An effective way to resolve conflicts


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An effective way to resolve conflicts

  2. 2.  To have a marriage that reallylasts, you must have aneffective way of resolvingconflicts.Thursday, May 23, 20132
  3. 3. A. This kind of marriage is the one thathas worked out a way to solve problemsin the home. 1. This is the kind of home that hasa way or plan to work out theconflicts that come into the home. I heard one statement whichread, “My wife and I have anagreement. I don’t try to run her lifeand I don’t try to run my life.”Thursday, May 23, 20133
  4. 4.  This is not an effective way ofworking out problems even thoughit is better than some.Thursday, May 23, 20134
  5. 5.  2. We need to clearly understandthat whenever you have two or morepeople having a continuingrelationship, there will be conflict. a. Are you married? There will beconflict! b. Are you single and living at homewith our parents? There will beconflict! Thursday, May 23, 20135
  6. 6.  c. Are you a single parent with ason or daughter at home? Therewill be conflict!Thursday, May 23, 20136
  7. 7.  3. Whenever there is a conflictthere can only be one of twooutcomes: a. We will either hurt and evendestroy each other. b. Or we will build up each otherand benefit from the experience.Thursday, May 23, 20137
  8. 8.  What are some problems that arehard to work out? What should you do or how shouldyou react when one party is notwilling or does not want to workout the problems? Are there any problems whichcannot be worked out? If so, why?Thursday, May 23, 20138
  9. 9. B. How Should We SolveProblems In Our Marriage? Remember, these lessons arebasic overviews of the problems,not exclusive and thoroughexhausted answers. 1. Do not underestimate yourproblem.Thursday, May 23, 20139
  10. 10.  a. To illustrate this you can thinkof problems kind of like apregnancy. Things will keepgrowing until somebody willnotice. b. When there is a conflict look toresolve it. Ignoring it will not makeit go away.Thursday, May 23, 201310
  11. 11.  2. Do not underestimate yourpotential to recover from theseproblems. a. You must remember that theproblems you have encountered inyour marriage have already beenencountered by millions of otherpeople of which millions havebeen successful in them.Thursday, May 23, 201311
  12. 12.  b. You and your problems are notunique just to you. c. Be encouraged. Others havegone through it successfully.Thursday, May 23, 201312
  13. 13.  3. Do not exaggerate yourproblem. a. Please quit making them biggerthan life. b. Too often a small problem isfueled and it ends up being a lotbigger than you could ever dreamit to be.Thursday, May 23, 201313
  14. 14.  There are wives that go out andshare with all their friends tellingthem about some problem theyand their husbands are facing. Oh!My God! Why? The same people you are sharingwith have similar issues. Try to sort the conflict out.Thursday, May 23, 201314
  15. 15.  What is an example of a smallproblem that is made out to begigantic? a. Picking up socks. b. Not giving a hand when yourspouse needs help. c. Failing greet your spouse whenyou come back home.Thursday, May 23, 201315
  16. 16.  What is this really a sign of? a. There is a bigger problem underthe surface. b. Men have a tendency to forget. c. Women have a strong tendencyto remember. d. Unresolved problems can causereal bitterness and resentment.Thursday, May 23, 201316
  17. 17.  4. Consider all the possiblesolutions for your problem andpick one. 5. If your problems are not beingprogressively solved, be willing toseek help if really needed.Thursday, May 23, 201317
  18. 18.  a. Asking for help is not a sign ofdefeat but a sign of hope. b. Asking for help is a definitesign of your desire to solve yourproblems. c. There are some problems whichneed a third party to help eachside see themselves as they reallyare. Thursday, May 23, 201318
  19. 19. What to do. 1. Let me encourage you with this:One thing you really need to knowis if you really do have a problem. 2. There are some things in afamily that are just not going tochange. 3. Don’t take this in a negative wayor to give up the problem.Thursday, May 23, 201319
  20. 20.  4. Remember, we are all differentpeople and all have our differentways and different personalities. 5. It is not really a problem fordifferent personalities to never seethings in the same way or like thesame things. 6. If you cannot do anything aboutit, this is not a problem - it is a factof life. Thursday, May 23, 201320
  21. 21.  7. There are too many peopletrying to fix the facts of life wherethe temperament of the spouse oreven the child makes it very clearthat is the way they are and theyare going to always be that way.Thursday, May 23, 201321
  22. 22.  8. Don’t force your companion tobe something they are not. 9. When you understand this, thenyou can back away and quit tryingto fix everything. 10. Major on fixing the things thatare broke.Thursday, May 23, 201322
  23. 23. Finally Let’s pray a prayer of commitmentto acknowledging and confirmingand resolving the conflicts in ourmarriages. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT: You musttake action. It is your responsibilityto ensure you resolve the maritalconflicts. Thursday, May 23, 201323