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How to begin your amsoil business


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How to begin your amsoil business

How to begin your amsoil business

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  • 1. How to Begin and Build YourAMSOIL Business
  • 2. Welcome to AMSOIL, and please accept my personal congratulations. You are now an independent AMSOIL Dealer. What lies before you is an opportunity that can truly change your life. For over 35 years AMSOIL INC. has built its reputation on quality, innovation and a solid commitment to AMSOIL Dealers. I’ve seen tens of thousands of people of all different ages and from all different backgrounds build successful AMSOIL Dealerships. And while I can’t promise you instant riches, I can guarantee that with your determination and the support of AMSOIL, you, too, can create a very rewarding business for yourself. Please review this introductory material, then begin setting goals for your AMSOIL business. While you are encouraged to begin at a comfortable pace, please keep in mind that your potential is unlimited. Whether you seek freedom from your nine-to-five job, financial independence, retirement security or simply tuition money for your children’s education, it is all possible with AMSOIL. Once again, welcome. I look forward to watching you grow and succeed in your AMSOIL business. Sincerely, A. J. Amatuzio2 President and CEO
  • 3. History For 25 years Lieutenant Colonel A. J. “Al” Amatuzio piloted the most advanced jet aircraft in the world. He came to depend on the synthetic lubricants that withstood the severe demands of supersonic flight and kept his jet engines running and his crew in the air. Amatuzio reasoned that if synthetic lubricants were the only lubricants tough enough to work in jet engines, why not apply those same tremendous benefits to the engines of automobiles? By 1972, Amatuzio had assembled the most creative minds in the field, and under his leadership the world’s first synthetic motor oil to surpass American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements was introduced.Company The AMSOIL corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, and chemical and test laboratories are located in Superior, Wis. State-of-the-art facilities and specialists in every facet of lubricant technology assure unparalleled quality standards. A dedicated corporate staff provides a full range of Dealer, customer and technical services, while 13 distribution centers throughout North America keep pace with the increasing demand for AMSOIL products.Products Since the introduction of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil in 1972, AMSOIL has gone on to develop the most complete line of synthetic lubricants and automotive products in the world. The history of AMSOIL product introductions is a checklist of industry firsts. AMSOIL synthetic two-cycle oils, gear lubes, greases, automatic transmission fluids, and high-tech Ea Air and Oil Filters are concrete testimony to AMSOIL innovation. Today, virtually all other oil companies have recognized the superiority of synthetic lubricants and manufacture synthetics of their own, but AMSOIL remains “The First in Synthetics.” This commitment to innovation is not confined to the automotive market. The AMSOIL ALTRUM line, a complete line of health-enhancing products, and AGGRAND natural organic lawn and garden products deliver the outstanding quality that is the foundation of the AMSOIL opportunity. 3
  • 4. Ordering Product Whether for your own use or personal retail sales, ordering product is the first step in beginning an AMSOIL business. To order AMSOIL products refer to the G26 price list. To order ALTRUM products refer to the G326 price list. For literature and sales aids refer to the G15 price list. In Canada, refer to the G8126 price list to order AMSOIL products, the G8326 price list for ALTRUM products and the G15 price list for literature and sales aids. In addition to pricing, these documents include information on purchase discounts, sales tax and freight and handling. AMSOIL INC. offers four methods by which product can be ordered. Each is fast and easy. Once ordered, AMSOIL and ALTRUM products will be shipped directly to you, or you may choose to pick them up at the AMSOIL Product Distribution Center nearest you. Distribution Center locations and phone and fax numbers are listed on your AMSOIL product price list. It helps to know air filter and oil filter numbers when ordering. This information is available in the Filter Application and Cross-Reference Guide (G3000). For lubricant recommendations and application quantities, see the AMSOIL Product Guide (G50). Finally, telephone order operators can assist you if you are unsure of the filters, lubricants and quantities you need. 1. Toll Free Ordering: a. Refer to the appropriate price list, then list the quantity and stock number of each product to be ordered. Have this list available when making the order. b. Have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover number available. If you don’t have a credit card, you can pay for your product order through the AMSOIL sales draft ordering system. Contact the AMSOIL Sales Department for an application form. c. Dial (800) 777-7094 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. d. Give the order to the telephone ordering operator who will guide you through the ordering process. 2. Internet Ordering: a. Go to the AMSOIL website ( b. Click on the Dealer Zone link at the top right of the AMSOIL home page.4
  • 5. c. Enter your ZO number and password. d. If you have not set up a password, click on the “New Registration” link at the bottom of the login area. Enter your ZO number and click Submit, and a link will be e-mailed to you that allows you to set a password. e. Once inside the Dealer Zone, you can choose to use the Dealer Orders link which takes you to the EZ Online Order Forms, or choose the Online Store link to browse through products in the store. 3. Order Form Ordering: a. Refer to the appropriate price list, then complete the Product Order Form (G29). b. Bring, fax or mail the completed order form to the nearest AMSOIL Distribution Center. To expedite orders for pick-up, call in or fax the order beforehand. c. Include payment with mail-in orders. 4. Dealer to Dealer Ordering: a. Refer to the appropriate price list, then complete the Dealer to Dealer Order Form (G1). b. Bring, mail or fax the order form to the Dealer from whom you are purchasing product. Please note that when purchasing product from an AMSOIL Dealer other than your sponsor, the Commission Credit Transfer section of the order form must be signed by the selling Dealer and submitted to AMSOIL by you, the purchasing Dealer.Opportunity There has never been a better time to begin an AMSOIL business. The demand for AMSOIL products is on the rise, and independent AMSOIL businesses throughout the world are growing like never before. AMSOIL offers a wide selection of sales programs that provide Dealers with profitable business opportunities unattainable with any other franchise or direct sales company. And most important, the AMSOIL opportunity is rock-solid. AMSOIL INC. is a company you can count on not only for top-quality products and dedicated corporate support, but for stability and an opportunity you can trust for your future. Personal Sales As an AMSOIL Dealer, you purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and then sell them at the suggested retail price. Your income starts building immediately with retail profits and commission bonuses. 5
  • 6. Building Your Sales Group By offering others the AMSOIL opportunity and sponsoring them as Dealers you expand your market potential and maximize your profits. The commission value of your Personal Group is added to yours, increasing the percentage of your commission and giving you a larger commission check. The more Dealers you have in your organization, the more profits you make. In addition to registering new Dealers, you may also wish to register Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers are people who are not necessarily interested in the AMSOIL business opportunity, but who may be in the future. The Preferred Customer Program allows such people to purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost. For a fee of $20 a year, or $10 for six months, a Preferred Customer has access to all AMSOIL, AGGRAND and ALTRUM products at Dealer cost. Catalog Sales Mail order catalogs are used by many of today’s most successful retail companies. AMSOIL Dealers can distribute AMSOIL Retail Catalogs to thousands of potential customers.When they order from your catalog, AMSOIL takes the order and ships the product. You receive the retail profits and sales commissions. Online Sales AMSOIL Dealers may maintain and promote personal websites for their AMSOIL businesses on the Internet. AMSOIL provides a customizable website template Dealers can use to build their own sites.This template is included when signing up for the Premium Dealer Zone. There is a 90-day free trial period, after which there is a fee of $9.95 per month for the Premium Dealer Zone. AMSOIL also provides Basic Dealer websites for $30 the first year, and a $20 annual renewal fee.To sign up for a basic Dealer website download the G1781 from the Dealer Zone under Online Forms, Complete List of Forms. Dealers also have the option of building their own web- sites.There is no cost to link to the AMSOIL site, and the necessary links are detailed in the Dealer Zone under the Miscellaneous section.6
  • 7. Retail-on-the-Shelf Sales Retail-on-the-shelf accounts are retail outlets such as auto parts stores and hardware stores. If the store is part of a chain of 12 or more it must have the authority to establish an account and place individual orders. These stores stock AMSOIL products on their shelves to sell to their customers. Once you’ve established a retail account, AMSOIL extends them credit, takes their orders, ships their product, invoices the product and collects the payment. You receive the commission check. (For more information see the Retail-on-the-Shelf Kit, (G1001) and the Commercial and Retail Marketing Procedures, (G1097). Commercial Sales Commercial accounts are businesses that have vehicles, equipment and machinery that use AMSOIL products. Again, once you’ve established a commercial account, AMSOIL extends credit, takes the orders, ships the product, invoices the product and collects the payment. You receive the commission check. (For more information see the Commercial Sales Kit, (G1007) and the Commercial and Retail Marketing Procedures, (G1097).Administrating Your Business The most important step you can take toward running an efficient business is to keep an accurate record of business expenses and income. AMSOIL Dealers have two major sources of record keeping. First, is the accounting services offered by AMSOIL, including state/provincial sales tax collection, payment of Personal Group commissions and the issuance of Federal Income Tax Form 1099 to Personal Group Dealers. AMSOIL also offers a variety of monthly bookkeeping packages. The second source of record keeping is the steps you can take to provide complete accountability for all your business transactions. These include a separate checking account for your AMSOIL business, keeping all sales receipts and recording inventory. On the 15th of every month, AMSOIL mails a commission check to Dealers who earned at least 100 commission credits for the previous month. The check stub will show how your commissions were earned. A Statement of Account listing every order or transaction to your account for the previous calendar month is attached to each check. When you have established commercial and retail accounts, AMSOIL will send a Commercial/Retail Account Bonus check on the 18th of each month for all orders paid in full during the preceding month. 7
  • 8. Promoting Your Business AMSOIL INC. promotes AMSOIL and ALTRUM products, as well as the AMSOIL opportunity, through a variety of methods, including national print, radio and television advertising. You, as an independent business person, are encouraged to promote your business locally. Your choice of promotional methods, whether it’s traditional advertising,Yellow Pages, direct mail campaigns or trade shows, is up to you. AMSOIL INC. provides co-op support to qualified Dealers for trade shows and race team sponsorships. Corporate Support In addition to co-op support, AMSOIL provides brochures, catalogs, videos and other promotional and sales support materials specifically designed to aid you in your efforts. In addition, the company publishes a monthly magazine - The AMSOIL Action News - an invaluable sales resource filled with new product information, sales tips and Dealer profiles. The professional corporate staff at AMSOIL is standing by to assist you every step of the way. Technical support from the AMSOIL corporate headquarters in Superior, Wis., is only a phone call away, and Dealer training programs focusing on successful sales and marketing techniques occur on a regular basis throughout the country. And of course, sponsor support and Dealer meetings are an integral part of the sales network’s built-in support system. You’re never alone with AMSOIL.AMSOIL products and Dealership information areavailable from your local AMSOIL Dealer.AMSOIL INC., AMSOIL Bldg., Superior, WI 54880-1527 (715) 392-7101 Printed in U.S.A. © Copyright 2007 G1192 11/07