Josiah's AWESOME State Project
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  • 1. Josiah’s AWESOME State
  • 2. Yes, Alaska is a state! 2
  • 3. AlaskaNicknames:The Last FrontierThe Land of the MidnightSunState
Since:January 3, 1959Alaska
Flag: About Flag: The Alaska flag is a major symbol to Alaska (like the America flag is to the rest of the U.S.).
  • 4. Alaska Government Currently Alaska’s governor Capitol: is Sean Parnell. Alaska’s governor was Pailn until Juneau she quit “because of family issues”. So Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell became governor automatically. (Then he got reelected.)Governor Parnell Juneau is one of the smaller cities in Alaska, but at the time it was one of the larger. That is why its the capitol.
  • 5. Cities & Pop.Cities:Fairbanks is the second most populated city in Alaska(which is not that much Pop., but it has grown more sincethan when I lived there). And if you havent guessedalready thats where I have lived most of my life :)!Fairbanks in one of the few cities an AK where there areno mountains (but hills LIKE Duluth). PICTURE ON RIGHTAnchorage is the most populated city in AK. Its biggerthan any city around here BUT not as big as Minneapolis. Alaska is bigger than Texas (in land size) but smaller inValdez is a smaller city in Alaska. It’s where my grand population than Rodeparents live. It’s also where 2 of the worst natural Island. In other words,disasters happened, those would be Exon Valdez (the Alaska is the biggestsecond biggest oil spill in North America) and the second state is land mass butbiggest earth quake in the world (which caused a huge the smallest state inTsunami). population! 5
  • 6. Human/Environment StuffThe Human/Environment Interaction isdifferent in AK than other states. Sincethe Pop. is low most of the wildness stillstands. There are lots of trees,mountains, hills and etc.! 6
  • 7. Other State StuffThe Alaska state flower is the”Forget Me Not”.The Alaska state bird is the “Willow Ptarmigan”. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. Interesting FactsInteresting Facts:Every person is given $1000 a year. (Butunfortunately your parents can choose whatto do with it.)Nobody lives in Igloos and Penguins don’tlive there.Yes, there is a summer (it just doesnt get ashot as here). 9