Transition Introduction

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AIESEC Transition

AIESEC Transition

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  • 1. AIESEC India •Transition • 2009-10 AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 2. Your LC will NOT GROW •if... AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 3. ...YOU don’t pass all the strategic decisions taken and the knowledge around your term to the New Team... It’s this Simple! AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 4. Do I have your full attention now?!!! Cool... So let’s start!!!!! AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 5. Welcome to Transition 0910 AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 6. General Definition • Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 7. An AIESEC Definition • To AIESEC transition is the process trough which we assure (or should) the transfer of the strategic direction, knowledge, information, experience, attitude,… , from the current decision makers to the elects. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 8. More... • A good transition would, in the long run, guarantee that the decision processes would be quicker and AIESEC would move forward, innovate and improve faster. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 9. Important... • Transition is not only what is done in, 1 or 2 months after the new EB/MC is elected, but what is done through out the all term in concern of knowledge management!!!! • You should have already started preparing the next year leaders of AIESEC and the transition process!!! AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 10. Objectives  That every country member and every LC, is aligned to the global direction of the organization.  Prevent that past mistakes are repeated and allow the LC’s, and therefore the organization, to move forward, innovate and improve. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 11. And more objectives  Guarantee that new elects have all the information necessary to lead their LC/Country  Overall with transition we want to pass the necessary knowledge for the new comers to perform with high quality and contribute to the quality and quantity of our exchanges! For more check the transition guide AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 12. Process/ steps Preparation Evaluation For more Delivery details on this steps check the transition guide Coaching AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 13. Steps - Preparation! Each team member (elects and currents) should prepare transition. The currents should start preparing the process it self, the information to pass, the archives to turn over, etc. some time before. The newies, once they're elected, should, give feedback to the process and work with the currents to make it according to their expectations. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 14. Steps – Delivery! This would be the phase where transition would actually be taking place. Transition is not only a small talk with the elects but should be a combination of several measures so that the information, knowledge and skills are obtained/retained by the elects. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 15. Steps - Coaching Coaching will be happening during the time when the elects put their knowledge to action. At this point the newies might face a high number of situations that they might fell unprepared to solve and the support of a former EB member will be of extreme value. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 16. Steps - Evaluation This is not a stage with a concrete moment in time but should be done trough out the all process. The objective is to get bilateral feedback on the transition process, relieve the elects of their stress and insecurities, give answers to any questions left and improve the following stages, if required. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 17. Tips & Hints  Think of what you want to achieve in the long run in your LC/country and what you want your contribution to AIESEC globally to be. Based on this prepare transition, on an ongoing basis during your term, in a way that guarantees that the new EB continues to strive for those results and not defines a completely different direction. AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 18. Tips & Hints  ALWAYS treat transition with the importance it has! If you don’t set the right mode neither your team nor the elects will take this process seriously.  Base your transition in facts. The dates and duration of the transition process should be known in advanced (with enough time so people can plan those days) and kept by ALL. For more check the transition wiki AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 19. More information...  Check the AIESEC India transition wiki and all resources there to get to know all details.  Please feel free to contact any member from The Fulcrum for any advice, suggestions or feedback AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 20. Key for Success – Keep it Simple and Effective AIESEC India Transition 0910
  • 21. Thank You  AIESEC India Transition 0910