  Domains   Brussels   November  2011  Closing:  Final  ENoLL  PPP  RecommendaGons  
  21. 21. Thank  you!   www.openlivinglabs.eu   Álvaro  de  Oliveira   alvaro.oliveira@alfamicro.pt                          Phone:    +351  21  486  67  84                              Mobile:    +351  91  666  66  66                          Skype:    alvaroduarteoliveira                            Address:    Alfamicro            Alameda  da  Guia,  192-­‐A                    2750-­‐368  Cascais            PORTUGAL       Ghent,  14th  of  December  2010   21  
  22. 22.                ENoLL  Top  Ten  2010  •  Launching  of  new  CommunicaGon  Strategy,  Plaiorm  and  Tools  •  Smart  CiGes  Workshop  (CIP  ICT  PSP  Call)  •  4th  Wave  and  LL  Bar  Camp  in  Valencia  •  1st  Living  Lab  Summer  School  2010  in  Paris  •  ENoLL  globalisaGon  and  cooperaGon  with  FAO,  INSME,  UNITED,   CAISEC  •  ENoLL  Project  involvement  (Peripheria,  SmarGP,  EPIC,  OpenCiGes)  •  Connected  Smart  CiGes  Conference  (and  network)  in  Helsinki  •  GNSS  Living  Lab  prize  •  ENoLL  Strategic  CooperaGon  with  China  and  Brazil  •  Launch  of  the  5th  Wave  in  Ghent  and  LL  Smart  CiGes  –day